Eric Holder Serves Darrell Issa A Huge Plate of STFU


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After listening to Rep. Darrell Issa go off on another one of his conspiracy laden witch hunts, Attorney General Eric Holder finally had enough and called the California Republican’s behavior unacceptable and shameful.



Issa: Mr. Attorney General, our investigators have seen thirty four of the thirty five admitted emails that violate the Federal Records Act. They’ve only seen the to and from. They’ve not seen the deliberative contents, and they have not seen the remainder of the 1,200 emails. Mr. Cummings, my ranking member joined in a letter requesting that we have the full contents pursuant to our subpoena of all 1,200. Will make them available to the committee based on our bipartisan request?

Holder: I will certainly look at the request. It’s not something that I have been personally been involved in, but I’ll look at the request and try to be as responsive as we can. I’m sure there must have been a good reason why the to and from parts were….

Issa: Yes, you didn’t want us to see the details. Mr. Attorney General, knowing the to and from…

Holder: No, No. That’s what you do. I’m not going to stop talking now. You characterized as something those…of the people in the Justice Department. That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress. It’s unacceptable, and it’s shameful.

Issa tried to interrupt Holder by asking the committee chairman to inform the witness of the rules.

There is no love lost between Issa and Attorney General Holder. Remember, Rep. Issa was behind the House vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt over 2012’s bogus Fast and Furious scandal.

Rep. Issa is the troll living under our collective political bridge whose only mission is wasting taxpayer money by investigating an endless series of conspiracy theories that are all designed to take down the Obama administration. Issa was trying to frame the DOJ’s refusal to reveal the content of the emails as some vast cover up, when it reality these emails are just part of the never ending struggle for power between the executive and the legislative branches.

Congress wants access to everything. Presidents have long been wary of giving Congress anything more than they have to, because the legislative branch leaks like a sieve. Issa has been using this natural tension between the two branches as an excuse to go on a non-stop Obama witch hunt.

The left has been waiting for someone to call out Issa’s sleazy behavior for years.

Today, Attorney General Holder finally had enough of Rep. Issa’s playing to Fox News, and served him a big heaping helping of shut the f**k up.

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