Bernie Sanders Tees Off On Dick Cheney and Vows To Adamantly Oppose Any New War In Iraq


Sen. Bernie Sanders sent a message to Dick Cheney and the other Republicans who are calling for war with Iraq. On MSNBC, Sanders warned the warmongers that he will adamantly oppose any attempts to send ground troops into Iraq.


After discussing how the trillions of dollars spent in Iraq could have been used to repair US infrastructure and create millions of new jobs, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

I voted against the war going into that war, and the one thing that really drives me a little bit nuts is people are still listening to the Dick Cheneys and the others who got us into this disastrous situation in the first place by not telling us the truth and the reality of what was going on in Iraq.

To my mind clearly, this is not just an American issue. It is a crisis which the international community has got to deal with, which the region. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran have got to be working with the international community to stop terrorists from taking over Iraq, but I am adamantly opposed to sending ground troops into Iraq, and to get back into that war that we got out of.

I do support the president protecting the embassy. I think some troops giving training to the Iraqi army is okay, but I will adamantly oppose the United States getting involved in a ground war in Iraq again.

If Republicans even try to get around President Obama and fire up the ground war in Iraq again, they are going to meet with a wall of resistance among the American people. Even though, the majority of Republicans oppose sending ground troops back into Iraq it is telling than many Republican congressional leaders have been very quiet on the issue. The Republicans who oppose sending ground troops in have let the Bush neo-cons resurface and take the spotlight away from them.

There is zero chance that President Obama will send ground troops back into Iraq, but the war hawk segment of the Republican Party is beating the drums for more conflict and bloodshed. Their war cries worked on a nation that was still reeling from 9/11, but they are not going to successful a second time.

Sen. Sanders is correct. There is a way to assist the Iraqi government without sending combat troops back in. He was also correct that Iraq’s stability is an issue for the international community. An Iraq that is controlled by terrorists is a danger to the world. This is why despite the growls coming out of Cheney land, the American people must stick together and send the united message that there will be no more ground war in Iraq.

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  1. Thank you Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    The GOP had to have their arm twisted to give our vets their benefits; now they want to send more men and women back into war. Let the GOP who vote for war go first, and then their offspring.

    We need more representatives like Bernie Sanders!

  2. What I would give to see Sanders and Cheney in a one on one debate. Sanders is truly one of the true men of the times. Thanx Mr. Sanders for being our voice of reason.

  3. Again we revert back to the 1940’s with McCain and Cheney beating the drums of war. Back then we could simply blow a whole bunch of innocent people to smitherines and call it a victory. Today, that is not possible or desireable. Today we have to be smarter.

    I applaud President obama for looking at the source of the problem. Inclusion into a society by all. It seems current leaders in Iraq have simply done what Sadamm Husein did but for another sect.

    This must change. Nobody can win in any country without including all in their political process. Imagine a world where all countries allowed freedom of religion and enforced separation of church and state. And where religion actually followed their true beliefs.

    So the best thing for the war mongers to do is to sit down and shut up. McCain and Cheney cream their pants every time there’s a chance to blow away the enemy. And they seem to lack concern about more and more youth coming home in body bags.

  4. “If Republicans even try to get around President Obama and fire up the ground war in Iraq again…”

    They CAN’T get around President Obama on this – he is Commander-in-Chief. As long as he says “no” to troops on the ground fighting again, there’s nothing Congress can do. They cannot send in troops themselves.

    That said, Republicans WILL do what they did before (and what they’re doing now): fear monger.

    They’re very good at it, but I don’t know that they can work the old “magic” a second time. Americans are less likely to buy lies and fear mongering a second time…at least, most of us anyway.

  5. I am starting to become suspicious that this sudden “explosion” of Iraq war “salesmen” coming out to try to rehabilitate themselves is a preemptive strike to get out ahead of some VERY damaging info on them and what they did. I.E. the sh*t is about to get real for cheeney and his nincompoops.

  6. If Republicans want another war ANYWHERE, fine, they can go themselves and take their 2nd Amendment, open carry nitwits with them.

  7. No ground troops, and minimal training aid, except of course,
    if the children of the Republican Congress(men and women) want to send their progeny into war.

  8. Let’s be clear. The Republicans we’re hearing from don’t really want to go back into Iraq. They just want to paint Obama and the Democrats as being wimps. It will rally the warmongering part of their base and it fits in with their blame Obama strategy. If they throw enough mud, some of it will invariably stick.

  9. Absolutely. The GOP needs campaign hay for November. Apparently they are desperate enough to bring old “Snarlin’ Dick Cheney” out of his bunker to bang on the war drum. The cavalcade of warmongers has always been lurking in the background. They use these incidents of sectarian violence in the Middle East to slither out pollute the airwaves with their lies.

  10. The Arab Spring has turned the Mid-East into a bonfire. Armed intervention by the west is not the answer. The Mid-east will probably have to solve its own problems and we may not like the outcome.

  11. If that were to ever happen I think that tricky Dick would have his 4th heart attack. That is of course assuming this bionic old man still has a heart.

  12. McCain is very confused. He doesn’t seem , to know who’s who on the right side or wrong side of this wholly sectarian civil war. Messy as it is. The Sunni’s want revenge from the Shiites who kicked them out of the power bubble and relegated them to second class Iraquis. Shiites are saying F-k you Sunnis…you had the power and made OUR lives miserable, so now its payback. Hence, the fight that’s happening.

  13. To the 22nd century people, Dick Cheney is going to go down as one of the most rotten people of the 21st century next to the Koch brothers. The early 21st century is going to look like the 1850s and 1870s to us: when the robber barons pilfered the US treasury to build their often times bogus railroads and inflated the expenditure to pad their bank accounts.

    So to are the Cheney’s and the Koch brothers. They make the Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilts look like penny ante players. They are going to be seen as the men who destroyed the US economy, the US infrastructure and sent the US on it’s dark path.

    I just hope that they aren’t the ones who finally break the US and sent us down the path of irreversible decline.

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