How Fox News Gave Cliven Bundy a National Forum to Incite Violence Against the Government

Richard Mack 2

In its most simple and accurate meaning, a patriot is someone who feels a strong support for their country. The definition of a patriot takes on a different meaning for the religious and extremist far right who share a dangerous belief that they are a law unto themselves and not beholden to the laws of this nation, particularly the U.S. Constitution they hold in the same contempt as they do the federal government. Last week’s tense standoff between agents of the Department of the Interior and armed militias summoned by Nevada Mormon Cliven Bundy was, by any measure, the near realization of a dream of right wing anarchists claiming to be patriots; the start of a revolution. They yearn to wage war and destroy the federal government, and the Constitution, to reshape America according to Koch brothers’ John Birch libertarianism that explains the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity encouraging and supporting the criminal Bundy.

Much has been written about Bundy’s belief that he is not beholden to the laws of the United States, why he hates America, and why conservative media and Fox News rushed to defend Bundy and encourage right wing militias, but there is a dearth of information about one of Bundy’s greatest supporters. Fox News not only gave criminal Bundy air time to spread his insane anarchist’s views about why the nation’s laws apply to everyone but him, but they also provided a national forum for a dangerous vigilante, former sheriff, board member of Oath Keepers militia, Mormon, and John Birch acolyte Richard Mack. Bundy likely got the idea to order the local sheriff to disarm and confiscate Park Service and federal agents’ firearms and deliver them directly to him from Richard Mack. In fact, on Fox News Bundy told Sean Hannity that “We’re standing, and we’re going to stand until all county sheriffs take the guns away from all those federal bureaucracies, and then we’ll start making America great one more time.”
Richard Mack is the man travelling the nation informing teabaggers, Oath Keepers militia, and John Birch groups the county sheriff is the ultimate arbiter of what is Constitutional as well as being the supreme law of the land. This bizarre idea that sheriffs have supremacy over all other law enforcement agencies, including the federal government, was first pushed by explicitly racist and anti-Semitic Posse Comitatus which promotes an extreme racist anti-government ideology embraced by militia groups. The Posse’s founding tract, the Blue Book, was written by white supremacist and member of the Silver Shirts, a Nazi-inspired organization, Henry Lamont Beach who asserted the county was “the highest authority of government in our Republic,” and that sole judicial power rested with “citizen grand juries;” lunatic concepts Richard Mack subscribes to and promotes religiously as if uttered directly to him from the mind of his Mormon god.

Mack believes so strongly that the country sheriff was the representation of patriotism that he once said he prayed for the day when a sheriff would be the “first one to fire the next shot around the world and arrest a couple of IRS agents,” so it should have come as no surprise he rushed to answer Bundy’s call to arms against the federal government. Mack has been instrumental in the resurgence of the anti-American patriot movement which saw its numbers mushroom from 149 groups in 2008, the year Americans elected an African American President, to 1,274 by the end of 2011. Mack’s ideology, which heavily emphasizes state sovereignty, resonates with armed militias and racist extremists across the radical right who oppose all federal laws protecting minorities from hate crimes and discrimination. According to the author of “The Terrorist Next Door,” Daniel Levitas, “Ever since the notion of the supremacy of the county sheriff became popularized, it has continued to remain attractive, but what is behind it is violent lawlessness and vigilantism.” Levitas’ book chronicles the racism that underpins the right wing militia movement and there is a good reason former sheriff Richard Mack, a Mormon, shaped his ideology to comport with a fellow Mormon named Willard Cleon Skousen.

Mack first heard Willard Skousen speak in 1984 when he was the leading voice of right-wing radicalism and a Mormon theocrat who preached that America’s decline began with passage of the 14th Amendment and its guarantee of equality for former slaves and all Americans who were not white Christian males. One of Hobby Lobby and 200 Christian leaders’ goals is using “free exercise of religion” to neuter the 14th Amendment according to the Manhattan Declaration of which the company’s legal team were initial signers; Willard Skousen would be pleased. During the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, Skousen toured the country whipping up anti-communist fervor under the John Birch Society banner, and rabidly demonized federal regulatory agencies and expounded on eliminating the wall of separation between church and state, civil rights laws, labor unions, minimum wage, income and estate taxes, and most government programs and initiatives. It is no coincidence the Koch brothers, whose father was a founding member of the John Birch Society, spend tens upon tens-of-millions of their hundred-billion-dollar fortune to eliminate everything Skousen asserted were abominations and contrary to his theocratic vision of a perverse libertarian America.

That Fox News gave both criminal Cliven Bundy and John Birch acolyte Richard Mack a national forum to incite violence against the federal government puts them squarely on the side of racist anti-American militias.

Before rushing to join armed militias in Nevada, Mack sent out a call to 40,000 Oath Keeper militiamen that are strategizing their next plan of attack, that pales in comparison to the reach of Fox News that broadcast his anti-government call to arms to every heavily-armed white supremacist militia group that yearns for a reason to wage war on the United States government. It is unquestionable that most law-abiding Americans understand that Bundy is a criminal who is stealing from taxpayers, but they likely have no idea where Mack, and Bundy, derive their anti-American ideology; the Koch brothers’ John Birch Society and anti-Semitic racist Posse Comitatus. Tragically for Americans, the preponderance of racist militia groups, heavily-armed gun fanatics, and the hate-driven religious right know exactly where Bundy and Mack’s anti-American government philosophy originates and are counting the days until their “above the law” anarchist mindset will be rubber-stamped by a like-minded county sheriff after he consults with the John Birch Koch brothers for approval.




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  1. first comes the shooting. then comes the dying. then comes the crying. then and only then, maybe,some folks will realize that they have been led astray by some seriously lawless people that hate this country and all that it stands for. and they yet called themselves “patriots”

  2. The federal government’s confrontation with the Bundy Ranch is completely unAmerican … in the same sense that a Fed raid on a warehouse filled with clothing and video knock-offs is unAmerican.

    What is it with tea partiers and their “Second Amendment remedies” whenever they don’t get their way?

    FOX News network is no longer merely reporting the news. They are creating the news by promoting controversial events before they have taken place, propagating fear and hatred against a subset of the population (e.g., portraying all illegal aliens as violent vermin, demonizing abortion clinic physicians), and proselytizing a specific agenda with the stated goal of assisting the GOP in its desire to play the role of obstructionist in Congress. In addition, they will filter out or distort any story that they perceive will cast a positive light on Obama’s administration.

  3. They have reduced themselves to be a propaganda tool for the conservative base. That is certainly their prerogative, but they lose the right to claim “fair and balanced” and to behave self-righteous and indignant when called out on it.

  4. I say the next time these so-called “patriots” seek a confrontation with the Feds, give it to them. And then arrest the survivors as domestic terrorists, put a lien on their property and put them in Federal custody until their trial date. Does anyone doubt that’s what the right wing would be howling for if the participants were Black Panthers in a Chicago standoff? It’s time to stop molly coddling these homegrown Nazis and treat them like the violent terrorists they are.

  5. What I find incredible is that Bundy and company are so blissfully ignorant. Have they learned nothing about this countries intelligence gathering capabilities and assault tactics? I am certain in some federal office they are gathering and dissecting every piece of information they can get. I would bet they are on satellite 24/7. I am sure the government is treating this as a domestic terrorist incident. Action will be swift. Just like when the US Marshals do their crime round ups where they get hundreds of people at once across the nation.

    It’s time to dismantle the militias and take their toys away. As for Fox, they have the right to report what they want I guess. Fanning the flames of insurgency is ignorant. If things get violent I am sure they will be there to take the sides of the “heros”.

    Has anybody noticed how quiet the NRA has been? Even after Sandy Hook they came out to say we need more guns in schools. Wonder why so quiet on Bundy?

  6. It appears to me like the many of the radical militia-groups that have always been crying out very loudly to the public that the U.S. Govt. will be coming for them and their guns is now actually a wet-dream come true. This will now be happening (or damn well should be) to all of those that have broken this country’s (U.S.A.) laws by utilizing their guns unlawfully. In my opinion.


    this is the actual case that was adjudicated..Its no wonder Bundy and fox never actually quote this document. it is 31 pages but worth reading..bundy actual claims those cattle with his brand on them..may actually -NOT be his cattle..I guess he is admitting to rustling cattle.He is deranged period..he offered no evidence in court to back up his claims, and then proceeded to go further-by turning his cattle onto National Park service land, around Lake Mead..The government made as many as a dozen different offers to help bundy and give him the proceeds for the sale of his cattle prior to this..and that is part of the problem..they should have dealt with this a long time ago..they just fed his delusions

  8. Somebody “elite” wants to force the Govt. of the U.S.A. into having “no-choice” but to place the entire country into a permanent martial-law status. Curfews, check points, house to house searches, etc., forever. They do this for their very own evil purposes and gains. The corporate slave-masters and the elite 1% might be behind all of this. In my opinion. We should see. Don’t you think???

  9. John 3:16 “Bundy so loved his cows that he forgot to pay his fees and who so ever follow him will not parish but have everlasting idiot friends” #FoxNews.,

  10. The “Fixed” News Channel would have tried to tie the Prez with the Black Panthers as thugs.

    These people pointing their guns at the Federal authorities are traitors.

  11. Unfortunately Chow I have to agree with you on this. I’m a peace loving pacifist, but what these so-called “patriots” are doing is called sedition at the least, treason at the worst. It will have to come to this. I really really wish it wouldn’t.

  12. A major theme in the Weyrich directed training manual, The Integration of Theory and Practice, is that current society must be disrupted before the libertarian society can be formed.

    I’m glad at least msnbc is keeping a focus on Bundy to balance the crazy coming from Fox.

    There is also a Koch/ALEC connection in all of this. The Billionaires want the Fed lands turned over to the states they control so the oil and mining rights can be sold off. Some ALEC laws to achieve this have already been passed in Utah.

    This is an old fashion land grab from We the People into the hands of the Billionaires.

  13. Thanks April. Both of these links were a good read and a eye opener. Action is needed and needed yesterday. The public is very uninformed because of fox and RW radio. I recently was speaking to a religious friend, who is not a RW nut and he dubbed fox the devil’s channel! “Fox News, the devil’s news”!

  14. Right wing nut job rhetoric has truly gone full circle on this one. They are now the ‘occupiers’ requesting ‘free government stuff’ for one man. They don’t want to acknowledge the federal government at all, yet use federal roads and highways to transport themselves and their cattle across said roads.

    If these lawless idiots don’t like the grazing fee laws, then they should work to legally remove them. Until then, Bundy needs to pay up, and they all need to shut up.

  15. You make an excellent point. Not only did they use roads we pay for to confront government agents doing their duty, they perched their snipers on two overpasses our tax dollars built. They’re all fanatics with no concept of how lucky they are they weren’t gunned down by one of those Black ops helicopters or blown to bits by some kid operating a weaponized drone. America uses them on foreign terrorists, so why not home-grown ones.

    A lot of people believe that’s what they deserved, especially if they read this post and learned where they got their philosophy and what they want to do to your country. America is getting too insane…and dangerous for this foreigner. No emotionally rewarding assignment is worth staying in a country quickly becoming Afghanistan.

  16. This is the federal law these Bundy militia gun-toters are breaking:

    18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

  17. If Bundy and his seditionist friends tried to pull a stunt like this in the 18th or 19th century in this country, they would either be in prison or hanged. This dangerous domestic terrorism must be stopped now before it becomes an even bigger problem. I say put the leaders of these deranged groups, as well as all the Fox News people who promote and glorify them, in Guantanamo along with all the other creeps who hate America and seek to destroy us. Our government has been way too tolerant of this criminal activity. It’s time to put a stop to it- now!

  18. My grandpa was a pretty smart old guy. He used to have a few sayings that he repeatedly said to me. One was “If you’re with people who do good, you will do good.”, that wasn’t meant just financially, but morally and ethically as well.

    He also said, “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.” In other words take action on what you want out of life.

    But the one I remember most fondly was, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” I think this one applies to these vigilantes. They are wishing for the fight and they might just get it.

  19. I haven’t been following this story a lot but I did see a report on yes, Fox News. The reporter’s name escapes me but he said Fox was the only news channel there when the tension was escalating. I wonder why CNN, NBC, MSNBC, or ABC weren’t there.

    Also shown was this reporter walking towards the government people with his hands up attempting to mediate the situation, telling the government officials that “this doesn’t have to end in blood shed.” A noble, patriotic and courageous thing to do, IMO.

    I am not completely on the Bundys’ side but there is something very troubling. On this land is where illegals have crossed and drug cartels have brought drugs into this country coming through the same area. Is illegal immigration and drug trafficking of less importance than a rancher’s cattle grazing on government land?

    Hindsight is 20/20. Remember Waco? But wouldn’t it have been easier to return the cattle and try to work something out in a more civilized way?

  20. This really blows my mind Fox News and right wing politicians actually praising and patting on the back people who had the cross hairs of high powered rifles aimed at the heads of professionals just doing there jobs. If one of my family got hurt or killed I would have Foxs News and half Nevada in court.

  21. LOL, this is hilarious! What a narrow field of view you have

    Of course Fox says they were the only ones there, and we await the video of such. Fox also tells Bundy the feds are going to sneak in and kill him in the night

  22. BTW, do YOU remember Waco? Do you remember the people let out telling the feds that the entire place was full of fire accelerators? And that the entire compound went up as the feds moved forward? Like instantly?

  23. If you troll the RWNJ websites they are planning something big on May 16 of this year. Watch them and see if this comes to fruition. If there is a hint a hint that this is true let someone know so that this can be subverted.

  24. If Cliven dies, it will be by the militia of penis extenders to make the government look like they did it

  25. After reading this week about the Bundy’s and bureaus and agencies, departments, committees, the Taylor Grazing Act, the Wild Horse & Burro Act, allotments, preferences, herd management areas, appropriate management levels, thriving ecological balances, and mitigation measures for solar plant impact…it leads one to see that the Leviathan called the Federal government has created such a convoluted labyrinth of rules, regulations, directives, acts, laws, by-laws and statutes…
    and that the Feds, somewhere along the line, seems to have developed an exaggerated sense of their own importance.
    It has been reported that in 1976 there were approximately 52 ranching permit holders in Bundy’s area of Nevada and now there are three. It has also been said that most of those people lost their livelihoods because of the actions of the BLM.
    If you need federal authority to conduct business in Nevada–which is overwhelmingly probable in the case of all these ranchers,


  26. and you aren’t on Harry Reid’s list of “correct” businesses…you’re screwed. Why is it that the BLM is deeply concerned about desert tortoises when it comes to ranchers, but couldn’t care less when the solar power developers from China come calling? Environmentalists want to know.

    Where makes the difference?
    Based on the evidence, Occam’s razor says when the desert tortoises balance out, the distinction is political.

    Bundy doesn’t seem to have the law on his side, but he sure has my sympathy.

  27. You mean the solar photoelectric cell farm thats not close to his property?

    And did you read the Penis extender Militia daily?

  28. I thought these RW violence prone people were going to do something tax day. Everywhere I turned on web pages on comments someone was posting about paying their taxes with blood….

  29. You mean the solar photoelectric cell farm thats not close to his property?

    The regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for OFFSITE MITIGATION for impacts from solar development.

    I’m brilliant.

  30. Bundy is brain dead, maybe his hat is to tight. Whatever it is, he will be the cause of a lot of people being killed. If he hates this country so much, then leave. And he can take his yahoos with him. Have the Koch brothers buy them an island and they can create their own country. Fox news is not even worth mentioning, God will take care of them, because he always takes care of evil.

  31. He said there were no other news outlets there at the time that he was there.

    Yes, Shiva I do remember Waco. And did you know the Feds had plenty of chances to arrest David Koresch before that cowardly, evil terrorist killed himself and many of his followers? I’ll bet that the Feds were thinking of Waco too and didn’t want anyone killed.

    You call me narrow minded yet I ask a legitimate question. Why are the feds more concerned about some cattle grazing more so than illegal immigration and drug trafficking? Why didn’t they return the cattle earlier and sit down with Bundy? Have you considered any questions in your so-called open mind?

    I also said I am not completely on Bundy’s side but it seems you’re going to pick the side of the government on every issue, as long as there is a liberal democrat in the WH.

    I predict Mr. Bundy will be audited by the IRS sometime before the elections.

  32. Why has this been going on since the Reagan days and why are you asking why its being done now? He owes $1 million to this country.

    I am smart enough to know Bundy has and is breaking the law. Regardless of who is president. You see, the president doesnt run this operation, the MLB does. Set down with Bundy? Why? He only recognizes the Sheriff of the county as the ultimate law.

    You seem to think the federal government is only concerned with one issue at a time. They are kind of like windows, they multi task. The depertment in question here is not the one that handles immigration. Why would you try to connect the two?

  33. You republican/conservative scum care so much about your precious tax dollars going to welfare, but evidently you don’t care when some hick is refusing to pay his share for grazing rights.

    Jokes on you, you still don’t have a candidate for 2016 and this whole coup your planning is going to be another joke like the Republican Revolution in 94′ which really did nothing for America if you weren’t so blind and stupid you might realize that fact and your little militia moments which end up with a few survivalist losers going behind bars and the rest of you just go on back to your day jobs and your pick up trucks and accept reality for what it is. Stupid cowards.

  34. The department in question here is not the one that handles immigration
    It doesn’t matter which agency is charged with which enforcement measures.
    It’s powerful political interests in Washington that are insisting on scrupulous enforcement of environmental laws and the same powerful political interests in Washington do not want to see the scrupulous enforcement of immigration laws.
    These SAME people who insist that Bundy must be made an example of for the sake of the rule of law protest at the same time that it is positively undesirable for the federal government to deploy federal resources to rectify the federal crime of jumping the federal border. Why then – when the federal government’s most fundamental responsibility is defending the physical security of the country – is THAT matter being handled with the most remarkable nonchalance?
    That’s NOT the rule of law. It’s the rule of narrow, self-interested political factions masquerading as the rule of law.

  35. And thats entirely your opinion. Especially the part that says someone insists Bundy must be made an example of. You are way out on a limb there

  36. Especially the part that says someone insists Bundy must be made an example of. You are way out on a limb there

    I don’t think so.

    One can be a supporter of the rule of law and still recoil in disgust from the militarized display of force toward Bundy by federal government agents tricked out like SEAL team 6.

    The disproportionate nature of the government’s reaction to Bundy suggests this has ALOT less to do with delinquent grazing fees and tortoise welfare than it does with the selective assertion of raw governmental power — sending a message not just to Bundy or a disfavored group, but to America as a whole.

    Cliven Bundy could turn out to be a bit of a fruitcake, but one thing is for sure…the federal government wouldn’t treat a tortoise the way it has treated him.

    How else does that type of heavy-handed response from the Feds makes any sense?

  37. “…, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”…

    Britney Spears actually wrote a song about that quote:)

    The name of the song is “When I grow up”.

    Perhaps the Feds could set up speakers around Bundy’s house and play Britney’s song over and over 24/7 until he comes out and “surrenders” himself.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!

  38. Bottom line: he’s breaking the law. If Idle No More had been armed, we’d have a lot of dead Indians right now. Several Native ranchers, with treaty rights to use the land, have had their cattle confiscated, sold, and been billed for land they are legally allowed to use, but this guy shrugs it off, despite repeated court orders, and tries to use the ‘mah familee yewsed this land fer generations”…who was using it before then? Who was it taken from? Who is still trying to use it? Just as someone else stated, if this had been the Black Panthers in Chicago, it would have ended in bloodshed, the government would NOT have backed down!

  39. You don’t have to even mention the black panthers all you have to say is Wounded Knee but I guess the Native Americans don’t count

  40. There are commenters on Newsmax who are calling for hanging,and isn’t Bundy they are talking about. Federal agents, because in their warped mindset they are trying to “steal” from Bundy. What the hell is happening to our country?

  41. The problem is that they would have to shoot women and children because that is what the cowards use as a shield. If violence does occur then you better believe that it will spawn more violence around the country, especially in the south. I am not sure what can be done except possibly seize this guy’s monetatry assets. That might or might not make him more cooperative.

  42. It matters not one whit what plans the gov has for that land. IT IS THEIR LAND, PERIOD. They have the right to use it however they see fit, especially when Bundy has broken the lease. They are trying to evict a tenant.

    I am sure there are plenty of other places where he can raise cattle. In fact he might even try BUYING land instead of stealing it. What a concept!

  43. I agree with you totally. Only the federal goverment have the right to aim their guns at the citizen of the United States of America.

  44. Funny thing, our founders were patriots that fought the king while loyalists worshiped him. So let me ask, who today are the patriots and who are the loyalists to big brother?

  45. Funny thing is people were bamboozled by this lying grifter
    It seems that all of his claims are apparently lies. He claims that his family has been using the land since the 1870s, from which his erroneous claims derive. His family actually bought the ranch in 1948, provably, and didn’t get cattle until the 1950s. And they bought the water rights to their own property but no grazing rights to the Federal land.
    I-Team: Bundy’s ‘ancestral rights’ come under scrutiny

  46. Charlie,

    Like most of the RWNJ, you did NoT understand what you were reading – do you work as a lawyer? Thought not.

  47. It’s astonishing how the people here are so hating Bundy. It’s okay to disagree with him but wanting the government to crush him is just amazing. Why do things like this seem to threaten you government boot lickers?

  48. You right wing nutjobs are truly hilarious. You idiots starting with your hero who wears a 10 gallon hat on 1 gallon head are the main ones who grift from the government but you are too stupid to realize it. Idiot

  49. Sandra, thanks for posting this link. I scanned it and it seems crystal clear that Bundy is an habitual violator of federal law and the government has bent over backwards to work with him to resolve these issues.

  50. Mary Bundy is a racist criminal who sees anything/everything is his to take as he pleases!
    You are lucky not to have something this criminal would want cause he’d think he has the right to it!
    Get mental health help!

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