Jon Stewart Belittles Author Who Advises Young Women To Focus Solely On Finding A Man

Jon Stewart


On Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart and correspondent Kristen Schaal laid into the so-called ‘Princeton Mom’ Susan Patton. Patton is the author of the book Marry Smart, where she advises young women to invest all of their time in finding a husband. She also suggests that women do everything possible to secure a compatible and successful partner before graduating from college.  Patton has been making the rounds lately on various news programs promoting the book and discussing numerous subjects related to women’s rights.

Prior to ripping into Patton and her ideas, Stewart started the show by letting the audience know that March is Women’s History Month. To commemorate the month, President Obama appeared on C-SPAN and stated that women still make far less than men on average in the workplace, and that he was still committed to righting that wrong. After playing the Obama clip, Stewart did a pretty funny impression of the President admitting that Congress won’t do anything about it and that he really, really hates them.

The host moved on to Patton, focusing on her recent media blitz where she’s discussed the advise she is imparting on young women in today’s society. Through a variety of clips, Patton was seen making a number of statements that would seem more at place in the 19th century. Basically, career advancement and bettering oneself should take a backseat to finding a perfect mate and procreating. If a woman has graduated college and has yet to find a successful man to settle down with, then all hope is lost.


To reiterate how awful Patton’s views are and the fact that she has been given a platform to spew them, Stewart brought Kristen Schaal on. Schaal played along with Patton’s idea that if a woman gets past her early 20s without finding her perfect mate, then chances are slight that a woman will find real happiness. She admitted that she waited until her early 30s to get married, and had to ‘settle’ for a comedy writer. Obviously, she would have done much better if she would have used those college years to find a real winner.

Schaal got in an awesome dig at Patton, and anyone else dispensing advice without any real research or credentials, when she said that ‘these are facts based on opinion.’ The bit really took an inspired turn when, after realizing that it was worthless trying to save thirty-somethings with Patton’s life-altering advice, Schaal decided that pre-schoolers were the best audience. Convince them while they’re young, just like Patton suggests!

Considering the recent attempts by conservatives to try to roll back women’s rights and shame feminists, it was refreshing to see Stewart devote his first segment on Thursday to debunking and ridiculing this woman who has received far too much positive attention from the media. Her so-called advice to women is to devote themselves to a breadwinning husband early on. The only thing a woman should strive for is to be a wife and mother, nothing more. A young woman should only be focused on making herself as physically attractive as possible in order to land the highest caliber partner.

Marry Smart is nothing more than a guide on how to ensure that women see themselves as permanently subservient to men. In Patton’s mind, it is a man’s world and women are just here to serve. The best thing that a woman can hope for is to get a man with an Ivy League education and a well-connected family. Finding true happiness and fulfillment on one’s own should rank far behind being arm candy at cocktail parties and telling the other wives what firm your husband works for.

A huge thanks to The Daily Show for placing a huge spotlight on this woman’s absurdity.


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  1. I was just talking to my oldest daughter about this topic yesterday. I explained that my goal is to see her entirely self-sufficient, educated and with a career, so that she is able to support herself without being in a relationship. If she has a spouse/partner and she’s happy, that’s great, but she needs to be able to stand on her own two feet in case it doesn’t last for “forever”. Also, she is her own person.. You cannot let others define you. It sickens me that this author is preaching “hook a man quick so you have self worth!”

    In life, the only person you can depend on 100% is yourself. Prepare your children for life by exposing them to the real world and instilling in them a healthy dose of self.

  2. Dear SunnyDay22, To date myself…”Right On! Right On, Right On!

    Also, your comments go for young men, too! I taught my son to cook, clean the house & wash clothes, so he can be self-sufficient.

  3. This kind of advice is at least fifty-five years out of date. Furthermore, so is her view of the economy: there are damned few “breadwinning husbands” these days who can support a house, a family, and two cars on just their salaries. And I wonder how her husband feels about being publicly “settled for”.

  4. You’re absolutely correct, Critter. :D It is advice for sons too. I was focused on my girls and should have made it more expansive. And good on you for teaching your son how to be a functional adult. I’m always pleased to hear from parents who see the coddling of children as detrimental to their growth. How is your 18 supposed to know how to do their laundry if Moms always taken care of it? How are they supposed to know how to feed themselves if never showed how to cook? Hell, how are they going to know how to decide who to vote for if you don’t teach them to research and think critically and independently?

    Sheltering kids from everything leaves them prepared for nothing.

  5. The best part of the bit was showing all those wonderful “catches” that young co-eds could have as potential life-long spouses;(is the word co-ed even used any longer?) “Party boys” on spring break! What could possibly go wrong by snagging one of these 3rd generation “Animal House” wanna bee’s? An awesome C- kinda guy who has POTUS potential!

    Real turn on, ladies…

    So, when graduation arrives after 4 years of college, the next step is the engagement to one of these fabulous catches the co-ed “snared” on spring break? After that, the traditional marriage material morphs into one big “Bachelor Party 1-11-111”? Then, topping all that, the “awesome” reality for these “Marry Smart co-eds: is, a spouse who lands a employment within confines of a “Wolves of Wall St” or “American Hustle” scenario?

    Too depressing to fathom coed women who are THAT stupid, vapid, and desperate that they would choose a dead-end lifeless future based up the women in pearls can sell her stupidity?

  6. Sadly today’s man with the brilliant education isnt finding jobs any more.

    This woman is saying women have no careers or choices. Turn into a sex machine to get married.

    I think the author missed a couple centurys of time

  7. I became a step-father about 25 years ago. I had never wanted children but she stole my heart. She was 2 when I came into her life. Her real father was non existent so I felt I owed her at least that much. Growing up I always challenged her to be her best. She asked me once in her teens why I treated her so good. I told her so that when you’re grown if a man don’t treat you at least as good as I do then you need to move along. I wanted her to have the confidence to stand on her own.

    She is now a college graduate, will have her Masters this year. She is a beautiful, strong, intelligent, and self sufficient person. She is by far the best thing I have ever contributed to in my life. The man who gets her will be getting the best end of the deal. She lives across the country now, we email and talk on the phone. I understand she is a star on the rise. Still every email or conversation ends with, “I love you dad.”, and that’s good enough for me.

  8. Phil, she is a very lucky girl to have you in her life. Things could have gone so wrong for her if she’d been exposed to Patton’s Neanderthal beliefs early in life, and she may never have gotten out of that trap. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to because you were there to help her become the independent woman she is today. Kudos!

  9. this woman should have hooked a man at a younger age…because her face is the most hideous thing I’ve seen all day. I don’t pray, but I’m going to pray for her husband and hope the lightswitches are working while they have sex. If they have sex. You couldn’t pay my dick to rise in the presence of that hog…..

  10. SO after “the best thing that a woman can hope for is to get a man with an Ivy League education and a well-connected family” doesn’t work out, and the now aging (and per-Patton, less desirous) woman is left with kids and no options, I sure hope there’s a follow-up by Ms Patton on “The best way to take every penny he’s ever gonna earn – the bastard” to tell them what to do next.

  11. Not only is it ok for a woman to not get married, it’s ok not to have children also.
    What is it with RW nutjobs and their obsession with what women do with their lives?

  12. Ann Romney is a Stepford wife. I used to watch her in the background while he made those ridiculous gaffes and she would be standing there smiling and clapping like she had a battery in her.

  13. Phil, I wish more men would realize, it is ‘The Father’ who makes a daughter strong. Girls having a weak connection with their Dad’s always are looking for approval from the boys.

    Hug and touch your Daughters, tell them they’re smart and beautiful. Give them confidence!

  14. I noticed in the clip her hairstyle was from the early 60’s. That is about the era of her thinking..if not earlier. I was gobsmacked by how clueless this woman’s thinking is. Why would Anybody give her a venue to spout this BS? June Cleaver is probably her role model.Unbelievable.

  15. Ms. Patton has obviously bought into the dangerous, antiquated idea that a woman’s worth is based on whether or not she’s married and has children. When I read about women of the 19th century and earlier, I am always struck by how women desperately seeking husbands were labeled as man-traps among other things for trying to seek the only measure of security that they were permitted in those times. It’s a certainty that she’s not living in the 21st century, in which most nuclear families require 2 breadwinners just to survive. It’s also clear that she regards any woman’s education as a means to the end which is snagging a husband, which means she views the education as secondary. There have always been women who didn’t make suitable wives or mothers, but in the past were square pegs forced into round holes. That brought happiness to no one involved. If she’s happy in her current circumstances, more power to her. However, she is doing young women a disservice.

  16. Wish a father like Phill had been in my life. I on the other hand had a father who walked away and never looked back. Borrowed the money to go to Lab school and graduated simply to show him I, could do this without him. He never said he was sorry nor did he ever say he was proud of me. I finished because, I would not let him bring me down..just plain stubborn I guess.
    Double kudos to this Father. phil.

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