Republicans Sneak Amendment Into Bill That Forces The Pentagon To Deny Climate Change


Ever since Republicans, and teabaggers, took control of the House of Representatives in 2011, they have revealed their corporate loyalties, hypocrisy, devotion to the dirty energy industry, religious opposition to science, and abject hatred of the people they were elected to serve. Of course, the list of who Republicans serve over the American people is endless, but those specific items were encapsulated in one amendment snuck in at the eleventh hour in the House Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that passed with undying support of the Republican caucus.

The amendment in question was inserted by Representative David McKinley (R-WV) who continued his anti-science, hypocritical, dirty energy devotion, disregard for national security, and hatred of his constituency that he began last May. The new amendment is similar to McKinley’s budget amendment in May that forbid the Pentagon from acknowledging climate change exists despite the Department of Defense’s annual warning that addressing climate change is vital to protecting national security. The new amendment prohibits both the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Army Corps of Engineers from acknowledging or spending even one penny “to design, implement, administer or carry out specified assessments regarding climate change.”

According to McKinley, “Congress should not be spending money pursuing an ideologically driven experiment. Spending precious resources to pursue a dubious climate change agenda compromises our clean-energy research and America’s infrastructure,” McKinley is a typical Republican liar because the same spending bill forbidding the Energy Department and Army Corp of Engineers from spending to design, implement, administer, or carry out anything to do with climate change also slashed $100 million from the DOE’s budget for renewable and clean energy programs while increasing federal funding for coal and other fossil fuels. McKinley, and House Republicans, cannot have it both ways and say spending on climate change compromises “our clean energy research and infrastructure” while cutting $100-million from clean-energy research and prohibiting the DOE and Army Corps from designing or implementing infrastructure improvements to address anything regarding climate change.

The bill that passed Thursday night is a veritable dirty energy industry wish list of anti-environmental measures to thwart efforts to save energy, maintain clean air, and preserve precious water resources. McKinley’s amendment that every Republican voted for is best summarized as a House mandate that the federal government ignore climate change and the preponderance of climate science as well as severe droughts, wildfires, superstorms, flooding, and heat waves plaguing Americans, threatening national security, and harming the economy. McKinley’s remark that spending on preventing the deadly effects of climate change is a “dubious ideologically driven experiment” is typical rhetoric from the religious right’s anti-science crusade, and as blatant a display of Republican hypocrisy Americans will ever witness.

If McKinley and House Republicans reject “spending precious resources” on something as crucial as national security, energy independence, and the nation’s economic well-being, then why are they spending millions to sue the President, giving billions-of-dollars in welfare to the dirty energy industry, or $700-million to the dirty religious industry? It must be part of the Republicans’ storied “prioritizing” where they spend Americans’ tax dollars; particularly on national security. It is noteworthy that when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton requested additional embassy security spending, Republicans not only rejected her request out of hand, they cut security spending by $300 million as a budget priority and then voted to “spend precious resources” for corporate tax breaks.

The Republican prohibition on acknowledging, or “spending precious resources” to address climate change is likely a continuation of the GOP’s outrage against President Obama for directing the Environmental Protection Agency to cut carbon emissions in light of the National Climate Assessment reports that detailed the ongoing and extremely detrimental effects of climate change. It was less than a month ago that congressional Republicans threatened to shutdown the government if the EPA dared impose any of the President’s recommendations to curb carbon emissions driving climate change. At the end of 2103, Republicans attempted to insert an amendment in the budget banning the EPA from inspecting polluting industries or enforcing federal environmental regulations in the states to protect the dirty energy industry.

According to the Department of Energy, it is heavily involved with efforts to address climate change that Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said was “a top priority of the Energy Department.” He continued that “We develop new technologies and reduce the costs of renewables, environmental protection in natural gas production, carbon capture, and sequestration, really across the board. As global temperature rise, wildfires, droughts, and high electricity demand put stress on the nation’s energy infrastructure. And severe weather, the leading cause of power outages and fuel supply disruption in the United States is projected to worsen.” According to Republicans, the Energy Department addressing severe weather impacting America is nothing but “an ideologically-driven experiment” wasting “precious resources pursuing a dubious climate change agenda.”

Although Republicans are waging a ferocious war against any and all efforts to combat climate change, McKinley’s amendment will never get past the Senate or President Obama’s veto. One House Democrat, Mary Kaptur of Ohio said, “This amendment requires the Department of Energy to assume that carbon pollution isn’t harmful and that climate change won’t cost a thing, that’s nothing but a fantasy.” It may well be a fantasy, but it is more likely Republicans doing what comes naturally; protect the dirty energy industry. Republicans cannot deny that climate change’s detrimental effects and devastation are already wreaking havoc on the people, national security, and the economy. Especially after warnings that states suffering critical record-breaking droughts like Arizona and California are likely to run out of water within two years due to climate change.

If nothing else, the amendment forbidding the DOE and Army Corps of Engineers from addressing the devastation of climate change epitomizes what any conscious American has learned is part and parcel of what it means to be a teabagger-Republican. It is inherent rank hypocrisy, blatant adoration and devotion to the dirty energy industry, opposition to spending on national security, religious rejection of science, disregard for the nation’s economic health, and blatant contempt for the American people; all fundamental requirements to be a congressional Republican.


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  1. Seeing as how the Pentagon is it’s own government this ignorant temper tantrum from the Reich Wing is not a big thing.

  2. Just another perfect example of the Hypocrisy of the Republican Party. In spite of the First Amendment right to free speech, these “Constitution-loving Conservatives” want to censer any opinions that differ from their own.

    When it comes to war and “security”, where is the “restraint” to “spend precious resources”?

  3. The Republican Party of the 21st Century, is the party of “the world is flat”. They don’t believe in science at all, even when they are proven wrong.

  4. Only because the bill will never pass the Senate. This is an act of Talipubicans paying homage to their one true God, the almighty dollar and their true religion, Kocholism.

  5. NSA wire tapping illegal yet done without accountability.
    Why should the Pentagon be any different?

    Tis better to ask forgiveness (from the people)
    then being negligent due to a lack of permission.
    The Pentagon will show due-diligence you can count on that

  6. I couldn’t help it but wonder if you’re the same one as notorious Romney-licker Suzanne12 in TheDailyBeast website.

  7. That would be “censor”. A “censer” is something incense is burned in. It’s a typical item in an Orthodox Christian service.

    I also fail to see where the Pentagon should have ANY opinion on “climate change”. Its job is defense, not climate policy. The only interest the Defense Department has in Climate, is insuring that troops deployed have the appropriate uniforms for local conditions. . .

  8. Have the democrats put in an amendment that stops any federal aid to any state hit by natural disasters. See how quick both amendments go away

  9. Wrong. Climate change presents them with a defense problem. Your knowledge of the Pentagon is horribly lacking

  10. UNBELIEVABLE, IDIOTIC, IGNORANT! These Right-Wing, Radical Repubs are at it again. Obviously, they don’t care a hoot about our country, nor do they adhere to the Oath of Office they took upon becoming Congresspeople. We cannot allow these ignorant people to be the ones in charge of governing our country. We ALL MUST VOTE in November and get intelligent, courageous people into Congress. Otherwise, when severe climate change comes about and the ice-caps melt, and cities and suburbs are underwater, we will be a country (?) of small islands, constantly threatened by the unleashed elements. Is that what these RWRRepubs want for us? They are really running amok!!

  11. I don’t believe this would stand up in court. Congress does not have a right to dictate how agency budgets are spent; only to allocate the money. Does anyone know of a precedent otherwise?

  12. the only way the GOP can get a bill passed is sneak it in thru another important bill so no one pays attention to it.

  13. You don’t have a clue about the Defense Department — why do you think they have their own weather people? Climate change affects many parts of the DoD and unlike the hard right with their heads buried in the sand, they are looking to the future not to the past.

  14. The DOD is way ahead of the curve when it comes to solar and as many “green” energies as possible.
    The GOP at the state level is attempting to change text books to more favorably present their agenda, so it’s no surprise the GOP is “Making Law” their science denial. If it goes to the “Roberts Five” court it will be upheld under the guise of “strong belief” regardless of accuracy…
    You know just like.. Money is speech..Corporations are People.. Racism is dead.. Unions will soon be dead..

  15. THANK YOU! Now the pentagon can buy gas for it’s trucks and the pilots can train and the boys defending our nation can train! Yahooooo!

    Uh, global warming and cooling is natural. NATURAL. The CO2 in the atmosphere isn’t near the amount our beloved trees and plants can use. So, exhale.

  16. In addition to being prepared for troop deployments in current conditions where parts of the world will be experiencing more extreme climate, an important part of defense readiness is planning for conflicts of the future. As the Himalayan ice caps disappear, reducing the source of great rivers in Asia from the Ganges to the Yangtze, rivers which supply water to well over a billion people who live in countries that now posses NUCLEAR WEAPONS; ya think the DoD might want to have some ideas up front for the security problems that might present?

  17. And to improve the design flaws in the F-35, they also demand that the Pentagon deny the force of gravity.

  18. “Sneak it in.” That too funny. Maybe if the politicians on both side of the isle bothered to read to bills that they vote on before voting for or against the bills, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Or is that too much to expect from the likes of Nanny Peloci.

  19. Why would you just pick out Pelosi? After all you dont seem to care that this stuff gets snuck in do you?

    Corrupt, just like those you follow

  20. You are a total idiot. Climate deniers like you will be the death of the planet. Why do you believe and what do think 90% of climatologists would achieve from lying about the warming of the world? It is not just CO2 that is a problem, it is pollution of the air and seas. Pollution is causing the ice fields in Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic to melt and within 50 to 100 years the oceans will rise about 7 feet. Open your eyes and your brain if you have one and realize that proponents of climate don’t stand to make money from it but your deniers will continue to make money from the status quo.

  21. Do Republicans study the damned climate or do scientists? At this moment more than a handful of Republicans around the nation are being investigated for graft and corruption – their M.O. – and should be investigated and charged with treason & sedition as well. Scientists can show that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, CO2 has been on the rise. Bring in the automobile and massive traffic jams and all other land-roving machines, the coal-burning factories and many other objects that spew CO2 into the air, the leveling of rain forests, the emissions from weaponry and countless other sources, including cow flatulence, the amount of CO2 at the present time has spiraled to an incredible height. The more CO2 in the air, the less the heat from the sun is able to escape the earth’s surface. If it keeps on at such a rapid growth, your decendants down the line will be dead from the intense heat. It will become like Venus with no escape at all for the heat. So, who’s right?

  22. Future wars will be fought over dwindling access to water and to fertile lands due to the climate change creating oppressive weather. Armed forces need to express their researched opinion and develop strategies to deal with it. The Senate needs to strip it from the bill or the President needs to veto it should come to his desk.

  23. Apparently you did not see the three evil Cheney’s on Politico the other day. Mr. Cheney stated, we did not need money for unemployment, education, food stamps, or any other form of help for the poorest of our country. NO, we needed to spend more on machinery of war. we We and are in dire need to spend more for war according to war five deferment Cheney. If we don’t, we will be destroyed. Me thinks it’s Cheney that needs this, Could it be Halliburton isn’t getting the no bid contracts any longer??

  24. When the Unions are dead, then the right to work for less States may find out just how uninformed they really are. Some times I do wonder if they are even able to understand what that means.

  25. The Pentagon will do what it wants when it wants, if its an issue about war/Climate/ WHERE TO LAND BOATS.. And who is running out of water and needs to trade a Bomb for it. Climate change will always be discussed at the Pentagon, Republicans will not stop them.

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