Republicans Quietly Make an Important Fix To Obamacare That Democrats Wanted



While they publicly scream for the law’s repeal, House Republicans have made another quiet fix to the ACA that Democrats wanted.

The AP reported:

At the prodding of business organizations, House Republicans quietly secured a recent change in President Barack Obama’s health law to expand coverage choices, a striking, one-of-a-kind departure from dozens of high-decibel attempts to repeal or dismember it.

Democrats describe the change involving small-business coverage options as a straightforward improvement of the type they are eager to make, and Obama signed it into law. Republicans are loath to agree, given the strong sentiment among the rank and file that the only fix the law deserves is a burial.


No member of the House GOP leadership has publicly hailed the fix, which was tucked, at Republicans’ request, into legislation preventing a cut in payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.


Reps. John Boehner (R-OH) and Eric Cantor (R-VA) did such a good job of hiding the fix in the bill that many House Republicans might have had no idea that they were voting on this Obamacare fix. Last month, House Republican leaders introduced three fixes to the ACA while their party was distracted by CPAC.

It is obvious that House Republican leaders intend to fix the unintended consequences of the law, as they simultaneously campaign on destroying Obamacare. Republican voters are being lied to by their own leaders. The Republican led House seems to have no intention of getting rid of the ACA. If they were serious about getting rid of it, why would they pass improvements?

House Republicans have a political interest in keeping the ACA on the books. If Republicans repealed the law, they couldn’t campaign against it anymore. Republicans believe that Obamacare is one of the few issues that will get their voters to the polls, so their actions will continue to not match their words.

There is no bigger sign of totality of the GOP defeat on the ACA than these quiet fixes that House Republican leaders continue to pass.


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  1. Just more of the repugnant party talking out of both sides of their mouths. I actually think they teach a class on it for the up and coming members of their party.

    The moderate repugnants and the veteran members of their party are trying to quietly usurp control over the far right idiots. I am glad they’re having their own little civil war among themselves. Divide and conquer.

    I have often wondered, no matter which party, how many of them knew and understood what they were voting on. Or even bothered to read what was in front of them. I was watching CSPAN one day and a bill came up for a vote, not quite sure what it was now, but it was 1,200+ pages and they mentioned they had just received it a day or two before. They took the vote and whatever it was went along party lines and failed. Who reads 1,200+ pages in a day or two I thought to myself.

  2. The gop may think the ACA will get their voters to the polls, but that says little about Americans if its true. So far the gop has its loyal crumbs voting for everything that Americans should be against

    But were I the Dems, I would keep this quiet too. They need the support

  3. i watched a video from Jimmy Kimmell and it frightened me because when he interviewed random people on the streets many of them opposed Obamacare but liked the Affordable Care Act…..these shows that there are a lot of misinformed people in the country that still believe the GOP talking points and would never leave Fox alone.

  4. I can hear it now, from the rethugs at election time. We saved (THE AFFODABLE CARE ACT!!) People will believe it too.
    Liars. all of them.
    Unless the Dem’s get the info out, the rethugs will win this one.

  5. The only reason they did anything at all is to save face since this is an election year. I call it “hedging their bets” because on one hand, they’ve been campaigning on abolishing the ACA and now they’ve done something undercover to improve it. That tells me that whether they continue to campaign against the ACA or start campaigning for it, they want to have talking points to support either position. I am not in the least bit impressed, because it smacks of expediency in attempting to get elected, rather than being based on any sound principle.

  6. Actually this is leadership, albeit in a direction that does not equate with the publics interest but the parties. Disgusting, yes,… unusual, no!
    Parties are where people get drunk. Political parties, they get drunk on power.
    Phil is right. If you think the public is poorly informed, look at the elected representatives.

  7. Can you please list the bill numbers? This type of reporting is very sloppy and can lead one to believe that it is incorrect or untrue.

  8. @cathy, you want your country back? REALLY? you mean the country that gave you WOMAN SUFFRAGE of the 19th to mid 20th century?? or maybe the country of jim crow laws of 1867 to 1965, RIGHT? @cathy, the 1940’s are gone! get out the kitchen and buy yourself a cigarette!! Everyone knows exactly what @cathy is whining about! she’s a little upset that america elected, elected, dare I say it???!! a BLACK MAN!!! clutch the pearls @cathy!!

  9. The Republican party needs this law, while they secretly apply fixes to the ACA, they try and repeal it to stir up their base, the only thing is, their base wants health care reform also, but the GOP doesn’t have any ideas.

  10. Republican Party has no ideas on healthcare? WHAT!
    Go back to when the Dims chose from 12,000 pages to produce the ObamaKare disaster at the last moment when they lost their SuoerMajority in the Congress and used the nuclear budget option to pass their greatest dream. Well the GOP had 4,000 pages of reforms on the table that the bipartisan Dims refused to use even one page.

    To begin with one option was to allow all 47 million uninsured to choose plans from the Congressional and federal worker marketplace, while covering a portion of the cost for thoose in need. Total projected cost for the program about $50 billion a year! Real choice for all!


  11. To begin with the Republicans never had a plan like you have described. In fact, they’ve never put forth any plan. They have said that it needs improving and Obama invited them to bring their ideas. They didn’t have any, it was all talk.
    Meanwhile back at English class and you are flunking. If you can’t spell simple words do you really think anyone is going to care what you say.
    As for using the nuclear option, that did not happen. The ACA was passed because a Blue Dog Democrat switched and voted for it. She had voted against single payer and that’s what we really need!

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