House Democrats Crush Republicans With Their Best Fundraising Month Ever


House Republicans should be getting worried about 2014. Despite being the minority party, House Democrats had their best fundraising month ever in January.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) reported that raised more money than their Republican counterparts (NRCC) by nearly $2 million in January. House Democrats raised $6.1 million to the Republicans’ $4.4 million. In the House massive fundraising power usually comes with being in the majority, but Democrats are more than staying even.

The DCCC has been able to raise money, because like Obama, they understand how to use the Internet. House Democrats have been crushing Republicans in online fundraising. Roll Call has the numbers, “In the 2010 cycle, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $14.6 million online; in 2012 it took in $49.3 million — a total representing one-third of its revenue. In the previous two cycles, online donations accounted for 5 percent to 9 percent of the DCCC’s total haul, according to DCCC fundraising figures provided exclusively to CQ Roll Call.
The online boom more than leveled the fundraising playing field for the minority party, allowing the campaign arm to raise $28 million more than its GOP counterparts last cycle.”

While House Republicans fight among themselves, House Democrats have been very successful at getting their message out online. Democratic voters are already showing a midterm enthusiasm for 2014 that hasn’t been seen since 2006. House Democrats won the popular vote in 2012, and the news that President Obama is going to be actively involved in candidate recruitment and campaigning has Democrats ready for a fight.

House Republicans should be very nervous about the 2014 election. They are deeply unpopular, divided, and disliked. It will be difficult for Democrats to win the 17 seats that they need to take the back the House majority, but they need to continue to remove the tea party elements from the House.

The Democrats are putting themselves in position to pull off a win that the mainstream media and pundits think is impossible. A difficult task is not the same thing as an impossible, and Democrats definitely have a chance in 2014.

If Democratic voters match their donations with votes, Nancy Pelosi could be holding the gavel by January 2014.

Be afraid, House Republicans, be very, very afraid.

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