The Swiftboating of Bowe Bergdahl Turns Into a Republican Disaster With Torture Revelation

The conservative media operation to swiftboat Bowe Bergdahl in order to create another Obama scandal turned into a disaster for the Republican Party after media reports that Sgt. Bergdahl is telling doctors he was tortured by the Taliban.

The AP reported, “U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has told people treating him at an American military medical facility in Germany that he was tortured, beaten and held in a cage by his Taliban captors in Afghanistan after he tried to escape, a senior U.S. official said Sunday.”

Republicans have been carrying out a swiftboating media operation that is being led by a former Bush administration official that is designed to smear Sgt. Bergdahl in order to create an Obama political scandal. The revelation that Bergdahl was tortured means that Republicans are not only attacking the credibility of a soldier, but they are attacking a soldier who was tortured by the enemy.

Even by the new Obama era standards for conservative hate, this is low. The possibility that Sgt. Bergdahl was tortured confirms the White House’s reasoning for making a deal to bring Bergdahl home. Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their attacks on Bergdahl, and they are now showing signs of looking for a way out of their latest self-induced political disaster.

While the attack Bergdahl to make Obama look bad gambit plays well with Republicans, it is making the right look bad with the rest of the country. As usual, Republicans are playing their base as they ignore the rest of the country. They are the ones who decided to attack a POW without knowing the facts.

Republicans politicized something that should have never been political, and now they are going to pay a heavy price for shameful attacks.

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  1. They don’t care. They’ll keep on saying these things because their base loves to hear it. Anger them enough, and they show up in droves in November.

  2. The GOP has never been bothered with a moral issue before nor will they be now. Facts mean nothing to them, there will be no ill effects from their actions. The GOP base only believes what the GOP propaganda machines tell them. Even death threats to this soldiers family is ok to the GOP.

  3. If you want to check out something interesting read this article on CNN or a few other sites. Then check out the former soldiers who are calling him a deserter on their FB pages, along with their friends. By their postings and things they follow etc., all I can say is that I doubt any of them will stand up to scrutiny. Just from that it balls to question any of their credibility.

    Some of the accounts by the WSJ said that villagers in that area seen Bergdahl wandering around but they just thought he smoked to much hash. I am wondering if his buddies didn’t get him high and set him up. Like the fictitious note he left behind. Time will tell. One thing for sure for the repubs this is going to be their albatross. He He!

  4. Reprehensible Nut Cases! Always ready for hateful activities – just take a look at this!

    500,000 “Impeach Obama for leaving an American behind in Afghanistan” protest signs found in dumpster behind RNC:

  5. For those keeping score: They say he left he guard post. Wrong.1) He was relieved then ask his commander could he take his weapon with him ,was told no and then left. So his commander knew what he was doing unless he is a republican then I can understand that he had no idea
    2) They said he deserted. Wrong. Intercepts of Taliban chatter clearly shows he was captured while taking a dump
    3)They say he was a traitor and converted to Islam. This bombshell was leaked to fox by a man who was convicted during Iran Contra because he knew someone whose Uncle ned saw super duper top secret documents that said so. Enough said

    I know I am missing a lot more lies by the lying liars on the right but I think you get my point. Not only are they inhumane, treacherous bastards but they don’t deserve to call themselves American for even suggesting we leave one of ours behind because of their racism. Yeah I said it.

  6. The right said he was a traitor and you bought it. Is that the truth something the right knows nothing about

  7. Congressman Ron de Santis is the most deranged of these deranged fks. What he sent me is too long to paste here. More later.

  8. I’m sure you’re right. Just because a Soldier says he was tortured doesn’t make it true. Let’s begin with John McCain.

  9. The media has driven this right-wing disgusting swiftboating. Everything the Tnutz have said the MSM has promoted and that includes much of MSNBC. And the Time cover is a disgrace. The majority of pundits are beholding to their corporate masters who sign their paychecks. They do what they are told. If we had a decent media in this country, they would have at least said we’re not judging until a thorough investigation has been done. They would also called out the right-wing and their weak-kneed Democratic cohorts for denigrating this soldier before facts are known.

  10. Knowing how conservatives are ALL IN with torture, and all against anything Obama, chances they will be ok with Bergdahl having been tortured…

  11. It’s tragic how easily they will sacrifice a soldier that’s been through so much just to further their despicable cause.

  12. This story is on 24×7 on CNN, apparently they have given up on the missing plane. They are great publicists. Not so great journalists.

  13. G.O.P. chairman Rence Priebus said,” We know nothing about the litter found in the alley behind our national office. We suspect this is part of an orchestrated mainstream media smear campaign. For the record, we are opposed to littering.”
    LOL I almost lost my keyboard. They have no shame but at least the idiots are good for a belly laugh

  14. Imagine yourself on active duty, squatting on a hill in Afghanistan.

    Who can you trust?

    The American people?

    Your fellow unit members?

    Military morale and esprit d’corps are critical to a functional professional military.

    Now that the right has pissed that away, the US volunteer military will collapse.

    If you can’t trust your unit members not to turn on you, who can you trust?

    This was a problem for minorities – women, gays, blacks, Jews, Filipinos, Asians – now it’s a white male christian problem.

    They forgot that loyalty is a 2 way street. Game of Thrones is over. America lost.

  15. Until he is convicted by a court under the Uniform Code of Military Justice he is still a U.S Soldier,a citizen and a former prisoner of war as well as a human being. Has the idea of patriotism in this country degraded to an accusation is enough to leave one of our own in the hands of the enemy. This whole treatment of his release and the fact that death threats are being allowed and even tolerated and encouraged toward not only his family but his whole town for even thinking of welcoming him home instead of stoning him outright in the streets because the Gnarly Old Pricks say so sickens me.

  16. Taliban reports he tied to escape, twice. Contrary to your beliefs they do have a military structure with written reports, etc., the same as any other functioning body. It also details the repercussions of those escape attempts. Be informed.

  17. It is up t media to its job. Report the facts. Not following Fix News. It’s a shame that in this great nation. We allow a network to broadcast lies 24/7. I do not think that fore fathers had this in mind. When they came up with the 1st Amendment freedom of speech. At some point accountability should be held..IJS

  18. Hmm. The Taliban who allegedly tortured Bergdahl – Are these the same Taliban with whom Bergdahl went AK-47 target shooting? That he’s buddy-buddy with? Those Taliban?

  19. Swiftboating is a good thing – It means the military tell the truth about someone in or who was in the military who told lies.

    Are prigs seriously saying they hate the truth and prefer promoting lies? Sheesh.

  20. Dumbass the Military does not swiftboat. I am beginning to think you really are stuck on stupid. Do you even know what swiftboating means because if you did you would not be holding up as a shining example of truth. Big dummy

  21. You know if they are found to be wrong, they will just “double-down” on their position and keep repeating it anyway.

  22. That treasonous supreme court justice that ruled that it is legal to lie in the political arena caused this problem! May he and his right wing buddies roast in hell for that ridiculous decision!

  23. I’ll bet the GOP sleazemongers aren’t saying much in Idaho.

    As a matter of fact, Republican congressman Raul Labrador came out earlier this week in condemnation of the scurrilous attacks by his party and RW news and blogs on both Bowe and Bob Bergdahl.

    Although, that hasn’t kept either Labrador nor Idaho’s two Senators from attacking President Obama on “breaking the law” in not giving Congress a chance to mull over release of Gitmo prisoners in the proposed exchange.

    …Like that’d stay out of the news cycle for long.

    …Like Congress would not scuttle the exchange because…Obama, because…Benghazi or Berghazi, or something.

  24. Let’s see which journalist uncovers the source of those fliers. A forensics expert could nail it down rather quickly, and an unnamed source at the print shop could confirm who placed the order.

  25. That was a hoax, or satire. The picture is actually of an accident – read the comments at the link.

    “This is a picture of a three car accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago. The premise is funny, but it isn’t true.”

    “no it was office paper garbage that was going to the dump in Chicago south suburbs. This picture is an accident that occured on a Chicago expressway last week, The trailer unhitched and was hit by a semi and then a school bus carrying some special needs people. It took 4 hours to clean up causing a huge back up on I94 on one of our busiest stretches of road at rush hour. No indication of what kind of garbage it was other than office waste in a trailer. There you go the GOP is insane, no surprise there.”

  26. That story may be satire. Check out some of the other blog entries made by the writer on the website.

  27. Now now, let’s not get too carried away. After all, like Dickless Cheney said, it’s not “torture” it’s “Enhanced Interrogation” and if it’s good enough for us to do to prisoners, then we shouldn’t complain when it is done to our people who’ve been captured, right?
    This is “Conservative Logic” after all. The old “all’s fair in love and war” theme. Sgt. Bergdahl should be happy that he wasn’t arrested and executed by John McCain and Bitch McConnell immediately after he was freed.
    (Just so there is no mistake, this is sarcasm)

  28. The Right has attempted to shrink the definitions for torture, so that only torture that results in the failure of a major organ actually constitutes torture for them, so of course if Bergdahl was kept outdoors in a cage, subjected to sleep deprivation, forced to squat in physical-stress positions, or be threatened with attack by animals (to name a few), they won’t consider it REAL torture.

  29. And what tells you it’s not true Dennis? Don’t tell me you are one of those RWNJs who let hate destroy their brains? We bring our soldiers home Dennis. You really need a new news source.

  30. FYI: The media is repub owned and repub corporate run. One of the biggest lies sold to the American people is that the media is liberal. We have been so had.

  31. he left his post but he was not on duty. his only wrong was going somewhere he wasn’t suppose to go. its mighty funny no one saw him leave. That Post was very lacks. He apparently thought it was safe to take a walk. the Taliban was close to the base. He might have adverted an attack on the post. But, who knows. So don’t judge. get the facts straight first. Apparently some of his comrades didn’t know him. He was a loner.

  32. He wouldn’t drink beer and eat bbq with them and the horror of horrors he actually picked up a book to better understand the world he was in. Give his ass death because we all know learning is a bad thing. Drinking beer well that’s the American way of life

  33. Here is my take on Bowe Bergdahl. I just stick to the facts, and ignore all the rumors that have been proven false.

    Perhaps the reason Bergdahl’s unit mates are so actively trying to destroy him is because they tried/threatened to kill him, and that is why he fled. He emailed his dad they day before he disappeared about his unit intentionally killing civilians, ‘running a child over with their truck.’ I am willing to bet Bergdahl let them know he didn’t approve of their murdering civilians and they were probably going to kill him to stop him from telling on them for the murder. (page 4 paragraph 1-5)

    Notice how quickly members of his unit have rushed to the cameras to discredit him when the found out he was freed.

  34. The blow-back on the Repukes is just mounting….and it’ll hit them like a massive tidal wave by the time this is all said and done. They’ll all be exposed for the extreme hypocrites they truly are.

  35. They have all broken nondisclosure agreements they signed with the Pentagon, which is an extreme and highly prosecutable action for anyone to undertake unless they are desperate, being paid to, or have been promised defense council for the fallout of doing so. They are definitely operating out of some unseen motivation other than “making sure Bergdahl isn’t considered a hero”. A few of his unit mates have repeated the story about Bergdahl leaving a note when he left, but all the available information the military has says there was never a note.

  36. Some of his unit mates also claim that six soldiers were killed hunting for Bergdahl but the military says no there is no evidence to suggest that.

    Remember, some of the members of his unit received other than honorable discharges upon their departure from military service.

    I see this entire story unfolding and doing a 180, where the military arrest his unit mates, and releases their findings. There are going to be a lot of media types, and political figures caught with mouths full of crap before this is over. What we have here is a regular ‘Cliven Bundy Moment’ in the making.

  37. Yes, except Fox was stirring their anger up quite well in 2012 and Romney still lost, bad.

    I don’t see how 2016 is going to go any better for them. We might see a complete meltdown at Fox and the rest if Dem’s win again….

  38. And Fox told you that, so you believe it, right Sally… I mean you don’t have any evidence for your claims… do you?


  39. So of course, you have evidence to support your position, right Sally?

    I mean you aren’t just some sockpuppet repeating the lies Fox told you that you believed, are you?

    Or am I being too hard on sockpuppets?

  40. If this young man was any of the republicans sons or brothers you would not hear one bad thing about this. It’s all about causing make up scandals about our President Obama, a man who has tried for years to pass bills that will help the American people and they obstructed him all the time. I hope Americans can see this and go out in Nov as if it were a presidential ace, and vote these radicals out.If you do that Democrats will win back the house, and the Senate and then you will see so many great things happen for all Americans, because there will not be any obstructions The President with all of our help will get everything done for Americans that he has been trying to do since he took office. We were very fortunate to have gotten the Obamacare done, it is helping so many people, who otherwise would have died. just please vote republicans out and get house back and Senate. Don’ sit home and not vote that is what happened in 2010, when we lost house.

  41. I agree with all of your comments you are spot on. i just put a comment on you might want to read.

  42. Here’s the big mistake Republicans
    ALWAYS make when it comes to President
    Barack Obama,
    they think they are smarter than he is.
    This latest stunt may well be the final
    nail in their own coffin.
    They can lie, spin, & twist alotta things
    but when you start attacking an American
    Soldier who was held by the Taliban for FIVE long years, and you’re WRONG, that’s UNFORGIVABLE!!!
    Their ‘Sink the ship to drown the Captain’ has again been Xposed.
    In their rush to attack President Obama
    for doing something they actually attacked him for NOT doing in the recent past, they dragged this Soldier, his reputation, his Family, even his Town through the MUD.
    It’s just plain WRONG!

  43. America, aren’t you tired of the hate filled vile tripe, that IS the Republican mantra, and has been for the last 30 years? Get out and vote Blue. Let’s turn this country around and do something positive for this country, besides starting wars and taking food out of the mouths of children and seniors.
    Vote in November 2014.

  44. I hope the author is correct about this, but I just have to wonder if the gullible American public will lap up these lies and vote against Democrats in the upcoming elections.

  45. It depends. Today McCain told a lie that even my 13 year old knew it was a lie. Candy Crowley just smiled and didn’t challenge him. I guess those BBQ must be special. If the media doesn’t do its job then the American people will not know the truth and with them already have found him guilty I don’t think they will correct themselves but double down on the misleading at best reporting

  46. See this is what I am talking about. Now I know faux is not a news site but I wonder how many in the village will run with this bullshit
    Fox Analyst: Bergdahl Might Be A Traitor Because He Was Freed Wearing A Muslim ‘Smock’
    Fox News media analyst Lauren Ashburn on Sunday suggested that former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could be a Taliban sympathizer because he was released after five years of captivity wearing a Muslim “smock.”

  47. The RWNJ have their excuse to bash the this soldier because, “He was a traitor.” Now, mind you..they have no confirmation that he was indeed a traitor. This is a figment of their small minds, and they parrot whatever they feel will make POTUS look bad, at the cost of anything or anyone.

    I would like to know..what is their excuse for not passing bills for all the other veterans and their families that have served in the wars of the Right?

  48. @ Kelly, I completely agree with you. I have smelled a rat from the start of this ordeal. I am betting those in his unit thought he would never be brought back or live to tell anyone.

  49. Dennis

    Based on your logic, why should I believe Senator John McCain when he says he was tortured. Because he has a broken arm to prove it. Maybe he slipped on a banana peel.

  50. “I’m not telling you that they don’t have some ability at some point to go back and get involved (in fighting). But they also have an ability to get killed doing that. ” Kerry said in his first public comments on the controversial prisoner exchange.

    It seems clear to me. They have to behave themselves. The R’s should just STFU already.

  51. Stop being stuck on stupid as Gov Jindal put it before the vapors got to him and I wont call you idiots and the American Taliban oh yeah and rethuglican but when you threaten through the right wing media someones family the Bergdalhs then you are THUGS. DEAL WITH IT

  52. So true. I was reading an article last night about the soldiers that are speaking out and one of them was dishonorable discharged. I also read that several had problems and were demoted or moved and that the Army was so desperate for men that they started taking felons and people with low IQs that couldn’t pass the entrance test. I also read a couple of General’s statement saying that it isn’t true what those soldiers are saying. That none of them lost their life just because they were out looking for him. I also read a letter by him talking about how horrible it was to see a child ran over for no reason of all except for hate. People have forgotten too soon about how horrible the Iraqi prisoners were treated and how many were killed for no reason except that they were Iraqi citizens. No wonder thousands of soldiers have committed suicide because they couldn’t deal with what they saw.

  53. I read the other night about a statement that was made by the Taliban that this soldier would never convert to a Islam. That he refused the whole time he was there and that he also was beaten for it.
    A lot of soldiers have committed suicide because of what happened in those wars because they couldn’t take what they had seen or participated in. I read more soldiers have committed suicide in these two wars than any other wars so what went on must be pretty damn bad. We do know from the past that our prisoners of war were tortured mentally, physically and sexually. That people were killed for no reason just because they were citizens of that country and that includes children. He wrote a letter to his parents saying how horrible it was to see a child ran over on purpose. How can that not affect someone that is normal. Also the Army couldn’t get enough soldiers so they started taking in felons and people with low IQs. One of those soldiers speaking out was dishonorable discharged.

  54. Anything is possible. All the Right has is lies. This just shows the patriotism so touted by the RW. This man was US military. Nobody knows what really happened. Personally, I believe that we just don’t leave any American behind. Let these “righteous RW SOBs” walk a mile in any soldier’s shoes before they judge.

  55. Yep, they do double down on lies, because they don’t care to learn the truth..or learn anything else for that matter. The RW is a special kind of stupid.

  56. I don’t think these revelations will deter the GOP one bit. They have repeated there is no such thing as torture, only “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

  57. Juan. That is satire, you know, like The Daily Currant and the Onion. The right buy into these satire pieces,and some are even reported by Fox. But the guy who wrote it is a cartoonist.

  58. When Bergdahl was shown in the handover video I thought he must have been kept in a very dark place because he could not focus his eyes
    and kept blinking as if trying to see.
    Also after 5 years in captivity I do not imagine his own clothes were anything other than rags, he had obviously been dressed for the occasion by his captors.

  59. Let me get this straight. You are ok with him leaving his post and putting everyone else’s life at risk because he was not there to defend and warn the installation. You are ok that he may have SEEKED the Taliban. You are alright with him possibly giving intel that led to the death of other soldiers. And in exchange for this person, lets give up 5 high ranking Taliban people who are going to help plan operations to kill more Americans. I DON”T CARE that he was tortured. What did he think would happen if an enemy soldier sought them out, they would throw him a party? I mean really people…put aside your political politics and look at the picture outside of what MSNBC projects!

  60. That’s a lot of ifs ands mays but no substance. You have no proof what so ever that he did the things you sitting on your couch accuse him of doing. Who the hell are you to be judge and jury when at best you hear and at worst you got your information from Fox which everything they have reported has been debunked. You are a sad excuse not only as a human being but you are unfit to call yourself an American.

  61. Also after 5 years in captivity I do not imagine his own clothes were anything other than rags, he had obviously been dressed for the occasion by his captors
    The GAP at the Mall of the Jihadist was close for the weekend

  62. 1 – He was off duty.

    2 – “may” and “possibly” are not the same thing as “did”. Gun owners may possibly shoot innocent people. Do we convict them of murder now?

    3 – The fact that you “DON’T CARE that he was tortured” tells us a hell of a lot more about you then it does about Bowe.

    4 – Even if he did everything Fox, errr I mean you, says he did, we bring home our soliders, period. If there was any wrong doing, it needs to be addressed here at home.

  63. Funny you brought up fox because found this little nugget and how times have changed
    WTF FLASHBACK: When A Fox News Reporter Converted To Islam And Joined The Terrorists

    Now there is no proof that Bergdahl converted to Islam, none what so ever because if their were proof we would have seen it but when one of their own did it nothing was said. Things that make you go Hmmm….

  64. No, David. We tell the truth here and you only think it’s “hate-filled vile tripe”. See how that works? Of course you don’t.

  65. Yep. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pig – something the RW-sheep just don’t understand (or don’t want to understand). Most people with more than half of a working brain get it, but that reasonableness just flies over the pointy heads of hateful RW-sheep.

  66. They were gungho for Bowe. What made them recoil in horror is when they got a look at his father and based on a superficial assumption labeled that man a Muslim. I knew when I saw him standing there next to the President that they were going to lose their damn minds. LMAO.

    It was far worse than I thought it would be. They’re, I believe it was Chris Wallace, was even talking about the “death penalty”. What a foolish and idiotic people.

  67. NO!! he just had not yet learned how to eject from a plane after ejecting from a couple of other planes he crashed. His arm was broken before landing, but he was not given medical attention immediately. That is why his arm is now not fully functional.

  68. I’ve never, ever heard of an American POW being treated like this before. All due to the fact, that the opposing party hates the current POTUS with a passion. POW’s should never be caught in the crossfire of warring political parties. It’s immoral and wrong. These men and women volunteered to go overseas and fight for us. I don’t care if he deserted (if that’s even true). He still went Afghanistan to fight for our freedoms. Our soldiers deserve nothing less than a warm homecoming after being in combat. Nothing less and nothing more.

  69. It works for the mid terms. Hopefully not as well this November but generally it is about which side turns out their voters and the Right has always been much better about this in mid terms. It is why we got the obstructionist Congress after the 2010 mid terms.

  70. The “500,000 “Impeach Obama for leaving an American behind in Afghanistan”” post was a joke posted by a cartoonist. The picture was from a Chicago truck accident.

    The joke is that the republicans scream Benghazi at everything Obama does or doesn’t do, even ideas(like AHA) that came from Republicans. So, while there were no actual posters, they definitely would have heaped criticism on him if he had not traded for this soldiers freedom.

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