Conservatives Are Now Changing Their Tax Story Because Of Romney

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Now that Romney unveiled he pays less of a percentage in taxes than you tip the waitress at the local diner, conservatives are now changing their tune regarding capital gains and corporate taxes.

For years and years, conservatives have consistently told the American people that raising taxes on corporations essentially was raising taxes on the consumer. Their story was that all taxes are passed onto the consumer in order to keep the after tax profit margin the same for their investors, right?

Now with the revelation of Mitt’s 13.9% tax rate, they are saying that capital gains taxes are essentially “double taxation”. This is because all profits belong to the investor and a corporate tax reduces the how much of a dividend check is cut for Mitt Romney. So Mitt would have a bigger dividend check if corporate taxes were low.

So which is it? Are all corporate taxes passed onto the consumer, thus insulating Mitt Romney from tax increases, or are corporate taxes a tax on the investor?

Either the conservatives lied to us before or they are lying to us now.

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23 Replies to “Conservatives Are Now Changing Their Tax Story Because Of Romney”

  1. Actually, that “double taxation” thing has been around for a pretty long time and it’s always been nonsensical. By the way, if all corporate taxes are passed on to the consumer, are all corporate-sponsored health insurance plans not also passed on to the consumer? Since, as consumers, we are all paying for someone else’s health insurance, what is the big freaking deal about universal health insurance?

  2. All profits could not possibly be passed on to investor since corporations can only stay in business with profits. Company keeps some, some go to investors. Money making money should always be taxed, no mater who it goes to or when. Otherwise, we need to stop taxing labor since labor costs are a “tax” on corporations.

  3. As soon as I can write off all of my “expenses” and pay taxes only on my “profit” I’ll feel sorry for Mitt and all the other “Corporations” who pay what they’re legally obligated to.

  4. (Laugh!) Every time you think the Republicans can’t sink any lower, they find some new way to dig deeper.

    Soon they’ll be telling us yes means no and no means yes. (Oops… they’ve done that already with some of the amendments they tried to pass to the state constitutions!)

  5. There is almost no time that the Rethugs are NOT lying because they do it so reflexively. You people just need to stop trying to figure out when they are lying and just presume they are and just vote the assholes out. SOON FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  6. FYI – the Congresscritter who yelled “You Lie” was Joe Wilson from one of the Southern states, not Joe Walsh of child support reknown.

  7. Wow-wow-wow-wow-WOW!

    Beautiful idea, Comrade Shiva!

    I’m not sure if you just gave the teabaggers an idea of what to do in congress as in pulling off their brand new Gucci’s and pounding the podium screaming “NO!” like Ted Stevens every time they don’t get their way…

    Or, you just gave the Dems a great idea on how to use the old “footage” of Nikita doing his thang with voice-overs describing republican “negotiation tactics” for more corporate welfare (lower taxes), or any of their “demands” set forth by their radical fundamentalist ideology. Nyet-Nyet-Nyet!!!

  8. It certainly was Nikita I had in mind, its just such a powerful vision of fanaticism lol. I am glad he didn’t throw that shoe at the president when he was done!

  9. The revelations about Willard’s taxes have exposed some unpalatable truths about the GOP’s ideology. The only reason they’re trying to change the tax story is because it’s quite clear that Willard has been exposed for doing what so many of them do secretly.

  10. And what about the multi-million $$ management bonuses? I’m guessing those are also passed on to the consumer.

    See, Republicans do not want to get into this debate because at the end of the day, Prices on goods are the one thing the market can possibly regulate via WE THE PEOPLE voting with our wallets. So while they want to scare us with the “higher prices” meme, the reality is that in the end, what THEY fear is that they might have to finally start cutting pay and benefits at the top, instead of at the bottom where they prefer to do it. Just look at verizon. Six BILLION in profit isn’t enough to stop them from trying to ding their non-management employees because Obamacare is going to cost them 200 million more than last year to maintain current employee benefits.

    So… instead of 6 billion, they’d “only” make 5.8 billion. Gosh, yes, I can see how desperate Verizon’s situation is. Not.

    It’s just fascinatingly pathological the way these creeps try to pull the “the economy’s tough and we all need to pitch in” when they’re making massive profits, paying ZERO taxes and never even considering the idea of maybe covering the increase in health benefit cost by reducing upper management wages and bonuses. And they wonder why OWS has so much traction?

  11. Yep, the genie is finally out of the bottle. OWS will suddenly make so much more sense to a lot of people. “The job creators” my ass. Mitt makes $56K per DAY. I’m pretty sure he could get by on “only” 30k.

    The sick thing is that if I were making that kind of money, I’d GLADLY pay 50% if it meant that no American ever had to fear losing what little they have just because they got sick or have a sick loved one. I guess I’d make a terrible conservative. :P

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