No, the Fact Elliot Rodgers Killed More Men Than Women Doesn’t Change His Misogyny


It’s been happening in the comments section of every article about the Isla Vista, California shooting. People try to talk about the misogyny behind the shootings, and someone, frankly a male, steps in to write about how more men were killed than women by Elliott Rodgers. They believe this somehow proves that Mr. Rodgers wasn’t a sexist, it seems. It isn’t altogether clear what point they want to make given the volumes of other evidence that this disturbed, young man was steeped in hatred of women. Mr. Rodgers also did hate men. He was filled with a seething hatred toward the world, born of a warped view of gender, race, and class. Simply put, his orientation toward men was rooted in his perspective that women were objects of sexual conquest and men were alpha or beta competitors standing in the way of his sexual release. He complained that desirable women went off with this alpha male or that one. We know of his complaints, because he spent so much time in online forums or on Youtube expressing these thoughts. He also left behind a lengthy manifesto.

The army of men dispatching to the comments sections of articles on this tragedy, with their monotonous repetition of the notion that this young man’s male death toll was purposely higher, are seemingly clutching to the idea that women do control society. Misogynists frequently amplify what they perceive to be women’s power. From Rodger’s own writing, you hear women described as sexual juggernauts bulldozing over men with their whims. This is not uncommon for misogynists. They believe that women hold a special sexual hold over men. The response to this is often a desire to tightly control a woman’s reproduction through birth control and abortion policy.

When domestic violence is discussed, they want to talk about how women are abusers just like men, despite the heavily lopsided death toll of women killed by significant others. Yes, women are abusers as well. Yes, women can be violent. But what motivates someone to steer the conversation directly to this topic on an article clearly describing the deaths of women at the hands of an avowed sexist? This same thing happens with conversations about rape. Misogynists will overwhelm a conversation about the rape of women with a discussion of the rape of men in prison. This is a very important topic, and it needs to be discussed thoroughly. However, they cannot tolerate focusing on the domination behavior of men towards women that is representative of domestic violence or rape. The subject must be changed or dismissed.

Mr. Rodgers posted videos and shared posts on his PickUpArtists website that explicitly made clear where he stood in relation to fellow males and to females. His rants were both racist and sexist. He complained when he saw a black man with what he considered to be attractive women, because women shouldn’t be interested in “lesser” men, but instead should reject him as they had him. For Rodgers, it simply went against the proper hierarchy that society should reflect. Rodgers was a well-to-do, entitled white male. He expected attractive women to provide him with sex, yet he remained a virgin. A black man, to him, was an inferior person who shouldn’t be able to attain the same objects he deserved, and make no mistake, he clearly saw women as objects.

We don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it than Rodger’s when we say he was out for the blood of women. He told us: “You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me. I will punish you all for it.” Rodgers also promises to “slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see” or “I will take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. You will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one. The true alpha male.” These quotes from Mr. Rodgers make clear that he intended women to be the primary targets of his violence. The men were killed because they were with women who he felt they didn’t “deserve.”  In addition, there were extensive themes of obsession with wealth and anger that he didn’t have what others had. In an important sense, the men were targeted because of his envy of them, and his clear awareness that he was inferior and less successful than they were, no matter how much he wanted to claim alpha male status. Moreover, his entire worldview prevented him from developing a healthy understanding of the roles of men and women in society, knowing what the essence of a human being is regardless of gender, and understanding what it means to have a relationship.

Amazingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, in the recent past, other men have been killing or attempting to kill women for refusing them as well. Last month, a teen killed another teen for rejecting his request to go to the prom. Just yesterday, a man shot at women for refusing to have sex with him. Perhaps the most stunning reaction to the shooting comes from one of the many pro-man, anti-woman websites that Rodgers frequented. A poster named “Roosh” promises that more incidents like this shooting will occur if men are not provided more access to sex, if nothing else from prostitutes. His post is so unbelievable and stunning in its misogyny that the reader becomes convinced that Roosh is right; there will be more death at the hands of men who think like this when they don’t get what they think they are owed. Given all this, it’s high time to put to rest the ridiculous notion that the tragic deaths of the men at Rodger’s hand challenge his status as a misogynist.

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  1. Bravo!
    He was a misogynist, racist, egotistical, elitist, delusional murderer.
    It’s probably a very good thing in the long run that no woman approached him (seeing how he never approached them). In no time at all, he would have shown how he had to control her and every aspect of her life while she stroked his ego 24/7. If she tried to leave, he would have stalked and killed her – and likely many others as well.
    I hate to say it, but I truly believe he was “un-fixable”. While it is horribly sad that those 6 died and others were wounded, we should all be thankful that the death/injured toll wasn’t much, much higher. His own words:
    “Infamy is better than obscurity”.

  2. Rodgers’ first 3 victims were his roommates which he stabbed most likely to avoid them stopping him. His final victim was a customer in a deli into which Rodger’s randomly fired shots.

    The only two victims which were intentionally executed (other than the roommates) were sorority members outside the sorority house where he was unable to gain access.

    There is no question to any reasonable observer that young women were his intended targets.

  3. This article totally misses the point that the kid was clinically diagnosed with Asberger’s (i.e. mentally ill). The result of his illness caused him to focus on his inferiority instead of developing alternative solutions to resolve them. His only arguments for his deserving of a woman’s affection were his BMW, cool clothes, and his “attractiveness”. Nevermind his behavior was douchey, obnoxious and creepy. His illness simply would not allow him to connect his own unattractive dots.

  4. Having a mental illness or mental disability doesn’t change a person’s misogyny either. I have bipolar disorder. I can still be racist. The diagnosis doesn’t change that. This kid expressed his symptoms in the way in which they were shaped by his environment…in this case, an environment of anti-women websites that he sought out. Those websites no doubt fueled his misogyny, but they don’t exonerate him of the sexism.

  5. As with Adam Lanza, the “Asperger’s” diagnosis was an erroneous one for early-onset paranoid schizophrenia, which, unlike Asperger’s, frequently does culminate in violence. The form of violence and its targets, however, can be strongly shaped by cultural context. However much such a person’s perceptions of reality are warped, he/she doesn’t live outside it. Demons…Area 51… Jews… Muslims… women…the target of choice depends on what the subject has been exposed to, and stochastic terrorism depends for its effectiveness in propagandizing such people to choose the enemy the propagandist wants to have attacked.

  6. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, et al.
    Common denominator of the perpetrator(s)- mental/emotional deficiency of one type or another.
    The Constitution is not a suicide pact, despite the questionable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment by those whose greed far exceeds their consideration of fellow man.
    There is a difference between a “privilege” and a “right”, but that doesn’t preclude regulation of one and not the other.
    As I read it, the Declaration of Independence mentions only 3 “unalienable rights”, and “unalienable rights” aren’t mentioned in the Constitution at all.
    If we regulate the activities of our citizens to provide for the safety of all, not just those who are engaged in those activities, then it is lunacy to require one to be licensed and insured to do something as mundane as own and operate a piece of machinery as potentially dangerous as a motor vehicle, and yet refuse to do the same for a piece of machinery as deadly as a firearm.

  7. The reaction of the manosphere to incidents like this is even more tyrannical and vindictive than that of the gun lobby and the Tea Party. They use services like Disqus to find blogs and news services that post articles on this topic and proceed to behave like a phallotheistic version of Westboro Baptist Church. They are determined to throttle what they perceive as Bad Thoughts everywhere through spam and mockery. Some of the most vulgar of them portray themselves as female MRA’s, especially a group calling themselves Honey Badgers (which animal is actually a kind of Eastern Hemisphere skunk). Their ad hominem, and especially ad feminam, attacks never contain a shred of logic or any reliable cites to authority, yet they always demand scholasic minutiae from anyone who opposes them. Their co-ordination and viciousness makes me think that, like the screamers that were bussed to townhall meetings, they are being organized and sponsored.

  8. PLEASE STOP GLORIFYING THIS EGOTISTICAL DIP STICK BY FLASHING HIS PICTURE AD NASEUM. His actions are that of an insane moron and parading his face/YouTube messages elevates him to star status.

  9. Asperger’s is not a mental illness, it’s a form of autism. My daughter is autistic, she is hyperlexic. It’s hard wired in the brain.

    My first cousin has Asperger’s and is PhD in electronic engineering and wouldn’t hurt a flea. He’s socially awkward, yes, but never blamed his failures on others.

    Adam Lanza (the Newton shooter) was also allegedly autistic. I dispute that.

    A lot of the problem is that there is a lot of misdiagnosis. Autistic people can have poor impulse control but most of them aren’t inherently violent. They always have triggers that set them off.

    But Elliot showed a pattern more in line with someone with anti personality disorder. I don’t know enough of his background but in the US there is a lot of “you’re on your own” with the mentally ill. I understand his parents tried to take his video to the police and they were ignored.

  10. So, how long before the NRA comes out with some pathetic statement about how that could have been prevented if all those victims had a gun? I am SOOO sick of their rhetoric. Time for this country to stand up to the NRA and it’s supporters.

  11. My DH (of 29 years) has Aspergers, a PhD in science and teaches high school. He taught himself to look for social cues and to be more social. But of course, he came from a very egalitarian family that taught love, tolerance, justice for everyone, hate for no one. And he wouldnt hurt a fly… literally I have to wield the flyswatter. One of the things I love about those with Aspergers is that “what you see is what you get”, there is no charming, oily, sneaky manipulative stuff going on.

    What nearly every nihilist worldwide, bombers, shooters, religious, political, personal, terrorist has in common is they are male. Special attention needs to be taken to train boys and young men and catch their anti-social tendencies early in development and get them the help (maybe parenting) they need to achieve a healthy mental balance.

  12. It’s not that they are deny misogyny was a factor. People are simply pointing all the other factors that should be part of the narrative. Rather than simply pointing to his misogyny to the exclusion of all other factors and using that as a jumping off point for standard feminist talking points.

    He said alot in his biography/manifesto. It can easily be selectively quoted from to create the preferred narrative.

    Either way the men killed are equally victims of Rodgers.

  13. I see way to many systems of origins of his excuse to Kill! I’m going with Pure Hate combined with a act on impulse from an inferior complex bottled to explode? This type runs in the millions and has 345 million loaded Magazines ready to cause pure Anarchy and a segment on the News.

  14. People kill for many reasons. So you feel comfortable with “white privilege” as a reason (not withstanding Rodger was not white, even in his own self-concept). Can we include “Black Rage”, “Poor People”, “Angry women” etc. etc. in a nice package too?

    When you peel the onion on Rodger, he felt isolated, alone, and angry because of that. Yes he created rationale based on his own world view, but a simplistic and frankly racist article in Salon does not explain what was going on. The Salon article leverages tragedy to make a sad and stupid political point.

  15. You may say its racist but studies have shown that white males commit the majority of mass killings. The problem is no one wants to talk about it. I guess that’s just another facet of white male privilege

  16. Actually, those studies only point to FBI investigated mass shootings..and usually the type sesationalized on TV. However, if you factor n mass shootings in urban areas, ie. drive by shootings and gang shootings, the numbers are skewed in a different direction. Drive bys, interestingly enough, are not officially classified as mass shootings or serial shootings/killings, but they certainly qualify as such. In Chicago alone this year, we have had enough mass shootings to more than outpace any numbers you are referring to.

  17. I’m pretty sure that citizens in African and Asian nations would be amused at the notion that “white male privilege” is responsible for most mass killings. Well, perhaps “amused” is not the right word. It’s a peculiarly America-centric, myopic notion.

  18. Tell you what find where a drive by in Chicago in the past 3 years that took the lives of 3 or more people then your argument will have some validity.

  19. Ah, we don’t live in Africa or Asia. Straw man argument. And if you want to go there why don’t you ask Pat Robertson and people like him who finance the thugs who commit these crimes so he can maintain control of the minerals

  20. Apparently his step mother told him that her son would be socially well-adjusted and have sex early…implicitly unlike the killer.

    His upbringing doesn’t sound like a good place to reduce his craziness. In the end he hated all of humanity for not giving him want he wanted.

  21. Are we still saying that Elliot is white?

    Don’t you think that the average “white girl” could immediately see that he was Asian?

    I think the bottom line of this fellow’s inferiority complex was his mother’s race. Note that he killed three Asians to start off with; in fact, they were Asians rooming together, quite common everywhere. He fit in with them and felt best with them, but then went out into the “white world” (Southern California is hardly in that category anymore) and felt himself different. He would have been a happy kid probably back in Malaysia if he could have grown up with a similar priviledge level there. Asian women would swarm around him. He could have married and had the whole nine yards (including concubines!)

    But no,he obsesses over the white race and the white females and makes himself miserable.

    Where are the parents in this story? Happy to have washed their hands of him and dumped him into an Asian dorm room? ( “furnished student apart…

  22. The dude was crazy, and crazy is what crazy does. I am sorry for his issues and the victims. but now we play the blame game. blame the gun makers, blame the knife makers, blame all the bad men out there who are still proud the have a penis. sweet let me know how that works out for you

  23. Gun control will not stop these mass shootings. Doctor control will stop this insanity! Anyone on a psych med has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Mentally ill people should not have access to guns. Worse than that the psychiatric meds themselves cause people to become violent, detached, confused and suicidal. Guns and gun owners are responsible for 50K deaths anually whereas doctors and the medical industry kills over 1 million Americans. Doctors are more deadly than guns and gun owners.

    Click Here For Why We Need Doctor Control and Not Gun Control

    It gets worse. Gun kill about 50K Americans annually. Doctors and the medical industry kill over 1 million.

    Stop the street corner psychology and face the facts that this kid had a compromised brain due to psych meds.

  24. His photographer father should have gotten him into photography. I bet he would have turned out a lot differently and women might have found him to be quite interesting. Especially if he captured the beauty of women, and not in a sexually oriented way.

  25. So when a man kills 2 women, it proves hes a misogynist. But when a man kills 4 MEN, it proves….hes a misogynist.

    Wow, how convenient!

    I guess you never considered the possibility that he was a misanthropist, rather than just a misogynist, and hated ALL humanity?

    But hey, i guess this is how Feminists were able to trick everyone into thinking that our society is “dangerous for women”, when MEN are actually THREE TIMES more likely to be the victims of violent crime than women are!

  26. “when MEN are actually THREE TIMES more likely to be the victims of violent crime than women are!”

    Yes, almost all of them killed by other men.

    The problem is violence, regardless of gender of victim — but violence is usually a male problem.

    He was a misogynist AND a misanthropist.

  27. Obviously Elliot Rodgers had a hatred of women, though he had a hatred for plenty of men too, as well as a deep hatred of himself. Why some people may object to the narrative of its all about “misogyny”

    1. It’s women who have to live in fear of this violence every day and men just don’t get it and just don’t care:Apparently not seeings as how four young men died too.

    2 The statement by certain feminist commentators that the statement not all men do this is a lie: It’s a factually correct statement not all men do this somehow all of us born with XY chromosones are guilty and complicit for what this nut did. Men don’t like being stereotyped any more than women do.

    3 #Yesallwomen: Somehow the “theme” of this particular mass shooting is feminism, and of course how all men are dogs. Did you know there is sexism, yes and I am against it, it seems like apples and oranges though. It seems this tragedy is being exploited for some political agenda like alway

  28. I am disgusted by these comments and these articles. A young man kills multiple innocent people, then dies, and everyone thinks it’s a great platform to stand on and be heard. Then we debate about who we can blame for this colossal pile of feces. “The parents!” “Men” “White people!”. How about this.. NOBODY is to blame for this situation. You want to make incriminating judgements? Then ask yourselves why there has to be a scapegoat. Why do you all feel so “entitled” to assigning blame to anyone, none of you know a fun king thing about it beyond what you saw on the news and what someone wrote on their blog (somewhere in between the hyperlinks and banner adverts).
    Guys, sometimes in life shit just happens and there is no “retribution”. That’s life. We should be mourning these people, not acting like a bunch of judgemental assholes pointing fingers. But you are the problem. You are no different than Elliott Rogers was. You want an answer, an explanation for this, and God dam…

  29. Aspergers is NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS, it is a developmental disorder. I am the mother of an extremely bright, kind,gentle and empathetic son with mild aspergers. Spewing uninformed information about the disorder does not help the situation. It only hurts the people who are doing their best to deal with being a square peg in this round world. I’m sure this young man was mentally ill, no one who does these type of horrific acts is sane. I am tired of people trying to put the blame on aspergers or his parents for that matter. Sometimes people just go off the deep end. There is nothing or no one to blame.

  30. Thank you so much for this. Seriously, this sums it all up. There are SO many factors involved in this, and while Rodgers does rant about women the most, his manifesto and video makes it clear that his hatred and envy manifested long before puberty and that women only became selected targets once his sex drive kicked in. Drugs, guns, parenting, entitlement culture…the only facet of this being explored is the gender issue, and the topic is being used as a way to shame men, and particularly white heterosexual men. Feminists say “welcome to being female and being judged by your gender” but honestly, when was the last time that a woman committed a heinous atrocity and men everywhere united to essentially argue: “see, women are worse than dogs/this incident is indicative of our entire gender.”

    Scapegoating hasn’t worked for any of the past mass murders, why would it this time?

  31. Fucking PLEASE……this dude hated EVERYONE…..yeah, he hated women, but his fury at men was as equal if not more….at least women would be accepted if they showed any interest……he hated ALL men who had sucess with the oppisite sex. Stop trying to make this a woman issue….it’s a RELATIONSHIP issue……. In this world, there will ALWAYS BE those of us who cannot ANY level….women, jobs….etc. With the new info age……you and I will see MORE losers acting out….simply because their message now has a way of getting out there…..the internet has allowed ANYONE to be a big deal…and for MOST losers at the game…it’s the ONLY way they can become relevant.

  32. “But what motivates someone to steer the conversation directly to this topic on an article clearly describing the deaths of women at the hands of an avowed sexist?”

    You answered your own question. What motivates it? Probably the fact that 7 people died, the majority of which were men, and all anyone is talking about is the women. Here’s a great example:

    “Elliot Rodger, an active MRA, shot and killed at least 7 young women and injured many other people at random”

    Oh, really? 7 young women? Let’s just ignore the 3 young men he killed because this was obviously purely the result of societal perception of gender roles, not a lunatic with diagnosed mental disorders, right?

    Pinning this horrible act on social norms and acting as if all men are at fault, instead of focusing on mental health, is a disservice to future victims of unstable individuals and the poor souls he killed.

  33. Deborah, please do some fact checking before writing nonsense. Quote “men were killed because they were with women who he felt they didn’t “deserve.” That is a lie Deborah! His three roomates were “nerds” according to him, and he killed them alone with a knife because he was EVIL.

    His manifesto stated his plans to kill his own brother, step-mother, and even strongly considered killing his father.

    Get a clue.

  34. Today I learned Pat Robertson is Chineses.

    You were talking about Liberia in which PROC are investing 10x more annually with nice PR measures learned.

    What people donN’T realize is the prior articles of millions of chinese IN Africa is because China only employs their own race. They don’t trust local population. So the wealthy <1% get richer while rest get some hand outs for the PR YOU buy into to because you don't really care besides your OWN political self-interests (poli-sci 101).

    A few years a another huge event "hits the fan" you will just blame another person of of your choosing, and ignore what I just said. Meanwhile, you are still buying your "social justice warrior" internet devices and Americans have one party system the makes sure you get them at cost of manufacturing US ma…

  35. In a few more years you would still be a right wing fake Christian idiot

    Mission Congo’ Alleges Pat Robertson Exploited Post-Genocide Rwandans For Diamonds

    The documentary ‘Mission Congo,’ which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, alleges that televangelist Pat Robertson’s charity in Zaire to help refugees that fled from post-genocide Rwanda, Operation Blessing, really served as an elaborate front for his diamond mining operation. Marlow Stern reports.

  36. There is something that will give sexually-deprived men some measure of relief: Cyproterone acetate; i.e. it effectively reduces a man’s sex drive.

    It surely made life more bearable for me. Before I took it, thoughts of wanting to die were never far from my mind. After taking it, I finally felt that I had a lot to be thankful for and a lot to live for.

    But unfortunately, Cyproerone acetate, aka Androcur, aka Cyprostat, aka Siterone, is prohibited by the FDA. But it is attainable in some other countries.

    If it were permitted here and advertised like other medications, that would do more than anything else to reduce the male anger at women.

    What about all you women who want the unattractive men off their backs?

  37. What an incredible and progressive statement. Comments like these are how you change the world: by claiming that these things just happen and can’t be prevented. I’m sure the families of the victims would agree with you, that we shouldn’t look for any way to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Just let violent racists be racists, let killers blossom, do nothing to work at thoughts and culture that lead to violence.

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