An 18 Point Swing in Economic Optimism Powers Obama Over Romney

Delving into the results of the Wall Street journal poll where Obama takes a 4 point lead over Mitt Romney reveals that voters are becoming more optimistic about the economy.

The question: “Now, thinking about what you have seen, read, and heard in the last few weeks about our country’s economy, in general, would you say it has made you feel more optimistic or less optimistic about the direction of the economy?”

46% of respondents are more optimistic in August. This is up from a July poll that showed only 37% were optimistic about the economy.

Those who are less optimistic have dropped almost equally, from 55% in July to 46% in August. This is almost an 18 point swing into Obama’s direction in a month.

This is great news for Obama going into the last three months of the election cycle.

Another point is the answer to this question, if Romney “has the right set of goals and policies to improve the economy.” 42 percent said they were “not at all confident.” President Obama has the same outcome also, which is not good for Romney — considering the economy is the entire basis of his campaign.

9 Replies to “An 18 Point Swing in Economic Optimism Powers Obama Over Romney”

  1. I wish some polls would include the following question…

    Do you think Diebold voting machines, et.el., will attempt to steal the election for Romney/Ryan?

  2. Its not an 18 point swing. It’s a 9 point swing. You can’t count the 9% who changed their minds twice.

  3. And you can bet the GOP is right this second figuring out how to put more people on the bread, er, unemployment lines ASAP and blame Obama. And you know, if the hurricane hits and causes damage in “we don’t need federal money Florida” Obama will take care of that like a pro too, which Congress wrings their pasty hands and whines about whatever..oh wait, they are not even working, are they? Go Obama…the help is yours to give!!!

  4. I’ve said this for months, but the reason I think R/R trying to crucify Obama over the economy isn’t working and never will because we, “you people”, know damn well if the republican party would fall off the edge of their flat earth, we’d be in fine shape now and heading into a very prosperous upswing. We know very well who is the problem. People may answer a poll with no to “are you satisfied with the way the economy is going” but that doesn’t mean at all that we blame Obama for it.

    Personally, nothing would make me happier than if the entire republican party ceased to exist. They’re nothing but a drag on society, hell bent on gutting the middle class to make themselves rich, and using the Bible as their justification.

  5. You need to learn how it works…

    If we both have $10 and I give you 1, that is 9 for me and 11 for you, that is $2 swing…

    If I give you 9, I have 1 you have 19, that is $18 swing…

    Same as 18% swing when it changes 9% – to +…

  6. After a meeting earlier this week with oil company executives, Romney is releasing his energy policy for the US, it is drill drill drill, everywhere, off the coat of VA & NC, less pesky safety regulations, approve the Keystone pipeline and stop credits for clean energy.
    So there it is, no need to worry about no healthcare when we retire, we won’t live that long, we will die from pollution before retirement.

  7. They, the Rs are already doing that in the # of police officers, fire fighters, teachers, nurses and other public sector workers that they have laid off/fired todate. I’m sure they will be adding to the #s, then as you say, blame PO. 4 million jobs have been created in the private sector by PO despite the Repubs obstructionist behaviour in Congress/Senate but thankfully, they can’t get rid of the private sector positive numbers so they will continue to lay off/fire public sector workers and be dammed to their constituents who need these workers for their protection and their children’s education.

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