Rush Limbaugh Admits That Republicans Refuse to Work With Obama Because He Is Black


Rush Limbaugh admitted today that he thought the paralysis in our government will get better even if Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016. This remark was an admission of the real reason why Republicans refuse to work with the country’s first African-American president.

Audio courtesy of Media Matters:


RUSH LIMBAUGH: I also think, folks, I that there will be dramatic changes once we… Let me just put it this way. The fact that we are living in the historic era with the first African-American president has everybody paralyzed and everybody scared.

Political leadership in Washington is literally paralyzed. Political consultant leadership in Washington literally paralyzed. The Republican Party is literally paralyzed. Many American citizens are literally paralyzed, frightened to death to say anything to anybody about what they really think — and while this is happening, things are going down the tubes at a rapid rate. So once we get past this historical era, I think a lot of this is going to change.

I think the paralysis will end. Even if we get the first female president, it’s still not gonna be near the paralysis that exists today. That paralysis was planned for and is being used to its maximum benefit by the Democrat and the American left.

On the surface, Limbaugh’s comments make no sense. Instead of being paralyzed, Republicans have used the president’s race against him since the first Obama presidential campaign. Limbaugh was trying to explain to his listeners that Republicans are afraid to do anything because the president is an African-American. His admission that the paralysis will get better even if Hillary Clinton gets elected confirmed one of the main reasons why the right hates Obama.

Rush Limbaugh was admitting that he thinks Republicans will be more willing to work with Hillary Clinton because she is white. Limbaugh’s little discussion about the fear of the black president revealed the real reason that the right despises Barack Obama so deeply. One of Limbaugh’s favorite tactic is to assign blame to Democrats and the left for things that the right and Republicans are doing.

When Rush claimed that Democrats are using Obama’s race to paralyze Republicans and the government, what he was really getting at was the right’s usage of the president’s race as a reason for obstructing his entire agenda.

Limbaugh knows his audience. He understands that the right’s persecution and victimization complexes have to be constantly fed. This is why he blamed the victim of their racism (President Obama) for the Republican Party’s refusal to do anything. Deep within this maze of intellectual fallacy was a buried truth.

Republicans already know that they will treat Hillary Clinton better, and that race is one of the reasons for their deep hatred and obstruction of President Obama.

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  1. The only thing the Republicans will work with after November elections will be their estate planners.

  2. Funny, I’ve known Republicans and Conservatives have been scared of black men since oh…1962 when I was four years old. And This bag of foul wind is just figuring this out. He thinks he gains something in admitting it, but admitting your an asshole is the first step to a cure.

  3. I’d like to see an AA women run and win–How about that?! I can see them now running around “like chickens with their head’s cut off!”

  4. Why dont this pill popping jerk just go away. He spews out this crap like its some sort of revelation. The republiklans and their minions are racist thats no secret. Listen to their comments especially when they think no one is listening. What happened to judging by the content of their character?

  5. I fail to understand how a skin color can make you something to be afraid of. I mean this with all my heart. Black, Hispanic,Indian, Asian. The blacks in this country have the same culture we have, they were born here, live here work here.And if not born here,they came here to be good citizens, work and raise kids in this country and have to put up with scorn and doubt. What the hell is this? Get a grip people.People in Congress are supposed to have an element of intelligence, where is it.To you weirdo congressmen from the south, the civil war is over.

  6. The Mistress of Benghazi is going unify us? Seems unlikely. The REAL persecution complex belongs to “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” Hillary, who thinks that we should apologize to her and put her judges & critics on trial.
    We aren’t willing to work with Hillary OR the Messiah. Don’t take it so personally, Comrades.

  7. Is this news because Rush said it? The hate and fear the right wing have for a person who is not of European decent has always been known. Their hate is so great that they held this country hostage during his term… The good thing is their mentality is dying out in this country… I HOPE!!!

  8. Ahhh…this is easily explained.

    After reading headlines about the Kochs this morning, I commented “Watch Limpballs pop up today say something outrageous on his show today”.
    Right on cue!

    3 billionaires telegraphing their next play…

  9. LOL you DO realize that Hillary was right all along, right? The Koch Brothers started that vast Right Wing Conspiracy a long time ago, even before it created the teabaggers to further undermine our entire society.

  10. You represent today’s right wing well. Any chance you are a white male, over 65 years of age, live in the South, watch FOX all day, and have a limited education?

  11. You are right. But you forgot the part about AA ancesters being treated like animals. How the family structure was killed in the black community when slave taders split families up at the auction block for profit, raped and killed AA women and men. AA ancestory cannot be traced back to Ellis Island. folks want to forget about slavery but it actually was the beginning of the destruction of the AA familiy and community.

  12. For over twenty years Fat BA$TARD has been the voice of angry, freighted, cowardly, loud mouthed, white republicans! limbaugh is a money grabbing AS$HAT like most higher ups in that party but ole blubber AS$ loves being a racist so much he’d do his show for free, I take solace in knowing that his drug addiction is a byproduct of being a soulless, disgusting, bigot and misogynist! and trust me when I say this, the civilized WORLD will literally celebrate his DEATH!!! I’d spit on his grave but he wouldn’t be worthy of my phiegm!

  13. @charles, I always read the article then post my two cents then I read everybody elses, my first post described you perfectly, wouldn’t you agree?!

  14. this is a pretty sad commentary about the republican mind and the direction they are headed…they want to take the country back to the pre civil rights or women’s rights era. To them those were the good old days…right boys?

  15. I’m not really surprised by Limbaugh’s comment. I’m just glad Limbaugh finally told the truth for once. Now, if only the racists saw that their way of thinking is wrong and harmful.

  16. Well chris christie (Fat BA$TARD pt.B) political career started in 2002 as state attorney for NJ, rush limbaugh (Fat BA$TARD pt.A) started his john birch society radio revival shows in 1984, so due to senority rush gets top billing as THE Fat BA$TARD, too bad conservatives REFUSE to read his bio, the freak couldn’t even graduate from college, no surprise there!

  17. Ok, where are the regressive negroes an why are they silent on this issue? How can they continue to support a political party that hates people who look like them

  18. I do not support Rush Limbaugh at all. However, this article is sadly misrepresenting the GOP, which I also do not support, by calling the entire party racist. They did not “admit” to being racist. Rather, they stated that any time they dare to disagree with our President, the Democrat party insists that it is due to racism thereby making it impossible to critique on any subject on any level. Have you heard of Dr. Ben Carson, a very successful African American surgeon or Allen B. West, an African American retired military officer? They also do not support Obama. Surely, you would not consider them to be racist. It is beyond belief that you find it acceptable to unilaterally assign the title of “racist” to all Republicans and to assume that they are all white, they all love Limbaugh, they all watch Fox News and are all of low intellect. The close-mindedness on this page is nauseating. You, yourselves, are exhibiting the very definition of prejudice.

  19. @katty, when you decided to get internet service wired to your cave?? the GOP isn’t racist? you gotta be A- a caucasian republican, or B- playing a early April fools gag! heres some advice for you, GOOGLE “republican racism towards Obama” and that should keep you busy for a few weeks, my favorite racial slur was Former Federal judge richard cebull who sent out text saying Obama’s mother had sex with a BLACK DOG (K9) and thats who Obama was born!! Now you go ahead and sugar coat that on @katty!

  20. What he is saying is those who control the Purse Strings of the republican party are old white racists who would rather destroy America than to allow a Black president

  21. Weeeee gop will have to save their really nasty racist remarks and pics until we elect an African-America president with both ancestors’ sides are from slaves.

    Think how much fun it will be for the nutbags. Oh goody 17 century “jokes.” Photoshop will be working overtime.

  22. If you can’t call Condi Rice ‘Uncle Tom’ because she’s obviously female, what do you suggest? Aunt Jemima? lol

  23. People still listen to ‘Ol Brush Himoff? I was under the impression he had lost enough sponsors to get kicked off the radio. ‘Ol Brush Himoff cannot pass the feeding trough and thinks too much of himself. His proudness likes to stand down-wind of himself as he passes gas.

  24. The President is into his second term and Rush is now coming to the realization that the Republican resistance is due to the Presidents color. Hello that is something most American realized right after his first election. Remember McConnell’s little comment about the Republicans only priority was to see that Obama didn’t get a second term. Well he did and the Republicans have thrown a monkey wrench into anything or everything the President has proposed. They are now acknowledging their stance because they want to gain the African American vote. Well AA are smarter that that and they see what the Republicans are up to. Now if only women voters would wake up too.

  25. I think rush Limbaugh is a pompous ass. he goes out of his way to undermine the Obama presidency. why do all his fools in crime listen to his crap? it boggles the mind how many ignorant people, men and women there are in this country. the Koch brothers are a fester on society. I wish they’d go broke, and have to live like everyone else. tthat silver spoon must be getting pretty heavy right now. time to throw them all out, and start the experiment again with a new constitution. our constitution has been weighed down with so many stipulations it’s became useless. the founding father are turning over in their graves because of this. maybe a fresh start would help. it’s for sure it couldn’t hurt.

  26. Seriosly Katty! It isnt this single comment by one person. Its repeated assaults from the right wing red necks. You didnt listen to them at cpac? Day after day one of those goofies makes some remark. At first it was subtle like Romneys 47% remarks. Now its blatant. Its we hate LGBGT We hate poor people We hatd women We hatd blacks and latinos etc etc. That the GOPIGS.

  27. Rush was commenting on how anything the GOP does will be viewed through a racial lense from the left. Criticize his policies? Oh, you can’t do that he our first black president. Criticize his weak foreign policy? No, he is being strong but you hate him because he is black. The real racists are the ones who enslave the poor through welfare for the purpose of votes. The only difference between 1860 and 2014 is who owns the slaves – the belong to the democrats instead of the plantation owners. Congrats.

  28. I wish he would stop saying that the small group of racist idiots living under a rock, are the American people. Who the hell does he think voted for President Barack Obama tice, if not the majority of the American people. But O yes I almost forgot, he only considers Lilly White Americans as the “American people”

  29. Keep it up, while you still refuse to realize that you are the one destroying the gop better than the liberals ever could. How many voters do you think that won over to your side? (Not that particular comment, but I’m sure you’ve posted and spouted the exact same theme, along with many of your fellow “patriot”s). So how many do you think it won over? How many do you think it drove from your party? How many moderates and independents do you realize you’ve turned off from ever voting for (much less even wanting to associate with) your party?

    Then come election time you’ll cry again wondering “why can’t we get no votes?
    and claim it must be rigged voting. “I said communist, socialist, Obummer, teleprompter and Bengazi, while never actually presenting any real solutions. How could we have lost again?”.

  30. Lorraine, I’m with you — what is there to be scared of because one person’s skin color is different from yours? All that is varying amounts of melanin. It’s superficial and has nothing to do with the fact that underneath the skin we are all human beings who have more in common than the things that are different. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  31. Phil, Limbaugh won’t go away until we take his paycheck away. As long as he can make enough to keep his viagra and oxycontin script filled, his hot tub filled with champagne and hot and cold underage sex toys in his pent house, he is going to keep on spewing his crap. As long as his emplyers believe he has an audience, he will have a job. Maybe he will OD tomorrow, maybe tomorrow the sun will shine.

  32. Actually, Naomi Kline, author of “Shock Doctrine”;
    it’s not predicting, it’s following the money…

  33. Exactly. The GOP won’t work with Hillary either. They only like her slightly more than Obama and hate her way more than they did her husband.

    Rush is really not being truthful here. The real purpose behind these comments are to divide the Democrats and the left-wing. Every time a right-winger mention anything about Hillary, you really need to keep this in mind. They are using Hillary to divide us (not help us). Which is why her supporters need to be more careful and think about 2014 before 2016!

  34. Unfortunately, Katty, since 2008, the GOP has doubled-down on the “Southern Strategy.” This strategy was used to win over Dixicrats (Southern Democrats) angry over LBJ’s support for Civil Rights. This strategy was inherently racist because it used coded language to stir up white animosity towards blacks. However, in 2008, with Obama, the code broke down. And it’s been breaking down ever since.

    Also, the GOP has always falsely assumed that merely having a black person in their party is enough to hide their racism. Sorry, but it’s the words, actions, and policies that display their true feelings.

    Carlson and West are self-loathing tokens being used by the GOP in a futile attempt to hide their blatant racism. The same goes for Condi Rice. Colin Powell, fortunately, woke up and smelled the coffee long before 2008.

  35. You seem to have forgotten that the GOP has changed considerably since 1860.

    Every time a right-winger goes back to 1860, they conveniently forget what happened during the 1960s and 1970s. They forget that the GOP welcomed the segregationists into their party with open arms. They also forget that as early as the 1870s, the GOP sold out the newly freed slaves and allowed the South (overwhelmingly Democrat at the time) to institute Jim Crow laws.

    Also, the left doesn’t just blatantly accuse the GOP of racism when they criticize Obama. Many of us actually look at the criticisms and find nothing there. The GOP offers nothing new. They want to continue the same failed policies (both foreign and domestic). We see this, as well as the party’s racism.

    But because, right-wingers like you can only think in simplistic terms, you excuse all left-wing criticisms of the GOP as accusations of racism.

  36. And here’s one more fact that blows a huge blow in your claims that the Democratic Party being modern-day “enslavers” of black people.

    There are just as many whites on welfare as blacks. And in some years, there are more. The mere fact that you believe that welfare is a “black” problem is a product of the Southern Strategy (created by Lee Atwater, then used by Nixon and Reagan).

    They deliberately cloaked the social safety net in racist terms so they could convince disadvantaged whites to vote against their best economic interests. And you fell for this game, hook, line and sinker.

  37. I came to this page out of curiosity. I leave it still a conservative Democrat but very disappointed in the lack of decency of the overwhelming majority of responders. You don’t need to ‘dress me down’ for my observations, I won’t be reading them. I won’t ever visit this hateful site again.

  38. Really? You are hanging your hat on a made up story like Bengazi? I bet you were all bent out of shape when there were a dozen embassy attacks under baby bush weren’t you? You weren’t? You mean that baby bush could do no wrong according to you? You have shown yourself to be a puppet for the right wing just as you have shown your ignorance.

    Your hero Ted Cruz cannot run for POTUS since he was born in Canada, lyin’ ryan is going to be on his way out as is all of the rest of the extreme right wing. Where will you go then? Back under your rock I hope…..

  39. Terrorpublicans aren’t racist—- they just hate blacks, Hispanics, Eskimos and American Indians. They aren’t big on those socialistic Canadians either.

  40. Charles W. Ammons

    Hiya Charie–

    You forgot to mention all the other scandals nice man Issa has uncovered.
    Hey what about the little scandal called Iraq? All those dead people— Bush and
    Cheney wanted by the World Court???? I digress.
    Have a nice trip to the mall.

  41. @jim, PLEASE!! it’s hilarious how some weak kneed cry baby comes here and starts talking nonsense about how rude and uncivilized the posts are, A- we’re talking POLITICS!! like religion it stirs strong emotions, so @jim, if your ”widdle” feelings are so easily offended I suggest you NEVER visit a conservative website! unless terms like NIGGER- COON- DARKIE- SPOOK- ODDUMER! don’t bother you.

  42. Rush doesn’t understand what “literally” means, does he? There’s actually a couple of other things he doesn’t understand. I guess conservatives feel “paralyzed” when they can’t comfortably use the N-bomb in public discourse. It really does cramp their style.

  43. I thought the same thing! They are not “literally paralyzed.” People use the word “literally” to mean extremely, but it makes no sense and sounds ignorant; oh, wait… never mind.

  44. I am a Liberal Democrat! I visit some of the right wing sites and they are so racist! They attack Michelle, the girls..they do not try to even hide it! They call them all the things you said plus more (monkey)Here I just went to one of them and first thing I see is this!– Gregory Benjamin “been waiting sense 2008 when the piece of shit took office but this country to shared to impeach the dumb nigger”
    Like · Reply · 56 ·
    So I will say maybe not all Republicans/TP are racist, but all racist are Republican/TP.

  45. The abject stupidity of “Media doesn’t Matter” as well as websites like this one knows no bounds. If you read the complete transcript and listen to the entirety of the clip, you would know that the paralysis is created because PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF BEING CALLED RACIST. If you criticise the One, His Highness King Barack, Chris Matthews as well as any and every leftist media hack is going to call you racist. POTUS is untouchable and the opposition is paralysed because the occupant of the White House is not allowed to be criticised because he is black. Check that, he’s a leftist black. Conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas, Alan West, etc. – they are fair game. Leftists ignore truth. Americans despise POTUS because of his policies and the destructive impact his policies have on America and the American people. They despise POTUS because of his arrogance and elitism, his totalitarian mindset and his rank incompetence. RUSH is, as always, RIGHT. Deal with it.

  46. It is amusing to see all the negative comments about Rush, by people that have never listened to him longer than an out of context blurb. His point is that the Left is using Obama’s race as a political bludgeon against the republicans. He is absolutely right, and that is why this convoluted hit piece, makes so much sense to the followers of this site. Most everyone on here believes the republicans are racist. In fact, most everyone here feel that anyone opposing Obama policies is racist. (Since he is so smart, and because we support his policies, we are smart, and anyone that doesn’t support his policies is either stupid or racist.)Can’t win the argument on it’s merits, so you resort to name calling.

  47. Terri Collier-“So I will say maybe not all Republicans/TP are racist, but all racist are Republican/TP.”

    Don’t guess it ever occurred to you that that statement is more racist than anything Rush has said. Since you are probably public school educated, I won’t blame it all on you, however stereotyping is bigotry. Stereotyping based on race is racism.

  48. Free elections yes, but, if the result has not the skin color which I, selfish and arrogant GOP expect, I react like a child who got a refusal from his parents: destroying the toy named USA.

  49. Hmm, some “excuse”, huh? I feel sorry for the Republicans because the Party has allowed the likes of Rush, Glenn, the Tea Party folks and others sabatage them. Take them over to the point of actually fragmenting the Party into ruins. The ironis thing is, it may take some halp from the Democrats to get the Republicans back on track, but the Republicans will have to “open their ears” and listen to their counterparts. One of the first things they (Republicans) need to do is get rid of as much of that “dead weight” they have up there in Washington, DC in the form of Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel and (sad to say), John Boehner and some of those other Tea Party “crazies” as possible. This will be a starting point to getting back on track. John Boehner may be alright, but he has got to stop letting people from the Tea Party dictate his job to him.

  50. In order to cite Rush Limbaugh as a legitimate source of any kind of information, you need to first be as out of touch as he is. He’s got things turned around 180 degrees from reality in his head. Let me explain:

    Limbaugh stopped following politics sometime during the Bush presidency, even if he does still talk about it for hours every day. In Limbaugh’s world, there is no gridlock, nor is gridlock a bad thing. He thinks the Democrats are getting nothing but their way and Republicans are sitting on their hands because they are scared of a black president.

    In addition, he holds Republicans responsible for everything that the Democrats do manage to accomplish, little as it is. His schtick is basically, “Here’s what that terrible Obama did and here’s why it’s Boehner’s fault.” In other words, Limbaugh is the Democrats’ best ally these days. You should be nicer to him.

  51. Thank you for your affirmative praise om black culture but the current rate for black children born to unwed mothers is 72% and how high do you think it would go if the incarceration rate for blacks was lowered to the white rate behind bars?

  52. It appeared what Limbaugh was implying was that any criticism of Obama regardless of what it was about would be misconstrued as racism and that many will say nothing because of the risk of being tagged a racist. The fact that he was stating the paralysis will get better if Hillary gets elected is a bigger issue to me because it implies people don’t care as much about offending women.

  53. Did any of you actually read what Limbaugh said? What he said was that conservatives are afraid to disagree with the president, or to come out too harshly against his policies because they are terrified of the racist label that will undoubtedly be cast upon them. He DID NOT say republicans won’t work with a black man… I wish people would actually read and use their God given gray matter so it actually has a job besides keeping their ears from touching.

  54. Lets see…. Obama can change laws with the stroke of a pen, bypassing congress.. Which he has done several times on ACA alone.

    Tell me again how Congress (rep or dem) are paralyzing politics/USA again?


  55. “conservatives are afraid to disagree with the president,”

    I would be guessing you have missed all the names he gets called and all the accusations conservatives have made against the president. It appears you simply follow what you are told to think

  56. There is no excuse for not doing your job! the GOP is so transparent. they use the racial code words. The GOP are full grown men, why are they so afraid? What are they afraid of. treat the president like any other president, not this critical collective madness we have seen the last 51/2 years. When the president leads, they say there is no leadership, When he leads more aggressively, they call him a “tyrant” and a “dictator”, “Komandant” Hitler” (whom the Tea Party worships along with Ayn Rand)”Stalin”

    This president not only majored and has a degree in Constitutional law, he taught it at Harvard! he knows more about the constitution than most of the people who site and quote the constitution on the right. it’s so sad to see the GOP crumbling under the weight of their own silliness.

  57. there is a time for every race.the white as you so called yourselves you have gotten your time,the asians are booming now .the time for the africans will also come and trust them,they will be the greatest in everything that will ever exist.

  58. I am sorry you believe that crap. Pres.LBJ was forced to sign the bill to give Blacks rights by a republican congress and it was a Republican pres, Lincoln that signed and enforced the Emancipation proclamation. He had a bunch of Democrats try to stand in his way. The Republicans are more even minded and fair. I am sorry you are so corrupted by the Dems

  59. I suppose thats one spin on the story. Except that Kennedy started the equal rights and LBJ finished it.

    But I love hearing good storys

    Your republicans of Lincolns time are not the republicans of today. They were not the bigoted republicans you have elected. Going back to Lincolns time has nothing to do with today and the hate you and your party produce

  60. And all this time I thought is was because they didn’t like that President Obama was a Harvard Law Professor

  61. The ignorance of your support for Rush is astounding. You are a clear example of the people that Rush is making a fool of.

    Remember the pres cant do much of anything without the Senate and the House. Things would get done period if we were to abolish the tea thugs

  62. And you know what he meant how? Were you inside his head or mouth when he said it? The man is mentally deranged.

  63. Yes, Obama’s goals are utterly destructive. He’s burning America to the ground and scattering the ash. We aren’t going to help the arsonist.

  64. The problem with listening to his show is you think everything he says is right. Why not take some time and back away from Rush and you will find out exactly what he is saying. There is very little a president can do about the income inequality on his own. Lets face it, Obama is a president without a congress. And in a country where corporations have ruled for 50 years

  65. Nope, the tea bags are not fighting for fiscal responsibility. They are fighting for religious laws, for shutting the country down and the last thing you could ever say about them is “honor, protect and follow the rules of the Constitution”. That is completely silly. Dont ewven try and tell anyone the tea bags are attempting to follow the constitution. That would be a very hard one to get anyone to beleive.

    Any rates raised for people are the healthcare corporations gouging people while they can. They had since 2010 to upgrade their poplicys and did not do it. No ones rates had to go up because of Obamacare. You have a poor memory. When the bags shut down the givenrment the ONLY negotiation they would accept was to repeal it. It is not a train wreck and you lose any credibility saying it is. Its because you listen to lying news sources. Step in to the year 2014

    Remember the big Bush tax breaks? Did it without one democratic vote and thats for the most part why we are in debt.

  66. Again, its not Obamacare that raises the rates. Its your beloved corporations like BCBS. Lets see your data on the majority of them getting raised rates

    The president told no lies. But he was stabbed in the back

    Thanks for the personal attack.

  67. Susan,

    You should pick up a history book. When Lincoln free’d the Slave’s The Republican’s we’re the Democrats he was more liberal than most Democrats today. People like you need to read a book once in a while insted of watching Faux news.

  68. @Shiva, please re-read your history books. The Kennedy’s were against the civil rights movement. It took Martin Luther King Sr to guarantee him 10M votes to get MLK Jr out of jail, which was the beginning of the movement. By the way, MLK Sr had been a life long Republican.

  69. I dont need to read anything. I know Kennedy started it and Johnson finished it. I will wait for your proof about the 10 million votes. We both know thats BS

    Kennedy voted against the Eisenhower civil rights bill. When he ran for president he stated he was for the civil rights movement.

    King being a republican means nothing.

  70. Where do you come up with this BS?

    Indeed the Tea Party, not your flame-throwing name calling, believe in fiscal responsibility – a quaint concept unknown to radical Liberals. Why do you think the Obama administration and his news media are smearing them? Big Govt. statists and their Wall Street buds manipulate people just like you, that’s why.

    Healthcare companies created Obamacare? Ridiculous. My premiums tripled and co-pay tripled too. Obama lied, REPEATEDLY, knowing full well what would happen. It should be repealed, period.

  71. Thats not Obamacare. thats your beloved insurance companys gouging you while they can. Talk to them

    Possibly you have not seen what the tea thugs in congress are doing. It has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility. Maybe you should take a step back and ask why they tried to crash the world government. Maybe you should ask why they cant stop lying

  72. NO Rush, the reason Rep. are fighting Obama is NOT because he is Black, they are fighting him because of his sociolist agenda, PERIOD! They are fighting him because he is tearing this country down…

  73. The idiocy of conservative EvangeliBaggers never ceases to amaze me – throwing out Dixiecrat BS like nobody knows the truth – GROW UP, Bagger.

  74. President Obama is to the right of Richard Nixon – imbeciles do not know the definition of any “ism” they toss about so freely and remain DEFIANTLY IGNORANT of truth.

  75. The republican party is not the same Northern republicans of the Lincoln Era. They’ve become the confederate party of cloaked oppression.

    I’m shocked he said the Democrats planned for the Republican congress to refuse to work with a black man and are using it to the maximum …. um OK I suppose it might have been predictable but who’d really have guessed these people would be so VILE?

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