Bernie Sanders, ‘This country is never going forward unless we end right wing rule in the House.’


Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a battle cry for the left on The Ed Show by speaking the truth and telling the world that right wing rule must end in the House of Representatives.


Sen. Sanders said:

This president has got to say, and be honest about it, our country today faces enormous crisis. We are moving in the wrong direction. We used to be number one in terms of college graduates. Today, we are number sixteen, etc. etc. And the reason that we are not moving forward is that we have right wing extremists who are now controlling the House of Representatives, and this country is never going to go forward unless we end right wing rule in the House. He’s got to point a finger at them. He’s gotta work with us in coming forward with a progressive agenda. You’ve raised virtually all of the issues.

Not to mention that this is the fifth anniversary of the Wall Street disaster. We need to break up our large financial institutions. This issues are out there, but what this president has got to understand, he can not be sitting down with right wing extremists and trying to talk about how we are going to cut Social Security, cut Medicare, not raise revenue as a result of corporate tax reform. He’s gotta say like Franklin Deleno Roosevelt did, I stand with the working families of the United States, and if the millionaires hate me, so be it. He’s gotta draw the line in the sand, not on Syria, but on the class warfare that is going on in America.

If he does that, he will wake up people who have given up on the political process. The vast majority of the people, as you’ve just indicated, on issue after issue after issue are on our side. They know the rich are getting richer. Corporations are making record breaking profits. Wall Street is doing phenomenally well, while the middle class disappears. The president has got to draw that line, stand with working families, support a progressive agenda. In that case, I think we can do some phenomenal things.

What Sen. Sanders laid out happens to be the long reported agenda that President Obama will campaign on for Democrats in 2014. Sanders put the blame for the lack of progress in this country exactly where it belongs. The far right wing Republicans that are leading John Boehner around by the nose in the House are the problem, and there will no progress in this country as long as these people occupy seats in the House.

Bernie Sanders wants the president to launch an all out campaign against these extremists in order to take back the House. Due to the excessive gerrymandering of House districts this will be a challenge even with presidential support, but each extremist that is successfully defeated in 2014 will be another step in the right direction. If Democrats don’t defeat enough of them to take back the House, but they do take out 5 or 10 of them it will thin the ranks of the extremist element in the House majority.

President Obama and Sen. Sanders can’t win this battle alone. They need Democrats to be engaged in 2014. The country can’t afford another year like 2010 when dispirited Democrats stayed home. The message is that when Democrats show up to vote, Democratic candidates win elections.

The movement to reverse the Republican caused decline of our country begins and ends with all concerned Americans showing up on Election Day.

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