Right Wingers Are Trying to Get Stephen Colbert Thrown Off Of Comedy Central


A group of right wingers have dreamed up some allegations of racism against Stephen Colbert, and are demanding that his Comedy Central show be canceled.


Colbert was using humor to show how Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is trying to buy off Native Americans who are trying to get the team to change their name by creating a foundation. Colbert used his character Ching-Chong Ding-Dong to lampoon the racism and behavior that the right use so often.

Of course, the right responded by doing what it does best. They took everything out of context, and demanded that The Colbert Report be canceled.

The forces of evil which are trying to destroy an outstanding real American like Stephen Colbert are being led by outrage troll Michele Malkin.

Malkin tweeted:

#CancelColbert - I agree! Just saw @ColbertReport tweet. I share your rage. Who is that, though? I'm @StephenAtHome http://t.co/e0Pqz7U7i9

— Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) March 28, 2014

The right is trying their standard outrage technique (remove all context, get outraged, and demand action) that they have used to smear President Obama for years, but this time they are suffering ridiculously disastrous results.

Colbert and Comedy Central are handling this perfectly. By taking their faux outrage seriously, one gives credibility to Malkin and the right's position. Those of us who don't reside in Rightwingnutistan understand that you are still upset that your beloved homophobes on Duck Dynasty have their ratings crash and burn. We know that you are still mad about Rush Limbaugh losing millions to highly successful boycott and that your support Chick-Fil-A campaign sputtered out after a couple of days.

The reason why Republicans keep losing elections is the same reason why they can't run a successful boycott of anything. The majority of America doesn't support them, when the right goes off on one of their nutter jihads, the rest of the country points and laughs.

Stephen Colbert was mocking the right for the very thing that they are currently accusing him of. The cancel Colbert movement is yet another deranged attempt by the right to paint liberals and Democrats as racists.


62 Replies to “Right Wingers Are Trying to Get Stephen Colbert Thrown Off Of Comedy Central”

  1. Open note to “Michelle Maladjusted”: We progressives are sick of Conservatives cloaking themselves as champions of the underclass.

    Go back to your hole, you hideous little gnat.

  2. Yeah Michelle Mouthin I’m getting tired of Conservatives like you who ARE racist trying to hide behind your religion and blaming your ignorance on Liberals who are clearly more intelligent and HUMAN than you. This woman is one of the most toxic people ever to draw breath.

  3. Michelle doesn’t know I yet but she just f*^%ed up big time! Stephen will eat this bitch for lunch..and supper…with a midnight gnash left over.

  4. When he gets done with her she will get trashed by Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. Not one of those nutjobs should utter a word about racism.

  5. Exactly! They’re used to launching their stupid attacks on people who can’t defend themselves or who don’t have a public forum to do so. Malmin will be reduced to a puddle by the time Colbert and Stewart are finished with this band of socially retarded Jackals.

  6. True story about last week on Sunday. I went to laundromat which happens to have TV. I was minding my own business on phone, playing game.. A guy came to me and asked if it’s okay for him to change the channel, I nodded sure. He happens to be a Fox News fan. (Saw him again yesterday, he watched the same sh*t) when Fox News went into commercial break, an old man came in, doing his business with his laundry, when Fox News came back on and blaring the Crimea-Benghazi equation, he nodded “No, no, no, no”, walked up to the tv and changed the channel to Comedy Central which happens to have Stephen Colbert show on. I tried so hard to not laugh hysterically, that foxer literally walked out of the building right away.

  7. As we type I’ll warrant the writers for Stephen and Jon are working their magic. Of the comedians dish I eat the air promise crammed!…

  8. just come out in public michelle,spout your spewinto the face of real americans,bring the rest of your race bating,hate mongering friends from fox,hell bring em all,we just need one of the Colbert’s that should be a fair fight.

  9. The GOP have already killed all Liberal Talk Radio, now they’re going for TV!
    Just heard Hannity on Radio say…Remove Stephen Colbert!

  10. HA!
    They are ‘outraged’ at Mr. Cobert’s racism!?!
    THEY & THEY ALONE are allowed to make racist
    I guess they’re scared he may be stealing
    their thunder?
    Did Malkin & Hannity break up?
    She used to be a regular guest but
    no more.
    Just wondering if the romance has fizzled?

  11. michelle malkin, ENOUGH SAID! miss anchor baby favorite pass time is being the philippines version of sarah “THE DILF” palin, see conservatism pays like a mother!! being the biggest obnoxious idiot in the GOP has major financial rewards, michelle is just another BRAINLESS TOKEN making money from MASSA, nothing more nothing less!

  12. Good luck with trying to get Colbert’s show removed – it’ll never happen, and all of this brouhaha will, as iterated above just give Stephen and his comedic cohorts more ammunition for their shows – I bet their ratings even go up, and SNL will probably pick up on it, too. Ever since the Bush II presidency, comedy writers have really been on easy street as far as coming up with material, all they have to do is play back the ignorance spewing from these “morans”.

  13. You left out a few:

    Jan Brewer
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Virginia Fox
    Jan Schakowsky
    Martha Blackburn

    Just because they’re not young enough to ovulate or because they need a hair-piece is no reason to exclude them from the clueless gallery…..

  14. It’s called a ‘sense of humor’ Colbert poked fun at it and it was pretty funny.

    No need to get mad over it. Not like anyone on the right has better things to do then get mad over someone who is poking fun at the absurdity of it.

  15. and these idiots with the cancel colbert group pay no attention.

    Colbert actually posted in response, the account on twitter that posted the “racist” remarks is not even his account.

    Even if it was his, they would have a tough time getting the show cancelled, he makes jokes like what was posted(by another person completely) all the time on his show.

  16. My,my,my said the spider to the fly. The R’s have fallen right int Colberts trap. The door is wide open now for all the progressive shows to start pointing out the constant racism coming from republican blowhards. It’s too bad our side is so lax in the midterms. Seems we need to be beaten down to get motivated. Change will come but it probably won’t be until 2016.

  17. Hammerhead – Might I ask why you include Schakowsky on this list? I thought she was a sort of progressive Dem? Just askin! Thanks!

  18. You’re right, Hammerhead, but those were the only photos that were available together. For that matter, there’s not enough space available to include the rest along with the clueless men of that ilk.

  19. Hannity should shut up or put up! I’m still waiting for him to be waterboarded to prove that it’s not torture.

    Michelle Malkin can drop the phony umbrage bit. She doesn’t care about the plight of Asians or any other minority group. She just wants to get her name out there so she can still believe that she is relevant; and what better way than try to go after Stephen Colbert?! Good luck, Michelle, you’re going to need it.

  20. I’m so sick of republicans my head hurts!! the GOP is just one lie built on top of another LIE!! it’s all projection with the GOP!! when they point that OLD- CRUSTY- WRINKLED UP- LILY WHITE FINGER trying to demonize something, you can bet it’s those same GNARLY fingers pointing right back at themselves! heres the deal GOP!! pull Corbert & Stewart, and Maher, you pull limbaugh and bill o’reilly and sean klannity! DEAL? BTW Maher, Corbert, and Stewart aren’t racist but I’ll trade ya ANYWAY

  21. Christian evangelical hogwash shouldn’t even be reported. There is nothing news worthy about them. They are disgusting not comical.

  22. What part of COMEDY Central do they not understand? At least it doesn’t attempt to present itself as a news show.
    I suspect they are still steamed that more young people get their information about politics and current events from Colbert and Stewart than any other source.

  23. Can’t wait for conservatives to state they hate PC and champion freedom of speech….

    Oh…what…freedom of speech is reserved to conservatives’ bs? Damn…

  24. This is NOTHING but a conservative attempt to get back at Democrats for hammering on Ryan for his lazy inner city comments…

  25. Nobody’s going anywhere, just because the right-wing is whining for it. Those in this outrage are just in need of another diaper change.

    They’re loud, insecure, highly sensitive, histrionic and increasingly irrelevant.

    Deal with it.

  26. While you are all rushing to defend Cobert you clearly didn’t bother to look into the issue. Suey Park is no right wing operative.She is a liberal feminist did it occur to any of you that Malkin agreed with her not because of right wing hatred but because she is also Asian and tired of racism.
    I am sure she has no love for Colbert but the usual line would be them celebrating the left attacking itself not Malkin agreeing on twitter.
    Here’s what Suey had to say about the hashtag cancelcolbet http://time.com/42174/we-want-to-cancelcolbert/

  27. I thought the loons on theblaze were bad, glad to see equivalent left side.

    One tweet by MM means the GOP/Conservatives are behind CancelColbert?

    This is just MM being opportunistic. Please leave the right out of this obvious blue on blue crime. We are just sitting back watching the show and eating popcorn.

    Oh, and I stand with Colbert. Watched his show from day #1 and have always liked him.

  28. So the dems posing as cons are trying to get rid of colbert?
    You are incapable of reading the names on the tweets?

    Yes, that’s why you are cons. Illiterate

  29. It is strange your views . Your parents were given the chance for a better life here in the USA . Now it seems you are trying to deny others of that same chance with your ignorant views and freedom of speech

  30. If a Republican politician was indicted on gun running charges, that’s all you would be hearing, and reading about in the media, and on this blog.

    If a notable anti gun Democrat politician gets indicted for gun running, and possible ties to Islamic militants…….. not so much eh?

  31. These call themselves conservatives?

    They’re not conservatives by any definition. These are AUTHORITARIANS … DO IT MY WAY.

    They’re bent on destroying our secular nation. They forget or are too dense to realize, that we are a secular nation. If not, they would never be allowed to spit out one word of their crap, lies … but be silenced on the spot!

  32. Stephen was being obnoxious, if not racially insensitive, but …. If Stephen Colbert is going to be thrown off Comedy Central Rush Limbaugh and most of the other talk radio hosts and all of the people on Faux Noise should also be thrown off the air.

  33. My bet is that Malkin was so “incensed” that the Colberts were invited to the State Dinner for French President Hollande AND got to sit at the President’s table, that this is why she’s making such a freaking fuss. She thinks this gives her more cred in the GOPTP, and also makes a dent in Colbert’s reputation. But she just doesn’t understand Stephen’s audience — all of whom, by merely watching the show — absolutely loathe the GOP!
    Boy, have the cons screwed themselves big-time with this — and The Colbert Report will find an incredibly clever way of making mincemeat of Malkin and all her ilk! It is to laugh!

  34. Do you not understand Stephen’s persona on The Colbert Report? He, as a supposed Republican/conservative, intends to come off as obnoxious. That’s his whole schtick, for pete’s sake!

  35. Yeah, his on air persona is a comedy act. A very left leaning comedy act.

    He is entertaining though, and I thought the whole “ching chong” bit was pretty funny.

  36. I’m so sick of the faux outrage. Only people who have never watched Colbert for more than a sound bite or on occasional show, don’t get what his show is about. If you do know what it is about, you’d get the satire of the entire bit that these pundits and others are so horrifyingly upset about. Meanwhile, conservatives repeatedly spout racist and sexist talk daily on FOX and elsewhere. So hypocrisy much you guys? Everyone put your big girl and boy pants on and grow up.

  37. Opps, my bad – got the wrong name. The correct name is Susanne Atanus. Thanks for pointing that out, I wouldn’t want to dis the wrong person (re: the hair-piece crack).

  38. Michele, herself an anchor baby, should go back to her parents home land and take a really good look around at how the things she espouses work out. The poverty there is endemic and the ruling classes are not about to allow too much change.

  39. Right wing Republicans are desperately trying their best to discredit any progressive liberal in order to distract from Americans from real issues that matter, especially those issues that Republicans refuse to act on including Immigration reform, expanding medicaid for the nation’s poorest Americans and creating training programs to ready our children to contend with ever increasing technologies. For the record, I love Stephen Colbert. He knows exactly expose the ridiculousness of so many Republicans with their antiquated and fiercely ignorant views of rape and other social issues.

  40. Why are your defending this? Every trick in the minimizing racism book is in this defense.

    1) It wasn’t just a tweet. He made fun of Asians on his show, supposedly in defense of Native Americans, which is pitting one minority against another as if Asians and Asian Americans don’t suffer from the effects of racism. Asians suffer more bullying on college campuses than any other demographic at 58%.

    2) Asians and Asian Americans have been active in an effort to influence televisions producers to stop using Asian stereotypes as a “joke”. The yellow-face episode of “How I Met Your Mother” caused a backlash in the Asian community. The producers listened, apologized, and said that they’d work at not offending the community.

    3) White Americans have no business telling any minority what should and should not be offensive to them.

    4) Steven Colbert is a white man. He doesn’t get to be a “victim” of racism or “political correctness” while doubling down on the insult.


  41. It is SARCASM; right wing idiots. Colbert is an expert at ridicule and embarrassment. Colbert is a comedian on a comedy network??? Don Rickles made a career in comedy with ridicule. You have to be very naïve not to perceive this in Colbert’s shows. So what’s the real issue?

    His only criticism from the right could be that he is way to intelligent, creative, witty, and informed to be understood by any GOP media pundit, politician, or Teabag. He is a debate genius that can destroy Limbaugh, Hannity, or ANYONE with his wit. The best thing FOX and the GOP could do is let him alone because there is no one on cable TV or in politics that can equal his intellect. Sorry, better find someone easier to pick on, try John Stewart!!

  42. i don’t know a single right winger who doesn’t love colbert. Every article written by this guy is false, biased and extremely judgmental. How can a liberal be so judgmental, doesn’t that go what liberal stands for?

    republicans and democrats are all the same anyway, they work together and make NO changes towards what they stand for. the only way to save our country is to vote in someone like ron paul or jesse ventura who even the daily show refuses to have on because they can’t compete with jesse in a debate.

  43. LOL, you are good with cliches. Ron Paul? The one who wants all corporations to have no regualtions but you have the right to sue them if they pollute you? Ever sue a corporation? Ron paul was against you every day of the week. Jesse whoile I love the guy, chases fairy tales

    Colbert is not a conservative.

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