Rush Limbaugh Blames Voting For Obama For Cleveland Kidnappings

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh tried to blame the Cleveland kidnappings on voting for Obama.

South Carolina Voters Confused Because Elizabeth Colbert Busch Is On The Ballot Twice

One last dirty trick? Voters in South Carolina's District 1 are expressing confusion because they are only allowed to vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch once, but her name is on the ballot twice.

Advertiser Boycott Sets Off A Talk Radio Earthquake that Leaves Rush Limbaugh Reeling

Lost in all the hubbub about Rush Limbaugh potentially leaving Cumulus Media is the fact that the advertiser boycott of Limbaugh's show is the reason why talk radio is shaking.

To Stop The Press From Reporting on Them ALEC Has Created an Enemies List

On the same day that ALEC claimed that they support the First Amendment, they circulated a secret enemies list in order to prevent the press from covering their activities.

Negotiating Middle East Peace Was Easier for Bill Clinton Than Getting Led Zeppelin to Reunite

It turns out that negotiating peace in the Middle East was probably easier for Bill Clinton than convincing Led Zeppelin to reunite.

Teen Moms For Everyone: Fox News Touts The Upside of Teen Pregnancy

Fox News thinks that the "answer" to the abortion question is to celebrate teenage girls who get pregnant, and have their babies.

Here’s Why Rush Limbaugh Is The Crazy Uncle Who Keeps Giving Republicans Bad Advice

One of the reasons why Republicans keep losing is because they listen to 'crazy uncle' Rush Limbaugh's bad advice. Today, Limbaugh suggested that the way to fix the GOP is with more white people.

Paul Ryan Gets His World Rocked When a ‘Taker’ Rebels At Town Hall

Paul Ryan got his world rocked at a recent town hall when one of the victims of the sequester, a.k.a. a 'taker' burst his Ayn Rand bubble. Ryan's response was to lie, and blame Obama for everything.

Republican Propaganda Backfires: 20% of America Thinks Obamacare is Already Repealed

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll revealed that Republicans are facing a big challenge if they want to repeal Obamacare. Namely, 20% of Americans think the law has already been repealed.

Fox News Blames Obama For Jay Leno Getting The Boot From The Tonight Show

With all of the critical issues facing our country today, Fox News thinks that President Obama took the time to get Jay Leno booted as host of the Tonight Show.

Mark Sanford Is Losing Badly So Republicans Are Breaking Out The Dirty Tricks

In a last gasp bit of desperation, Republicans are anonymously push polling South Carolina District 1 to spread rumors that Elizabeth Colbert Busch had an abortion.

Larry Flynt Endorses Mark Sanford for Exposing the Scam of Family Values

A weird special election in South Carolina keeps getting even stranger as Larry Flynt has endorsed Republican Mark Sanford for the House, and made a $2,600 donation to his campaign.

Republicans Are Beginning To Censor Their Town Halls By Limiting Gun Questions

Sen. Kelly Ayotte held a town hall where her moderator intentionally limited gun questions. This is the first sign that Republicans are resorting to censorship when faced with public backlash.

Tea Partiers Are Desperately Trying to Get Sarah Palin to Run for Senate

Showing a level of cluelessness that is surprising even for them, a Tea Party PAC is trying to recruit Sarah Palin to run for the U.S. Senate in Alaska.

New Poll Finds Democrats Are Demanding That Hillary Clinton Run In 2016

A new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey found that the call for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 is getting louder, as 63% of Democrats want her to run.

Obama Announces At News Conference That He Is Going To Try Again To Close GITMO

At a news conference today, President Obama announced that once again he is going to try to overcome congressional cowardice and close GITMO.

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Blows Out a Desperate Mark Sanford in South Carolina Debate

A strong Elizabeth Colbert-Busch blew out Mark Sanford's old tired Republican talking points, and also hit the former governor for his lies and scandals during their debate.

Are Tim Tebow’s Fans Destroying His NFL Career by Turning Him Into Sarah Palin?

After the Jets waved Tim Tebow, it's time to ask if his rabid fanbase is actually destroying his NFL career by turning him into an overhyped football version of Sarah Palin.

Delusional Republicans Think Mark Sanford Is the Favorite Against Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

Republicans are so out of touch with reality that many of them actually think that Mark Sanford his huge unfavorable rating is still the favorite against Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.

Republican Senator Claims Congress Can’t Stop Terrorists from Buying Guns

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is claiming today that Congress shouldn't pass any gun control measures, because they can't stop terrorists from getting guns.