After Texas DA and Wife are Gunned Down, Republicans Refuse to Support Any Gun Legislation


The news that there seems to be someone gunning down prosecutors in Kaufman County, Texas didn’t bump Sen. Lindsey Graham off of his NRA talking point that there should be no new federal gun legislation.

Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found shot dead in their home on Saturday. Their deaths came nearly two months to the day when Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was found shot dead in a parking lot. Kaufman police aren’t ruling out the idea that these three deaths weren’t random acts.

You would think that the news that prosecutors are being murdered in Texas might elicit some sort of response from the self proclaimed law and order Republican Party, but check out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s reply to the shootings.

Graham was asked about the murder of the DA and his wife on CNN’s State of the Union,

CROWLEY: Just off the top, let me ask you, when we see the death of the head of a prison official, two deaths of a D.A. and an assistant D.A. This is a dangerous business, i know prosecuting bad guys, incarcerating bad guys. do you think we need to look at the protection of these people?

GRAHAM: Well, anything that would make our law enforcement officers safer. Obviously yes, anything the local community can do to make life safer for those who carry out the law on our behalf, count me in. There’s clearly some kind of criminal vendetta against people who enforce the law.

Sen. Graham is all about keeping our law enforcement officers safe, but not about passing any federal legislation that might help keep them safe. Since when did protection of law enforcement officers become a strictly local issue?

If this a local issue somebody better tell the FBI, because they are already investigation a possible link between the Hasse’s murder and a member of a white supremacist group.

Sen. Graham invented a local jurisdiction excuse to cover up the fact that it doesn’t matter who or how many people are victims of gun violence, Republicans are going to refuse to pass any gun legislation at the federal level.

Lindsey Graham has a reelection campaign to win, and the deaths of a few law enforcement officers and their families aren’t going to stand in his way.

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