As Support for the Republican Party Plunges, Ted Cruz Claims the GOP is Winning


Despite the fact that polls show disapproval of the Republican Party might lose the House, Ted Cruz went on CNN to claim that GOP is really winning the government shutdown.


Candy Crowley asked Sen. Cruz about the criticism from his fellow Republicans, and President Obama about his courting of the media and shutting down the government. Cruz responded, “The fact you are seeing so many nasty partisan jabs from Democrats.” Crowley reminded him that Republicans are criticizing him too, but Cruz continued, “But you just quoted the president, and certainly Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats haven’t been shy using all sorts of ad hominem inflammatory attacks. The fact that you are seeing those attacks, I think is indicative of the fact that we’re winning the argument.”

Ted Cruz and the Republican Party are winning the government shutdown in the same way that Charlie Sheen was #winning during his bender after he got fired from Two And a Half Men.

Disapproval of the Republican Party is skyrocketing nationally. A new poll released today found that Democrats lead in 21 of 24 House districts that Republicans currently hold, thanks to Cruz’s government shutdown. Seventy two percent of the American people are opposed to Cruz’s strategy of shutting down the government to delay or defund Obamacare.

During the interview Sen. Cruz repeated his bundle of Obamacare lies, and then claimed that he doesn’t support shutting down the government.

Ted Cruz is trying to have it both ways. He is the man who led the charge to shutdown the government. Cruz is guiding the House Republican strategy on both the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, yet he is publicly claiming that he doesn’t support a government shutdown.

This is not winning. The Republican Party is losing, and losing badly. The only winner on the Republican side has been Ted Cruz, who has elevated himself to the leadership position of the anti-government far right. Sen. Cruz still has no exit strategy on the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. He seems to be holding the delusional belief that if he just keeps blaming Obama for his mess, the Democrats will give in.

Ted Cruz and his party are being routed, but the arrogant senator for Texas is too wrapped up in his lust for publicity and the 2016 Republican presidential nomination to bother to notice.

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