Karl Rove Destroys The Republican Party By Doubling Down On Clinton Brain Injury Smear


Despite Republicans telling Karl Rove that he is helping Hillary Clinton, and harming his own party, the former Bush’s brain doubled down today on his brain injury smear during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.




WILLIAMS: Karl, Karl, doesn’t this remind everybody that you, your past as a very effective political operative, have gone after people with swift boating of John Kerry, going after people —

ROVE: Which was entirely legitimate.

WILLIAMS: Oh, well, I’m just telling you, it comes across in that way. I’m saying as someone who has known you for a long time, you’re effective political operator —

ROVE: Yes, yes.

WILLIAMS: — but you may be helping Hillary Clinton.

ROVE: Yes, but, look, here is the deal — I’ve been saying this for six months. This was an off-the-record event.


WILLIAMS: Tell Mitt Romney.

ROVE: That somebody then leaked to New York Post gossip page. And I’m not the person who said brain damage. I said —


WALLACE: Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got two things I just want to say because we got to get out of this segment. One, did you say that she was wearing glasses that people need who have suffered traumatic brain injury?

ROVE: Yes, well —

WALLACE: I’m not saying that’s wrong. But did you say that?

ROVE: Yes, because, look, a concussion is, by definition, a traumatic brain injury, and so is a blood clot in the brain.

WALLACE: And, finally, any regrets?

ROVE: No, no. Look, my point is this. She’s a human being. She’s — you would not be human and not have a serious brain injury like this was and take it into consideration if you’re thinking about going and doing what she might do.

WALLACE: So, this was concern for her?

ROVE: Yes, look, I think —

WILLIAMS: That’s right.

POWERS: Right.

ROVE: No, no, no. Yes, I’m concerned as one human being to another. But I’m more concerned because people say, you know, she’s in. This is a done deal.

I’m not so certain. I think my brain says she’s running. My gut says, you know what? This is going to be far more serious deal.

Rove doubled down on the brain injury nonsense despite the fact that some prominent members of the conservative media are warning that this smear is backfiring and helping Hillary Clinton.

On ABC’s This Week, Bill Kristol said, “I don’t think it was a particularly shrewd move. I mean, we’ll see how Secretary Clinton’s health is. She’ll be out there campaign presumably. She will — I imagine her health will be fine. But in any case, people can see for themselves. So there’s no reason for Karl Rove to speculate about it.” On the same ABC program, Peggy Noonan said, “I don’t think — I — I agree with Bill. I think your point — I don’t think it was — was helpful for a political operative as opposed to journalists, to begin this whole story. But I also think, in a funny way, it will work for Mrs. Clinton’s benefit. After all, she’s got a book tour coming up in June. That means these topics will come up then. When she’s selling the book, when she’s doing network specs, when she’s feeling fresh and perky and can knock it back with prepared lines.”

The fact that Rove chose to double down on a smear that isn’t working reveals the degree that he is out of touch with current politics. The kind of smear that Rove is using worked in 2004 when he was able to swift boat John Kerry, but the times and technology have changed things.

The kind of politics that Rove is practicing are antiquated. He is trying to build a smear into a legitimate news story two years before a presidential election. Everybody already knows about it, and the Clintons have knocked it down. If this was Rove’s big play to keep Hillary Clinton out of 2016, it has been a major failure.

Rove’s brain injury smear was a personal attack, and it is going to do nothing but help Hillary Clinton. Reince Priebus seems to be taking his talking points from Rove, which means that Karl Rove is putting the Republican Party on the path to total failure in 2016.

Karl Rove doesn’t get it. By doubling down, he is helping Hillary Clinton get elected president. Rove once dreamed of a Republican dominated political landscape, but what he is building is a potential entire generation of Democratic control of the White House.

28 Replies to “Karl Rove Destroys The Republican Party By Doubling Down On Clinton Brain Injury Smear”

  1. For a political operative that some think is so smart, Rove is acting just as stupid as he did back in 2012 when he refused to accept the fact that President Obama won a second term. His insistence on doubling down with his disproven idiocy about Hillary Clinton and how her “brain injury” will affect her candidacy shows how unmoored from reality he is. He’s a nasty piece of work who has no place in politics, because he never does anything except to show just how worthless he is with all his fear- and hate-mongering.

  2. It’s just possible that spite, malice, and rage, never absent from his cogitation, have now commandeered it wholly.

  3. Karl Rove is employing his standard unethical political tactics: it matters little whether his rhetoric has any basis in reality. All that matters is whether he can sell it to the voting populace.

    His objective: If he keeps repeating this evidence-devoid, speculative innuendo over and over, eventually some people will conclude that it must be true, simply because they continually heard it being uttered.

  4. How sweet of the GOP to be so concerned
    about Hillary’s health. So good of them to
    bring it up this early so we can put it to bed
    once and for all.
    Her age? Shouldn’t be a problem either.
    They had NO problem with John McCain: 8/29/36
    so Hillary: 10/26/47 should clear that bar easily.
    The fact she is a Woman? Not an issue, right?
    Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!
    The only problem they seem to have is her
    “thin resume”…..
    I am quite confident Mrs. Clinton will happily
    put her resume up against anyone the GOP thinks
    is as qualified. (good luck with THAT one)
    Hillary must be hearing Bob Marley in the

    “Don’t worry about a thing,
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
    Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing,
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!”


  5. Thin resume???? I hadn’t heard that. The Republicans don’t have a single candidate with anything close to Hillary’s resume.

  6. Rove is clearly past his ‘sell by’ date. His irrelevance was obvious at the end of the 2012 campaign season. His failure to accept the fact of an R defeat on election night was quite telling. The fact that he blew his investors millions in across-the-board defeats should end his game. Perhaps his goal here was to impress some of those investors and suck them back in. He needs to slither off into the night like the snake he is.

  7. “I think my brain says she’s running.”
    Yes, well, your brain was convinced that Romney won Ohio also. Run along now.

  8. Why, yes. Just this morning from Rancid Preebles:

    “You know, her role in HillaryCare, when she was First Lady. Her Senate experience, where there’s nothing significant to point to. And her secretary of state experience, which is not just not significant, but there’s all kinds of problems for.”

    (Never mind that her Hillarycare was a hell of a lot more than the idiot republicans have managed to come up with.)

  9. Does he understand the Clintons are masters of the campaign?????

    Does he understand that her husband is going to bat for her???? And her well educated daughter????

    What about the guy who had a step on her: OBAMA??? Will he help her??? Of course.

    His meltdown was epic. He was blathering about the vote in Hamilton County, Ohio. Too bad he didn’t understand Cuyahoga County was still counting votes in the Black populated East side.

  10. Rove, then tricky Dick coming out to hammer Hillary. Makes me think the GOP is scared to death that the Clintons will want payback from the GOP. All the crap they have been giving them for years. I wonder how the GOP would handle a UN tribunal investigation backed by the Hillary Clinton Administration into all of the Iraq and Bush Administration fiasco?

  11. This is the same idiotic bunch that said her blood clot issue was a fake concoction back it happened! What a bunch of idiots and the bigger idiots are the fools that watch this bunch and believe anything that comes out of their mouths! A concussion is a serious issue, but there are many a brain surgeon out there who has suffered a concussion, as have pilots, military top brass and likely presidents. It has never been questioned about whether they would be able to serve. It is obvious these idiots are resorting to insanity to try and sway people. Hopefully, none of the people will buy into it because if they do, they are foolish and stupid!

  12. mr.roove is something of a typhoid mary of the republician party,in that he contaminates everything he touches n leaves everyone slightly sick.it is believed that his working for the bush w./campaine caused havoic for the original john mccaine campaign.sen.mccaine seems to have beenva fairly good man w/ humaniterian inclinations in his first run for president but was undermined by some of mr.roove’s tactics.in the next time,sen.mccaine took on a different tact n even brought gov.palin on board.gov.palin n sen.mccaine are not really that similar,n sen.mecaine would prouably not have latched onto her aside from his desperation.so,in a sense.mr.rove is responsible for gov.palin’s intinal publicity.well,now mr rove wants to weigh in on ms.clinton.so he comes up w/buzz words about brain damage.mr.rove is a pathically sick individual who needs prayar n well wishes.he does need to be removed from the limelight.ignore him,he might go away.

  13. Who was it that started the nonsense that she was faking the brain injury at first? Was it Ham Head? Now it’s debilitating, she spent 3 months in hospital and wore brain injury glasses, so she shouldn’t run. No, wait, she can’t run because she will be a grandmother by then. No, wait, she can’t run because Benghazi. No, wait……..They will throw all kinds of poop against the wall to see what sticks in the addle brained Fox Noise Nation.

  14. Rove will not win over any voters by telling lies of hate about Hillary. Repubs already have who they are going to get with their insane tactics. They waste their time thinking otherwise.

  15. It’s evident that Rove is nothing but hot air. Election night 2012 is definitely proof of that. He reminds you of the old medicine men back in the old west days. Always trying to sell the people something that isn’t woth a crap. He’s not even a good con man. He’s just a loud mouth that would die or waste away if he couldn’t stay in the public eye. So he manufactures stuff up in his head and lets it roll off of his tongue. But of course if you really think about all the GOP/Teabagers do that. If Hillary was brain dead, she would still have more brains than they do.

  16. The headline reads: “Rove…destroys the Republican party.” How is it possible to destroy something that has already eaten itself?

  17. The health of presidential candidates has always been a legitimate issue. Ms. Clinton’s symptoms, a 60 day recovery period and double vision, might be the product of a concussion, but it could also be evidence of a small stroke deep in her brain that affected her optic nerves. Since it appears to have abated since then, why not put an end to this tempest and release her medical record to the press? All this hysterical sneering and name calling is making people think there’s something more serious behind this story.

  18. Karl must have been livid over the nomination of a vice president with a history of four heart attacks, a coronary artery bypass (a procedure that is sometimes called a “personality transplant”). But he was a loyal party man and not a peep of concern was heard.
    Matthew 23:24 describes the political philosophy of Karl Rove.

  19. Great post!

    How about Reagan?

    Karl Rove has a “brain injury” himself as well as an ego problem. Actually he’s not only grasping for straws, but is gasping for air.

  20. I personally think that they want to take shots at Hillary’s supposed ‘brain injury’ (Which, BTW, no one said she got one when she fell), we ought to be able to take shots at the brain power of one Karl Rove.

    Oh, wait… Republicans don’t have brains. At least ones that are capable of rational thought, that is.

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