Republicans Accuse Women of Lying About Being Paid Less Than Men

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During the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention, to settle a debate on how slaves would be counted to determine a state’s total population for constitutional purposes, delegates from southern and northern states reached “The Three-Fifths Compromise” that counted one African slave as 3/5s (60%) worth of a white man. By those numbers, America’s women in 2014 should consider themselves extremely fortunate and regale in the fact that even though Republicans succeeded in keeping them counted as a little over 3/4s (77%) the worth of a man, at least they are worth 17% more than indentured slaves at America’s founding. Republicans will never regard women as worthy of being counted as equal to men, but of course equality is something Republicans oppose as a matter of course whether it is for gays, minorities, or women Republicans will not allow to decide their own reproductive health choices or earn the same pay as a man doing the same work.

As expected, Republicans maintained their record of perpetuating pay inequity based on gender when Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act to keep women earning 77 cents on every dollar a man earns for the same job. Although Republicans concealed their patriarchal biblical belief that women are second class citizens and in subjection to Republican men who deemed they will work for less pay than a man, the result is that women are at the mercy of Republicans adhering to their longstanding opposition to women as equal to men.

Recently President Obama signed two executive orders to narrow the wage gap between men and women to no avail.  One prohibits federal contractors from punishing workers who disseminate information about wages to prevent employers from concealing wage disparity favoring men, and he will direct the Labor Department to collect data from federal contractors detailing wages by gender; both directives are useless while pay inequality is still the law of the land. The President had urged Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act that Senate Republicans just blocked and it was as much a waste of breath as pleading with Republicans to raise the minimum wage; apparently he had to try.

What the preponderance of Republican assertions about equal pay for equal work really told American women was to stop lying because according to conservatives there is no pay inequality and women and equal pay advocates are liars for claiming otherwise.  Fox News insists there’s no such thing as pay inequity, and the Heritage Foundation said pay equity will hurt women working to support their families mired in poverty. Teabagger Jim DeMint’s organization claimed  ”Equal pay and minimum wage: Two ways to hurt women in the workplace.” Republicans continue the stunning assertion that paying American workers more will hurt them financially, and it is supposed to give them cover to oppose overtime pay, raising the minimum wage, and to block any attempt at gender equality in pay.  Texas Governor Rick Perry said the pay gap between men and women is “nonsense,” while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker called it “bogus.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called equality in pay “the left’s latest bizarre obsession” and accused Harry Reid of “blowing a few kisses to his powerful pals on the left.” McConnell thought he was being cute, but there is nothing cute about women earning 77 cents for every dollar as a man in the same job. However, McConnell is right about one thing, women are powerful and Mitch should fear that not all women suffer bible-inferiority complex or Stockholm Syndrome.

Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (TX) said, “This whole thing is a transparent political campaign. It isn’t actually about solving problems, because the law of the land is already paycheck equity.” Cornyn is as big a liar as he is a patriarchal advocate because he just helped Republicans block the bill that would have made paycheck equity the law of the land and he knows it. Kansas Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins claimed “Democrats’ push for pay equity between men and women is “condescending . . . Some folks don’t understand that women have become an extremely valuable part of the workforce today on their own merit, not because the government mandated it.” But according to Republicans they are not “extremely valuable” enough to deserve equal pay according to the second-class status bestowed on them by Republicans exercising freedom of religion to subject women to lower pay than men.

Pay inequity means women lose on average more than $400,000 in wages over the course of their working lives, and perpetuating lower pay for women serves the Republican crusade to drive more retirement age women into poverty. On average, women who retire at age 65 will realize 25% less in Social Security benefits than the average for a man, and it is the same regardless a woman has a private retirement account because their lifetime earnings are 23-25% less than a man at the current level of disparity. It will be much higher if Republicans eliminate the minimum wage, overtime pay, and successfully force salaried employees to work overtime for free; policies Republicans claim prevents poverty. It is important to remember that whether it is Republicans in Congress, conservative belief tanks, or the Koch brothers, they assert that if workers earn more they will be poorer, and millions of Republican supporters are convinced conservatives are right that more money to spend equals more poverty and rapid financial demise.

There are multiple studies by the American Association of University Women and many others showing the infamous “77 cents on the dollar” figure approximates the overall difference between men and women across all professions and all education levels; African-American and Latino women make 62% and 54% of a white man’s wages, respectively. Conservatives claim pay disparity is like comparing apples and oranges such as female teachers to male congressmen as if any Republican congressmen’s contribution to society is even a fraction of the worth any female teacher. However, that mindset is exactly what one expects from a patriarchal society still clinging to the bible thesis that women are less than a man and must subject themselves to a man’s will. Last week a Heritage Foundation panel said the “feminist movement” scammed women who are miserable getting paid for working when the only thing they really want is to get married, become birth machines, and spend their lives cleaning a man’s chamber pot. A recent poll found that unmarried women were unimpressed  with Heritage’s bovine excrement and were likely personally affronted by Republican plans to push women into marriages. Over two-thirds of single women placed greater emphasis on policies to help women and children rise out of poverty and stunningly 24% supported Republican policies to marry off women, but they are likely good Christian women suffering Stockholm Syndrome and support their captor’s devious machinations to keep them under foot and out of the workforce.

The real issue for Republicans is not pay disparity, forcing retired women into poverty, or perpetuating patriarchal preference for men; although those are all contributing factors to why Senate Republicans blocked pay equity and continue waging a war on women. The real issue is that Republicans hate women because they believe they are fated by god to be subservient according to scripture and that aspect cannot be overstated. It drives Republican and the religious right’s opposition to women working, why they demand to make reproductive health decisions for women, and why they viciously attack teacher unions that are predominately women while never broaching extremely costly law enforcement, correctional officers, or firefighter unions because they are male-dominated jobs. It is also a major reason Republicans adamantly opposed the Affordable Care Act because it prohibits the insurance industry from charging higher premiums for insurance policies for women. It is also why Republicans and the religious right target Planned Parenthood for elimination because besides providing health screenings for women, it assists them to plan when they start their families and takes the control away from religious right Republican men.

Republicans are consummate bigots, and they hate women as much as they hate gays, minorities, and the poor. Although they regard women as only three-quarters of a man’s worth, women’s votes still count every much as any man; including those who are incensed their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who are better educated and informed than men earn 25% less for the same job. That is the price women pay for living in a society controlled by patriarchal Republicans who adhere to the religious belief their male god gave them dominion over women, but it is a condition they can bring to a quick end if they exercise the true power and vote.


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  1. This is what we should have passed when we had both houses and the white house. Im sure it would have done more than the health care bill which is hurting me. Guess the repugs aren’t the sole owners of the stupid party label. That’s politics.
    Maybe we can ride this issue to winning the house back and hold onto the senate. Then its onto making sure we are all equal! Always hope!

  2. I firmly believe that the repugnant party is dropping the long lived charade of caring about women, minorities, gays, etc., is that they believe they are assured victory. After 2012 they had their “autopsy” and came out saying that they were going to be the party of inclusion. Since then they have only become more assaultive. Their disdain for women is obvious. Their views on minorities, gays, and the poor is apparent. This would seem to be political suicide. But what I think is since then they have gerrymandered districts and put in so many voter suppression laws that they are going to win regardless. They know their die hard repugnant voters will show up and coast them to victory.

    I personally think that this is going to produce the opposite effect. People of all classes are going to rise up and cast a vote. It would not surprise me at all to see them trying to shut down the polls if it is a heavy turnout. It would also not surprise me if you see people demanding a vote.

  3. This should bring the women out in force to vote, but for some strange reason some will either not vote at all or they will continue to vote against their own best interests, which is as good as telling those supposedly superior idiots that they are right and we do not deserve to be treated as equals. We all need to get out and vote them out of office.

  4. Well I’m VERY confident ALL my republican women will rally with the GOP’s claims about unequal pay (BECAUSE WE KNOW ALL REPUBLICAN WOMEN WORK 24/7) so this bogus article will be EXPOSED shortly!! you liberals go too far!! wait till these republican females march in here and straighten you TREE HUGGERS OUT!!! yeah, and ”Grits ain’t groceries, eggs aren’t poultry and Mona Lisa was a man.

  5. The more outrageous the lie, the more desperate and straining the liars are.

    The people who believe this lie are in deep denial. They won’t want to think that the people who rule over them have nothing but hatred and contempt for them, but this is exactly what is going on.

    The 22nd century people is going to look at this curiosity shop called the early 21st century as incredulously as we do the 1850’s.

    If America is still a country by then.

  6. TGOPs … LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! The worn-out tactic they use over and over and over again!

    Check out:

    Overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon …

  7. Where is the outrage about the rethug Women who voted against Women? Every single one of them voted this bill down..

  8. So the FACT that these are the same ambiguous numbers that have been thrown around since the 1970s doesn’t bother you or that real economists who examine relevant data find that the discrepancy once childrearing, experience,education and risk taking are accounted means that the differential is less than 5%. On a position for position and industry for industry anaylsis the only factor that remained wass child rearing and even that is disappearing as college educated women are postponing that into their 30s giving them a chance to “catch up” financially with their male peers although not so much under the economy of the last 20 years. Women are also more likely to be on welfare which also has an indirecct impact on their wages as these persons are more likely to have minimum wage jobs than jobs with actual wage growth. In short you libs, deliberately exclude relevante data and questionss showing your incapability to address the real social issues at hand and proving that you are inept.

  9. No better way to woo one the majority the American electorate & population than to blatantly call them liars and vote to continually minimize our economic value… Nov 2014 and onward #GOP is gone!

  10. First question: How did Dick Lugar, Olympia Snowe and Scott Brown vote against a bill that reached the Senate floor 13 months after they left office? Are you, perchance, referring to the Paycheck Fairness Act of 2009?

    If so, follow-up question: How did Scott Brown vote against a bill that reached the Senate floor seven months before he took his seat?

    Is it just possible you got, like, totally the wrong list of Senators in your little graphic, and that you should have spent an extra 25 seconds on research to make sure you had the right Senate?

  11. I agree with you and I am left leaning; the value is taken from a feminist study and is trotted about by feminists.

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