Tea Partiers Don’t Endorse McConnell and Get Grimes’ Name Wrong in Press Release Full of Fail

Tea Party Patriots, Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Tea Party Patriots, Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Tea Party “Patriots” went to a lot of effort in Kentucky, but apparently educating themselves about the three main players was not a part of that expensive effort. Upon Matt Bevin’s primary loss, Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin put out a Kentucky Senate press statement that refers to Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes as “Alison Graves”. They also failed to endorse Mitch McConnell, instead issuing demands he needs to meet in order to get their support.

Mike Memoli of the LA Times DC Bureau shared a screengrab of the fail on Twitter:

tp fail

The Tea Party Patriots want Harry Reid to lose his job as Majority Leader of the Senate, but Mitch McConnell better sell some liberty and get off of that amnesty bus he rides around in first. Also, he must kill Obamacare, which he cannot do, and no one in his party will do, no matter what they promise. Note that the Tea Party don’t call it “Kynect”, which is Kentucky’s name for Obamacare and it polls pretty well there, too. In fact, a plurality of Kentuckians like Obamacare, so long as it’s called Kynect. So, the Tea Party Patriots expect Mitch McConnell to kill Kynect, even though people have already signed up for it and like it.

Apparently no one told the Tea Party Patriots that Mitch McConnell’s job was to destroy the Tea Party in Kentucky, and he did that. He barely acknowledged Matt Bevin during the entire primary, but now McConnell is pretending to be BFFs with the Tea Party favorite.

It’s no wonder why the Tea Party is failing to be brewing, with this kind of total lack of awareness. No, their press releases don’t have to be perfect, and were they really a grassroots movement, no one would expect them to have perfect press releases. But they should know the names of the three big players in the Kentucky Senate race. There were only three of them, and now there are two.

Tea down.

14 Replies to “Tea Partiers Don’t Endorse McConnell and Get Grimes’ Name Wrong in Press Release Full of Fail”

  1. It’s all part of the larger picture that show a complete lack of respect for anyone while screaming that they, the Tea Party Patriot, need to be respected. They couldn’t care less about anyone or anything except for themselves and what they want. They are self-absorbed and arrogant. They have no honor, no decency and certainly are lacking a moral compass. Besides all that, everyone else is wrong about everything. Don’t you know that? Only they know what true liberty, patriotism and the Constitution means. You and I … well we know jack shit because we are sheeple, unable to think for ourselves and beholden to that socialist, communist, fascist, Black dude usurping the White House. Geez, these people piss me off – in case you can’t tell!

  2. Shocked I tell ya! SHOCKED!!! Does this mean that Senator McTurdle could actually – gasp – get his lunch handed to him on the way out the door? What a pity that’d be!
    [OK…snark off]

  3. One thing I am learning is you cannot put intelligence and tea party in the same paragraph. This fake liberty they espouse is nothing more then religious crap that comes from the people who fund them, the krotch. With tea party in charge liberty is the last thing anyone will see. Their own aging members seem to be happy to give up their medicare and SS. See sentence 1 above

  4. Jenny Beth Martin is one of the best con and BS artists in the U.S. She went from being a virtual unknown to someone millions of others listen to and a fairly well-to-do individual in @ 6 years. A liberal writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote an article about her a couple weeks ago and revealed she’s making close to half a million per year now and, she’s helping a couple of her relatives improve their socioeconomic status by making them TPP employees, too. Martin has harnessed the stupid and she’s getting rich doing it. She knows which of her followers buttons to push and she’s pushing them for her own benefit. TPP is a great example of an org that exists to benefit its’ founders/CEOs instead of existing to elect politicians that share its’ small donors’ interests. TPP validates the info in the WP article which revealed that these orgs spend very little on electing politicians, lots on salaries for their CEOs.

  5. I’m a white man, going on 67, a retired Union steward and life-long liberal Democrat.

    It amazes me that people this old can still be this stupid.

  6. What are the teabaggers going to do now? They are being rejected by the party they are trying to take over. As I told a teabagger in TN, you folks should form your own party if you don’t get one of your own for 2016. I think they are too afraid to split from the repubs.

  7. There is that word again: constituition.

    Please, Tea Partiers. Tell us again why an education is not important?

  8. Because Astorix if they get an education and learn real history then they will realize that people like Tea Party Patriots know nothing about America Or THE Constitution. Not the Barton Constitution.

  9. Well, not exactly. The aging Tea Party subversives do NOT want to give up their Social Security OR their Medicare. They get around that pesky little fact that they are both “socialist programs” by actually claiming that it is THEIR money! Some of them actually think that the benefits they receive are coming from their own private fund that they’ve been paying into all these years. Which goes back to Sentence #1 – “you cannot put intelligence and Tea Party in the same paragraph.”

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