Is Mitt Romney Aware That Ted Nugent Is a Self-Admitted Pedophile?

Mitt Romney’s Ted Nugent problems are much worse than the rocker’s threats against President Obama. Romney’s real issue is that he has accepted the endorsement of an admitted pedophile.

Here is the video of Nugent’s comments that caught the Secret Service’s ear

The Romney campaign reacted to Nugent’s comments tepidly, “Divisive language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.” What Mitt Romney didn’t do was distance himself from Ted Nugent, or else he risks alienating the fringe right that he is still oh so desperately trying to court.

Romney’s Ted Nugent problem is about to get a whole lot worse if the mainstream media ever decides to report that Mittens has not rebuked a self-admitted pedophile. In a 1998 episode of VH1’s Behind The Music Nugent admitted his taste for statutory rape. VH1 politely phrased this as, “his weakness for young women.”

Here’s the video:

Mitt Romney’s campaign decided to react to Ted Nugent stumping for their guy, not by disassociating themselves with someone who in the past has threatened to kill the President of the United States, or by telling Ted the pedophile to get lost and then standing up in front of the world and proclaiming that Ted Nugent is not what Romney 2012 stands for. Nope. Mitt Romney calls for civil discourse, and then quickly moves on.

Apparently, the ability to spread hate and lies about President Obama is all the Romney campaign cares about. You’re an admitted pedophile, Ted Nugent? No problem, just keep telling them how Obama is going to kill them all if he wins in November. It shouldn’t be surprising that a venture capitalist would have no morals, but the Romney camps willingness to overlook Ted Nugent’s pedophilia is a disaster waiting to happen.

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  1. This is really too sad. As one who comes from Michigan and saw Ted play at the beginning of his career many many times, it wasnt hard to tell that at 18 he was a better guitarist than 99% of the people on the planet. Such a vast talent that had to go bad. I really feel sorry for him, probably because of the music he showed me

    This is the same guy that I watched on Michigan Outdoors shoot a pheasant through the neck with a bow and arrow.

    But now he has gone over the edge. In fact he did that more than 10 years ago. And the young girl problem needs to be used. Publicly

  2. Shiva, I have to disagree. He had like one good song.(journey to the center of the mind-Amboy dukes)
    Klan scratch fever…have you ever listened to the words? Yea, that song totally turned me off that MF for ever.
    I live with a great guitarist so I know.
    TED (the draft dodging pig who didn’t want to get his ass shot off in ‘Nam…) is a mediocre guitarist at best. He is a bottom feeder that is such common for the NRS membership!
    He should be arrested asap!
    The spineless msm is not reporting this.
    The don’t want to report any repub scandals.

  3. the one they showed was 17 and unreasonably beautiful. After that they just said lots of underage girls

  4. I seen him in over 20 concerts. And I can tell you he was incredible. There alot of great guitarists who best works were never shown or paid attention to beucase of the music industry.

    Nugent in the early years was as good if not better than 95% of everyone out there. Is the guy you live with famous and sold as many records as nugent?

    I have no problem separating thew Nugent that I knew in concert and the one we see now. I do not approve of what he is doing at all, but I sure approve of his guitar work in the early years

  5. Do Sociopathic, Pathological LIARS even care if one of their big “endorsements” is a self admitted pedophile?

  6. Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way. I was a huge fan of “Uncle” Ted when, as a teenager, I was an aspiring guitarist in a rock band. We used to play “Stranglehold” over and over again ( man, we sucked so bad ).

    That’s why I didn’t get this ultra social conservative thing he’s been on for years. Ted? A card carrying member of the fundamentalist “God Squad”? Yeah right! And I agree, his taste for underage girls needs to be put out there.

  7. Shiva, I respect what you say but no my guitarist is not “Famous” and I’m glad.He has played with peeps.
    Ted Nugent is scum.
    If you like I could get you in touch with his youtube.
    Ask SJ.

  8. Nugent is scum. Now. I am not trying to compare yours with nugent, I will just say as someone who is setting on over 63,000 songs embedded on disk(s) Im not a beginner to who is good and who isnt. I had seasons tickets to Pine Knob in Detroit for years, years and years and have seen a great many concerts and many famous bands. Nugent was a super incredible guitarist. He is a jerk now.

  9. With Twitter, FB, etc. I am sure this will get out. Everyone’s secret’s seem to now. Oh, and what a tie in to polygamy – 12 yr. old Mormon brides.

  10. I have no love either of those fools, but your insinuation that all venture capitalists are immoral is another form of quackery.

  11. “It shouldn’t be surprising that a venture capitalist would have no morals”

    Nowhere does it say, ‘all venture capitalists are immoral.’

    Banzai, your reading comprehension skills suck total ass.

  12. The stories about Nugent’s cowardice and pooping his pants when he had to meet the draft board during Viet Nam are well known, but then Romney also avoided service by running away to France.

  13. Hmmm, you do bring up an interesting point. Just because your not famous , doesn’t mean your not good. Musicians and artists are usually terrible at self promotion and marketing. And I have seen some of the most kick ass talented people in bars and clubs, that will probably never have a decent recording contract or the exposure that they need.

    It’s tricky though. Some people were discovered largely because of their talent. Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes ( can’t remember the exact spelling ) are a perfect example. In a different genre, Nora Jones and Mariah Carrey are another example. With these folks, I think a combination of factors are at play….huge talent, charisma, stage presence, etc. Basically they have “it”. That, in combination with being in the right place at the right time in front of the right person.

  14. You are exactly right. My Ex and I used to travel and we seen bands in lounges and bars that truly should have been famous. The music companys have screwed us 6 ways from sunday on what we have heard over the years.

  15. Romney is going to have a field day having Ted the Ped stumping for him. He wants folks to take his candidacy seriously but every move he makes smacks the populace with his opulent wealth or his high attraction to persons or groups most comfortable in a institution. This election will be Obama’s to lose but the competition is not trying to bring forward a candidate who is rational or sane.

  16. Ever notice how Republicans have the same defect in reasoning as alcoholics, drug addicts, and religious fanatics? Republicanism is a mental disorder… the ‘Obama Derangement Syndrome’ really does make you wonder if those with incredibly primal and ‘base’ reasoning abilities – ‘Myopic Scaredy Cat Scratch Fever’ – is a disorder that afflicts the brain like alcoholism, drug addiction and religiosity, thereby reversing the individuals ability to rationalize correctly. In the Orwellian world, Nugent would be some kind of Field Marshall… who’d eventually get shot in the back by his troops… He’d be a real Doug Neidermeyer…

    Let’s face it, Ted Nugent is afflicted with Zoosadsim. If he could, he’s pay any amount of money to hunt humans, especially the female or darker, foreign-language speaking varieties. Also, let’s keep in mind Uncle Ted’s pedophile tendencies of his past:

    In 1978, Ted Nugent began a relationship with seventeen-year-old Hawaii native Pele Massa. Due to the age difference they could not marry so Nugent joined Massa’s parents in signing documents to make himself her legal guardian, an arrangement that Spin magazine ranked in October 2000 as #63 on their list of the “100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock”.[27][28]

    In 2006, an interviewer from the British newspaper The Independent questioned Nugent about a 1977 interview in High Times magazine in which Nugent allegedly detailed elaborate steps taken to avoid the Vietnam draft.[51] In the interview Nugent says, contrary to the story in High Times, that “I had a 1Y [student deferment]. I enrolled at Oakland Community College.”. However, the Selective Service classification for student deferment is actually 2-S, and medical deferment is 1-Y.

    I found this to be interesting… Mr. Ted Nugent, big gun-totting hero: ‘Ted Nugent – Vietnam War Draft Dodger – defecated/urinated in pants 10 days – “I did not want to get my ass blown off in Vietnam”’

    Well, based on the screaming The Huffington Post headline, “SECRET SERVICE INVESTIGATING TED NUGENT?” maybe Ted Nugent will be in jail long before a year’s up. As I said previously… one can only hope:

    And, BTW, I recently joined the National Rifle Association on a five year membership ($125) to lend, at least, a small voice of reason to din of the noise that is generated from what is technically a completely irrational organization that has bastardized what the Second Amendment is all about:

  17. it chills my leftist spin to see my side adopt the same techniques of distortion, lies, and exageration that the right has been so willing to use to discredit the left. WHy not just paint a big red bull’s eye on our backs so they can say “see they do it too.”

  18. it chills my leftist spine to see my side adopt the same techniques of distortion, lies, and exageration that the right has been so willing to use to discredit the left. WHy not just paint a big red bull’s eye on our backs so they can say “see they do it too.”

  19. Courtney Love said on Howard Stern in 04′ that she engaged in oral sex with Ted Nugent when she was 12.

  20. If you were telling the truth, why are there so many stories of venture capitalists taking over the ventures they funded, and then making a mint off of them? Why then have I run into several people who had their business and product stolen from them?

    I remember a couple of cases that I personally encountered… shops that produced specific and unique items. In both cases, the people put in charge by the venture capitalists knew about squeezing every penny of profit out of the employees, but were dumb as dirt when it came to the equipment and treated their suppliers like dirt.

    Maybe there are some honest ones, but I’ve never heard of one and wouldn’t trust the words of one for anything.

  21. The first question that came to my mind is “Why isn’t Nugent in jail right now?”

    Seriously… if anyone else had made that confession, they’d be in jail by the end of the day (unless the local pigs are having a bad day). Then the investigation would begin.

    Another example of a rich or powerful person getting away with crimes that ordinary people wouldn’t.

  22. While roving the internet yesterday, I came on a statement by Courtney Love that he forced her to fellate him when she was twelve.

  23. I saw his screed about, “Let’s chop off their heads!” Anders Breivik stated he had planned to do that very thing to Gro Harlem Bundtland on live video, if he had only arrived on Utøya before she left. Now: (a) do these memes have a common source, and (b) was Nugent being figurative at all?

  24. Actually, I think what they like is having their very own Anders Breivik substitute (not allusions to decapitation in both mens’ speeches)


    (Written and performed by admitted child predator & Mitt Romney supporter, Ted Nugent).

    I’ve got no inhibitions.
    So keep your keys out of your ignition.
    I steal a car like I got the curse.
    I cant resist the old lady’s purse.

    Jailbait you look so good to me.
    Jailbait wont you set me free.
    Jailbait you look fine fine fine.
    I know Ive got to have you in a matter of time.

    Well I don’t care if youre just thirteen.
    You look too good to be true.
    I just know that youre probably clean.
    There’s one lil’ thing I got do to you.

    Jailbait you look so good to me.
    Jailbait wont you set me free.
    Jailbait you look fine fine fine.
    I know Ive got to have you in a matter of time.

    So tell your mama that I’m back in town.
    She likes us boys when its time to get down.
    Shes got this craving for the underage.
    I just might be your mama’s brand new rage.

    Jailbait you look so good to me.
    Jailbait wont you set me free.
    Jailbait you look fine fine fine.
    I know I got to have you in a matter of time.

    Honey you you you look so nice.
    Shes young shes tender.
    Wont you please surrender.
    She’s so fine shes mine.
    All the time, all mine mine.
    Its all right baby.
    Its quite all right I asked your mama.
    Wait a minute officer.
    Don’t put those handcuffs on me.
    Put them on her and Ill share her with you.

  26. Sorry Shiva,
    I have to go with Eddie Van Halen. He has shown great courage in his personal life being a cancer survivor. He is also a good family man and I don’t give a shit that ‘The Nuge’ makes his own Jerky and shoots critters…lots of people do those things. Eddie combined with David Lee Roth…not a chance Ted.

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