Instead of Creating Jobs, John Boehner Has Been Planning To Sue Obama For Six Months


Instead of doing his job, John Boehner has spent the last six months plotting to sue President Obama.

The Washington Examiner

Obama and congressional Democrats are calling the move a political stunt because of the timing of the announcement, which came less than five months before the midterm elections.

But Boehner actually started putting the lawsuit together in January.

Six months ago, at the speaker’s direction, House leadership aides began consulting with legal scholars and Republican staff on the House Judiciary Committee in preparation to jumpstart legal action.

During the intervening period, Boehner has leaned on Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, and Reps. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina for advice on how to put the House’s case in the best position to be heard and decided favorably by the courts.

In the past six months House Republicans have blocked job creation bills, spending on infrastructure, refused to extend unemployment benefits, and refused to pass any legislation at all unless it involves tax cuts, rolling back regulations, or attacking Obamacare.

Instead of actually passing legislation, Republicans were plotting to sue President Obama. Suing the president is not part of their job, but since they aren’t interested in doing what they were sent to Washington to do, the country is forced to deal with a legislative body that is spreading their obstruction to the judicial branch.

This is why the American people need to go to the polls, and send the House Republican majority packing.

17 Replies to “Instead of Creating Jobs, John Boehner Has Been Planning To Sue Obama For Six Months”

  1. If the past several years are not enough to motivate Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, whatever the more sensible citizens of America call themselves, then nothing will.

    I know this has been said many, many times but we have to vote, not just in 2014 and 2016, but from this point forward we must make our voices heard.

    I truly believe that we are a majority in this country, but we need to make that fact known, big-time.

    VOTE NO !

  3. If Boehner is relying on Goodlatte and Gowdy for legal advice that’s like me asking Ronald McDonald for medical advice. A bunch of buffoons. How about charging them with conspiracy to impersonate politicians?

  4. As I have noted a hundred times, Boehners lack of ability and the entire gop congress’s inability to get the jobs done will be front and center in any lawsuit he brings against the President

  5. This is even more pathetic than the usual drivel. They had been planning this for 6 months and when ask what they are suing the President for they cant tell you. You just cant make this up

    Hey boner, sue these nutz
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  6. Boner the useless drunk and the rest of the geopigs need to accept that they are dead in the water…We the people clearly see who they are.

  7. That crazy foyck De Santis is from *my* district. During the shutdown,my inbox was full of his seditionist screeds. He’s not Ted Cruz only because he’s not a senator. And if there is anything I can do to help his opponent, I will. I just hope he has one.

  8. 6 months?!? You would think that they would be semi-capable of doing something to help this country in that time span.

    But, then again… they are Republicans. They only care about their one true master: Money

  9. Far too long has the common man been ignored in the favor of Corporate Interests.

    We need to band together Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian and take back control of our country by Corporate Interests.

    Our founding fathers risked their lives to end corporate control of England over the United States – it was called the American Revolution – are we going to stand by and let Conservatives give it back to them?

    Come join me at and help me develop a grass roots movement to take back our country.

    It just takes numbers – look at the NRA – they say something and the Republicans quake – are they smarter than the rest of us? No, they just have a few million members. is a new site where we can gather and discuss policies and more importantly band together to affect change. Numbers do matter.

    It’s in development (not pretty) come help make it a reality.

  10. Reid has 1,000’s of job bills, suggestions and ideas. The Dems have made NO effort to create anything except chaos!!

  11. Tax cuts for the rich does not make a jobs bill. If you knew how to read instead of watching fox you would know that

  12. There have been 428 Republican Filibusters; 82 of those were against Judicial Nominees.

    They filibustered EVERY Jobs Bill Democrats introduced including the Veterans Jobs Bill.

    We got that through on the second try, STILL with 40 GOP votes against it.

    The GOP House was supposed to focus on “Jobs Jobs Jobs” but only sent bills to privatize Medicare and Social Security.

    When asked how THAT was a jobs bill, they said “eh, hrum, Supply Side Economics, cough”.

  13. I hope they let Howdy Doody litigate it for them. He might use that tactic he used on the IRS administrator in a South Crazylina court, but the big boys would slap him so hard BAINer would feel it.

  14. I THINK the White House got the best top-notch lawyers…..this “lawsuit” will fizzle if it has not done so already. A stupid stunt aimed at playing the “We don’t like Obama game” No matter what they do to besmirch his presidency…they fall flat looking like the dayuuuum fools that they are. That’s it Republicans are spiteful and pitiful. No wonder they are in the mess they are in.

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