Editorial Cartoon: Peeved Packy


These pitiful packys just can’t give up Obamacare and Benghazi…Obamacare…Benghazi…Obamacare…Benghazi…Untitled

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  1. I had an interesting call yesterday. Normally I always look to see if I know the caller but I was distracted. The voice asked me to take part in a poll. Just two questions. That ole curiosity bugger bit me so I didn’t hang up. The first question was would I vote to impeach President Obama..one for yes, two for no.. Of course I voted NO. The next question was did I have my mind made up about the election? These Robo calls are SO unfair. I keep trying to call that number..510-8614. I want/need to tell someone where they can stick their Koch calls.

    It came from Greensboro NC which is 336 on a land line but no way for me to find out. When I try to call the number..no rings..but a computer voice answers, tells me the number 5104 is temporarily out of order, try again later. 5104 is not the number showing up on my phone. The crooks never ever miss a single dirty trick and with all the dirty money behind them they keep getting away with it.

  2. I wouldn’t fret too much about a skewed poll Pollytiques. In fact, let the dark money types skew the telephone polls all they want since we all know they live in a vaccum fantasy world anyhow. They’ll again be in for a rude awakening the morning after election day.

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