19 Replies to “Obama Favorability Soars While Gingrich And Romney Become Unelectable”

  1. These figures are SO encouraging! Sometimes I wonder if the couple who keep infusing $5 million into Gingrich’s campaign are secretly trying to insure an Obama victory, lol!

  2. The Republicans are certainly on an uphill climb with the economy getting better. The economy in this country have a long ways to go to be really good but at least there is a light at the bottom the well.

    I believe that it is Romney’s appearance as a corporate raider as you mentioned that is doing him in. I don’t think the taxes mean much of anything as no one was really worried about how much he made but how much he paid.

    Gingrich is mean and nasty and I think the country knows that. The Republican base knows that this is all they have to play with and they know they’ve been dealt a lousy hand.

    Obama has to stick with it and keep talking to the people of this country. With both Romney and Gingrich lying about him at every turn it will still be an uphill battle. The battle will be really won when both parties nominate Obama

  3. Romney is just too wooden and rigid appearing. I watch him speak, and I just don’t see any conviction there. He’s just reciting talking poiints he doesn’t really believe. Then the corporate raider stuff….well, in this day and time, with huge dissatisfaction already with the corporate world and how badly they’ve screwed over the middle class and poor, this makes his complete disregard for regular people even more stark. I don’t believe…and have never believed…that Romney really is that interested in leading the country; I think he set himself a goal years ago to be president, and that’s what drives him. He wants the title, the prestige. He just doesn’t want to go down in defeat. That’s not what we need in the US.

    Gingrich is much the same way, he’s not interested in helping anyone but himself. He’s completely driven by his overblown ego. Take any company or organization, and if you had a guy as toxic and drama-oriented as he is, he’d be canned immediately. That’s exactly what happened to his speakership back in the 90s; even his own republican colleagues wanted him out of there. The vote against him was huge and counted many, many members of his own party. Gingrich can spin it any way he wants, but the truth is out there, and it’s a matter of public record: he was forced to resign in disgrace. He can spew his vile rhetoric all day long, but in the end, the good inherent in the American people as a whole will win the day.

  4. You are spot on with both candidate’s. What I get from both Newt and Mitt is that neither of them give two cents about the middle class or the poor.

  5. Precisely, Jo! two hands clapping

    “He can spew his vile rhetoric all day long, but in the end, the good inherent in the American people as a whole will win the day.”

    () Standing O ()

  6. It is not a couple. The person’s name is Sheldon Adelson. He owns the Venetian Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.
    He used to be a Democrat, but as he became wealthy, he switched parties.
    He is no friend to Labor or the middle class. He just hates Rmoney.

  7. Newt Gingrich is the best Republican candidate who’s run for President since Ronald Reagan. As Speaker of the House, Newt ushered in a booming economy that brought with it millions of new jobs, he passed balanced budgets and he was able to work successfully with Democrats. Newt’s new 21st Century Contract with America consists of proposals that are as well thought out, detailed and likely to turn the economy around as any other candidate’s in the race. Newt has the depth and breadth of knowledge to deal with any and all issues of national importance that might come up during the presidency. Give a hoot, vote for Newt!

  8. I noticed you left out Ron Paul completely, apparently his enthusiastic fanbase doesn’t count. Obviously this is not an unbiased website, just another cheerleader for Obama and the NWO. I hope you like your dictator in charge, because with the passage of NDAA that’s what you have. God help us (US) all…

  9. Tell us exactly how much chance Paul has of winning the nomination. Zero. He didn’t need to be included in this article. His enthusiastic fanbase is far smaller than you will admit based on primary voting numbers. Romney and Gingrich are the two front runners as you may well know.

    The passage of NDAA gave Obama nothing that Bush didn’t leave him.

    Your mention of the NWO simply destroys any credibility you may think you have.

  10. I pray this trend continues for Pres. Obama.
    Perhaps smart Americans are finally seeing the light. Now with the Navy Seals raid and rescue of the two hostages yesterday, (Politicusa where is this article on your site?)will help elevate Obama even more in the poll numbers. What Newt and Romney are doing to our country is absolutely despicable.
    Do we have a smart, intelligent president or what.

  11. Never mind that Mr. Newt is a slimeball. Hateful and vindictive he is.

    Old Newt will never campaign on Republican family values again with his atrocious record.

  12. Fellow Bloggers. Don’t worry, Ginwich will never reach the White House.
    Ginwich is dead in the water … SHCCCC

  13. The difficulty with the analysis offered above is that it was Clinton programs which Gingrich opposed that fuelled the recovery.

    Gingrich tried to squander the peace dividend the US gained from the collapse of communism on a new round of exotic and entirely unusable weapons systems, part of the perennial GOP urge toward big government.

    As far as the legislative ideas that Gingrich negotiated with Clinton, look and see what Gingrich’s current position on such critical parts of the Clinton program as the Earned Income Credit.

    But if Gingrich wants to run on the platform of increasing federal taxes to the level that will cover federal expenditures, he should. IT would be nice to have at least one Republican running who doesn’t believe in free lunch.

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