Obama’s Job Approval Jumps To Highest Point Since 2011

According to Gallup, President Obama’s job approval rating has jumped to 53% since the third presidential debate. The significance of this is two fold. First, the jump occurred very close to the election. This is one hurdle cleared in order for the President to be re elected decisively.

Second, this is President Obama’s highest approval rating by Gallup since Bin Laden’s death in May of 2011. President Obama realized a huge surge in the job approval ratings when he announced he had Bin Laden killed. It surged to 53% in May of 2011.

This poll is also the first poll after Romney’s “leading from behind” debate performance. People have realized two things. Romney has no plan on foreign policy, and Obama is doing his job fairly well. It’s all a big fail on Romney’s part.

Job approval ratings have been the gauge of past elections. Most Presidents do not get re elected if their job approval numbers are below 50%, and most get re-elected if their job approval numbers are above 50%.

The latest exception was George W Bush, who had a job approval of less than 50% on Election Day 2004.

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