President Obama Rips Fox News Misleading People About Obamacare


President Obama got in a strong jab at Fox News tonight for their constant misleading of people about the ACA.

Video clip:


THE PRESIDENT: So everybody here has got a story. A lot of you, you got involved in the first place because of this health care issue, a lot of you — because I know I met you on the campaign trail in some cases, and you came up and told me about a story of how painful and difficult an illness in the family had been, and not knowing how you were going to pay for coverage, how you were going to pay for the care for a loved one.

So you all know this, and you can tell these stories in ways that are outside of politics. Politicians, if they’re talking here in Washington, people discount them. I’ll just be honest with you. People, they just assume, you know what, everybody is just yacking and trying to win an election. And so that’s why misinformation can thrive.

But when they hear from their friends and their neighbors and their coworkers like you, and you’re able to say, hey, here check it out, take a look on the website — if you reach out to your Republican friend who can’t stand Obama, but is basically a nice person and they just– but they watch the wrong newscast or — you all know those folks. Some uncle or cousin, you love them to death, but they come in with all this information that’s just wrong, and you’re shaking your head, but you decide you don’t want to get in an argument with them because you haven’t seen them in a while and you miss them. Right? Everybody has got those folks. You know them.

So if you’re able to reach out to them, and you just say, take a look, here, here, let’s get on the website. There’s the price. There’s the plan. Here’s the tax credit. Here’s what it will cost for you. Come on, Uncle Joe, I know you don’t have health insurance. You may not like the President, but this really is a good deal. They’ll listen to you, right?

And then there are some folks actually who do like me, but they just don’t know. Because they’re not paying attention. Because they’re on one of the other channels that has “Real Housewives” or something. They really don’t know that there’s this health care plan out there.

Like all of the best presidential take downs, this one was delivered in the form of a joke. It was clear whom the president was talking about. Republicans who get bad information from watching the wrong newscast. Obama was clearing describing Fox News, and that tiny segment of America known as Fox News viewers.

The president’s description was deadly accurate. Fox News viewers are certain that they are right about the ACA, when it is clear that they have been blatantly misled, and possess very few facts about the healthcare law. It is nearly impossible to reason with one of these individuals because they have been subjected to endless hours of propaganda that has been disguised as news.

Considering what the ACA has been up against, it is amazing that the White House is on target to meet their enrollment goals. The Koch brothers have been spending millions of dollars the Republican Party has been on the attack non-stop for years, and the top cable news network in the country pounds out a daily endless drumbeat of anti-ACA propaganda.

Even in the face of all of these obstacles, the Affordable Care Act is poised for success. The law and this president have overcome these challenges because people really do want access to affordable health insurance.

Obama got in a nice shot on Fox News tonight, but his biggest victory will be in the form of tens of millions of Americans gaining access to affordable health care.

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24 Replies to “President Obama Rips Fox News Misleading People About Obamacare”

  1. Great! Glad to see our president finally taking jabs at the phony Fox Nws.

    I don’t know of this person who wrote this article below, but I hope he is wrong, wrong, wrong. I tend to believe Mr. Easley who wrote this article. All I read is nothing but good stories re: ACA sign ups.

    Please prove this article wrong.

  2. The President has this way of letting people on Fox News have it. Very nonchalent, but he hits those people on Fox right on the face.That why President Obama is the coolest of all. Never a dull moment.

  3. What is wrong with those far right zombies ??
    they hate the President sooo much because of his color or because they lost the election and the chance to RAPE the country even more that they
    would mislead people and tell them Affordable
    Care is wrong ?? These far right monsters are
    traitors to their Friends , their Country and
    even unto themselves ! Vote these right wing
    monsters OUT !!

  4. The entire RR are sociopaths and in no case tell the truth or have any intention of doing so. When you have scofflaw,hypocrites like Romney(A gay basher criminal, who just asked Brewer to veto the Gay hate bill) and the rest of the disingenuous personoids willing to inflict pain and suffering without empathy or compassion, their actions define their DNA imperatives.

    Self delusion rational (SDR)syndrome. A RR can never ever be believed or trusted.. all promises are just lipstick on a pig(S)

  5. The only thing wrong with the ACA is that it also helps ungrateful bullheaded republicans that refuse to recognize that a black Democrat President is in their corner and is trying to keep them from being a feeder to the Health Insurance Companies.

    How many suffer stage 10 pain and suffering? How many will die because no intervention and treatment was available? How many will loose all assets ?
    How many Hospitals will face deficits via emergency room cost?
    How much will the deficits of the states increase?
    ANSWER-HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is social purging and as criminal as any Nazi or other Human rights criminal-Syria etc- These people suffer long term agonizing physical and mental deaths..

  7. Or….people like me have looked it up, I have good medical coverage and a decent job, but could not afford this “affordable” health care for my family. It should just be called the health care act, because there is nothing “affordable” about it. Heart was in the right place, execution sucked.

  8. Good for you, President Obama, and good for us!!!

    Now, where are the “Democrats” who should be speaking out too?

    I have concluded, that those who don’t speak out, are spineless, not true Democrats, uninformed “representatives” and definitely afraid of their not being re-elected in the next election. These, and other “representatives”, need to stop being a stumbling block for the progressive movement in our country. Then, we could move ahead to become, “a more perfect union”, the secular nation our Founders and their wives had in mind.

    I, for one, am sick and tired of the crap that is spit out daily (as “news”) to the public by Faux News, their head — Rush Limbaugh, his and their disciples.

  9. I’m so confused— the Terrorpublicans call ACA another government hand out and claim we cannot afford it. Then the same Terrorpublicans claim that it costs the
    people too much.

    I guess they just want us to scrape it and go back to the old non-way of care.

    I just hope all those wing nuts from the religious right are correct about Judgement Day and an afterlife. They better be buried in fire retardant gear.

    Maybe I’ll just move to Arizona with my gay Mexican poodle.

  10. When a political party in this county has absolutely nothing for 99 percent of the population, then everything that comes out of its mouth will be lies. Which mean that lying republican liars lying republican lies is all the GOP liars have, lies. The bought and paid for elected republicans in this county are owned by Big Insurance, Big Pharmaceutical and Big Healthcare companies, and the ACA is the best thing that has happened for Americans this century, but the worst for corporate profit. So this means the GOP lie machine goes into high gear, and nothing lies like a lying republican liar lying republican lies, and that is no lie.

  11. I agree – I heard on the news yesterday that there are 6 RED states that going to use ACA (ObamaCare)and call it ANOTHER NAME so President Obama doesn’t get credit! They will call it by their STATE then add HealthCare…things like that.

    Yeah, they don’t want to give this POTUS credit for saving millions of peoples lives, saving the economy, Housing Market, Auto Industry and freaking Wall Street, on and on! Even his Signature Bill!

    I’m waiting for the *lawsuits* to start for denying ppl a right that other states have. How does that look? BAD that’s how.

  12. I live in a RED state, this state has sub-par “clinics for low income” they are half-ass(I studied nursing,so I know it when I see it)health services here. They didn’t even take my Blood Pressure right. When I told her and the DR I was ignored. I know of several cases of people getting the wrong meds or given too much, even put on them too long. All of that was done by the DOCTORS!

  13. Oh,I forgot to add that in my RED STATE I was given an ACA rate and it was $300/month. I checked the rate for a state that allows ACA and I was quoted $45/mo!!! I checked 3 times…came up with the same numbers, my RED state was HIGHER!!

    Well, we know that the gop-tea ppl have admitted to sabotaging the roll-out and throwing kinks in the system to gum it up! So this is just another pothole that some red states are using to discourage and KEEP people from enrolling. The $300/mo most certainly is cost prohibited :( Thanks to this RED state I’m stuck with the sub-par clinics!DISGUSTING!

  14. Obamacare was not for workers that has insurance coverage? What about when Our premiums go up double or triple? Out of pocket expense triples? Or we lose full time to part time? Or lose job? Quite a few of my family have been laid off or down to part time. So do not say it does not pertain to all of us. NOT EVERYONE GETS IT FREE!

  15. Stop your bullshit. First if and that’s a mighty big if your premiums went up its because of the insurance companies. No one you Koch sucking sycophant has said it was free. You are a first grade idiot and should stop watching fox news and read

  16. I now have Medicaid I’m happy about that but I noticed my $10 blood pressure pills now cost $28 so the government Spain $28 to Walgreens for what used to cost $10

  17. Not only can they not show any facts/stats as to why it is bad, but any time you show them something that counters their beliefs you get “Oh that is a biased source” because we all know EVERY SINGLE MEDIA OUTLET in the entire world is just liberal trash.

  18. In your case, you are placing the blame in the wrong areas. If people are getting hours cut blame the people cutting the hours. News Flash: It’s not small businesses cutting hours, something like 79% of cuts to jobs and hours due to ACA are from large corporations that can afford it. Small businesses aren’t cutting hours/jobs.

    Your premiums are going up? Lets blame the insurance companies. They always raised rates, every year before ACA. This is nothing new. The same thing w/ policy cancellations or losing availability to your doctor. Those things have always existed in the health care system.

    I’m tired of people blaming POTUS for taking a horribly broken system and trying to fix it. Granted, ACA is not perfect, but it is far better than the old system. It benefits way more people than old system ever did, except now we are no longer at the mercy of these greedy insurance companies. Lets put blame where blame is due here

  19. Kudos to you Mr. PRESIDENT!! the GOP has lied so much over the last 40 yrs (starting with TRICKY DICK) that when they starting whining I just take it as BULL$HIT! because 99.99999999999999% of anything their talking about is usually a damn lie! the republican party should change it’s logo from a elephant to a pasty face boy crying WOLF.

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