Watch Live: Greenpeace Activists Scale London’s Tallest Building to Protest Arctic Drilling


An incredible protest is unfolding in London today as 6 Greenpeace activists are scaling London’s tallest building, the Shard, to protest Shell’s drilling in the Arctic.

Here is the live video:

According to the Greenpeace website, “This building – modeled on a shard of ice – sits slap bang in the middle of Shell’s three London headquarters. They don’t want us talking about their plan to drill in the Arctic. We’re here to shout about it from the rooftops.”

Police are waiting at the top for the six female protesters, but it is too dangerous for law enforcement to pursue them. This is why the six have been able to scale the building.

Shell has responded to the protest with the typical corporate, nothing to see here, move along statement, “Oil and gas production from the Arctic is not new. The Arctic region currently produces about 10 per cent of the world’s oil and 25 per cent of its gas. If responsibly developed, Arctic energy resources can help offset supply constraints and maintain energy security for consumers throughout the world. Shell has been operating in the Arctic and sub-Arctic since the early 20th century, giving us the technical experience and know-how to explore for and produce oil and gas responsibly. We work extensively with global Arctic stakeholders to research and develop standards and best practice on biodiversity, ecology, marine sound, oil spill prevention and response, safety and health.”

During the Bush years Republicans repeatedly pushed for drilling in ANWR, but were met with strong resistance from Democrats. There is no good reason to drill in the Arctic. Energy independence will not come from drilling in the Arctic, because the oil belongs to the oil companies. Drilling in the Arctic results in the permanent altering of one of the most precious environments on our planet.

The six woman climb team is pulling off one of the bravest protests that you will ever see. The women have been climbing for 12 hours, and are the dangers of heat and exhaustion.

These women are pulling off an astounding feat, and sending the message that Big Oil will literally destroy the planet in order to line their own pockets.

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