Filthy Despicable Racism Is The Real Reason Why Republicans Are Suing President Obama

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A tyrant is defined as a dictator who has usurped legitimate sovereignty and wields ultimate control over everything, and is considered a ruler of horrible and massively oppressive character. According to both Plato and Aristotle, a tyrant is one who rules according to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extremely cruel tactics against his own people for sheer pleasure. Since November 2008, a tyrant in Republican parlance is an African American man the people elected to serve as their President, and in fact, they were so convinced the President-elect was a tyrant they scheduled a conclave for inauguration night to subvert the African American man they called tyrant before his first day in office.

Republicans have spent over five-and-a-half years and myriad attempts to destroy the African American President, and because they failed miserably they are seeking redress from the courts by suing Barack Obama for being President while Black. On Wednesday when House Republicans voted to sue the President, they spent their floor time explaining they were seeking relief from the judicial system because the President did precisely what they asked; give small businesses extra time to prepare for the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide healthcare insurance to their employees.

That’s right; House Speaker John Boehner and Republicans are suing Barack Obama because they complained bitterly the ACA mandate was too much of a burden, and too soon for small businesses to comply and because the African American President they call a tyrant acquiesced and gave them what they wanted, they are suing him. Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner had the temerity to demand the President take executive action to fix the Bush-Republican immigration law Boehner cannot get Republicans to pass, and this after authorizing the lawsuit against the President for doing what they wanted. It is noteworthy that several Republicans claimed if the President took executive action on immigration, they would impeach him for doing their job. Their problem with the President is not that he is a tyrant, but because he is a Black man doing what they refuse to do; work.

As far as the Republican House’s “standing” to sue the President for doing what they wanted, they have none because neither Speaker of the House John Boehner, nor any Republican suffered the loss of healthcare insurance due to the President’s executive order delaying compliance to the healthcare mandate. The American people provide the best healthcare for the Republicans who voted to sue the President prior to taking a paid five week hiatus for doing nothing for the people throughout the course of 2014. However, the Republican lawsuit has nothing whatsoever to do with “standing,” or loss of healthcare insurance, or because the President is a tyrant; it is solely because Barack Obama is an African American the people elected twice to be their President.

If the President’s race is not why Republicans call him a tyrant and are taking him to court for issuing an executive order delaying the requirement for small businesses to comply with the ACA mandate, then why did they not take George W. Bush to court for issuing a similar executive order delaying implementation of the unfunded Medicare prescription plan in 2006? In fact, a majority of the executive actions President Obama has taken, and earned calls of “tyrant” from Republicans, were exactly the same orders, including the same titles, that white president George W. Bush made earning accolades from Republicans. President Obama is not a tyrant, he is an African American President and because Republicans have failed to subvert his Presidency they intend to sue him for being a Black man in the White House. Something they cannot comport and have taken extreme measures to remedy.

Although the House Republican vote to sue the President is beyond despicable, and it is monumentally despicable, they have over the course of the past three-and-a-half years committed some of the most heinous acts to destroy the Obama presidency. They have twice threatened to force the nation to default on its credit, garnered the nation’s first-ever credit downgrade in its history, shutdown the government, attempted to scuttle a peaceful resolution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and obstructed each and every attempt to create jobs for the American people. It is beyond refute that Republicans hate this nation, and its people, but the level of racially-driven hatred of the African American man the people elected twice as President is as palpable among Republicans in Congress as the ignorant religious and racist voters who send them to Washington to subvert this President at any and all costs.

Republicans and their supporters were calling President Obama a tyrant, usurper, illegal, not an American, and an imperial President from his first days in office and it is all down to racial animus. Shortly after taking office, teabaggers compared President Obama to England’s King George III, and took to the streets claiming they were “taxed enough already” by the “tyrant” in the White House; despite the President just gave them tax cuts as part of the “stimulus” for economic relief after white-guy Bush and Republicans tanked the economy. Teabaggers were not protesting because they were overtaxed because they were just given tax cuts, they were protesting because an African American man was sitting in the Oval Office.

Republicans have made a mockery of governance for well-over five years, and it is all due to their racial animus toward Barack Obama they disguise with words like tyrant, executive overreach, dictator, and imperial president. However, according to the definition of tyrant, it is Republicans in Congress who have spent over five years attempting to wield ultimate control over everything, rule according to their own advantage rather than the people they were elected to serve, use extremely cruel tactics against their own constituents, and rule according to massively oppressive character. And what drives their tyranny against their fellow countrymen besides hatred of the people is their racially driven animus toward an African American in the White House. Now because they have failed to discredit and destroy Barack Obama’s Presidency they are taking him to court for the Confederate crime of being the President of the United States while being Black; not because he is a tyrant but because they are filthy despicable racists.


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, the rethugs are disgusting.
    I have a question that perhaps you all can give me an answer to – in view of the fact that the rethugs are going to do the nastiest
    and meanest border bill imaginable and then skip town – my question is ‘does it go to the senate for reconciliation with a senate bill’
    and if it does could the senate write a better bill and then ask the congress to reconvene to reconcile the bills.
    In other words – make them come back and work.

  2. It’s a shame that no one in the MSM has the balls to say what you have written. Everyone is afraid they will be accused of “playing the race card” whatever the fk that means. No one dare speak the word racism for fear of being denigrated. It’s whispered in like-minded company, but never shouted from the rooftops.

    Look what happened to President Carter when he dared to say it is racism that fuels the hatred of President Obama by the Teapublicans. We know it. They know it. But they’ll never admit it.

    Thank you saying what needs to be said.

  3. I am beyond dismayed and outraged by the destructive, obstructionist antics of the *R*epugnants and their evil–minded schemes! Enough already!

  4. This is the most caring president we have had in years. He is trying to help us all. I sit and dream of what this country could have already accomplished if the republicans had worked with him from day one, but instead they sue him for doing his job, and what they should be doing is working..God bless you Mr President. You have accomplished a lot even without their help, you are an amazing human being.

  5. Wow, talking about coming high and hard with the heat.

    Wake up, America, the Confederates in Congress just don’t want to destroy the Prez….they want to destroy US through bad public policy.

  6. Yep…it’s ALL about his race. Has nothing to do with his politics. Is that the best argument you have? I find people who can’t debate the issues, play the racecard.
    Also, DJRoninie, .you’re “moderator responses” are the most idiotic. LOL

  7. The racist claim seriously lacks insight. It’s like you don’t understand American politics at all. The most important aspect of our political divide that needs to be understood before the big picture will ever be clear is that the GOP is a puppet party. I’m not saying that the GOP doesn’t have it’s fair share of racists, and by fair share I mean all of them, but the racists are typically poor white trash. To be a puppet party as the GOP is, one must have a master capable of pulling the strings and that takes money. Big money.

    This has never been about race. It’s about unregulated capitalism and the political power to establish and maintain that vs a true by the people democracy.

  8. I’ve been saying this very thing for 5-1/2 years. Thank you for writing this. It’s obvious and has been from the beginning. Not mysterious at all.

  9. Its shocking that you people will have something to say but in the end don’t say anything. Methings you know its true but cant admit it

  10. Sorry djchefron my tail less mouse jerked to the right and it gave that R person an up vote. I changed the battery that won’t happen again. And “R” person, why do you and your ilk dismiss your racism and project it on we who are not racist? Because every time your ilk say and act and LEGISLATE in a purely racist manner and you are called out on it, YOU and your ilk claim that indeed we who are NOT racist are in fact in YOUR MIND ONLY may I add..,..racist. That is childish but it is what you “R’s” are! Childish pathetic self abusing whiny babies who refuse to accept reality and responsibility.

  11. Imagine, if you will… A pink faced white man with the name James L.Smith (for instance). He jas liberal leanings, a gift for oratory that sometimes is spellbinding. He has two teen aged daughters, a smart adoring wife that people like very much, and clearly cares about the american people who elected him to office for two terms. His detractors are a noisy but loyal opposition. Do you thimk even remotely that he would be facing a lawsuit for overstepping his influence by utilizing executive orders to guide the country and the congress to follow his leadership in matters he sees as good for the people he represents? Really?? I think not. This government has been hijacked by a minority of bigoted, faux-christian, ignorant, individuals who have been manipulated by a very well financed and evilly motivated “news and information” source that has created and sustained hatred and bigotry that has poisoned our democracy. Time now to call it out for what it is. Bigotry is bigotry. Not a…

  12. H/T To Lokee

    I agree that racism is at play, but the linked article presents the issue as one of intention and conspiracy. Such a presentation provides an opportunity for easy denial by all those who support of Boehner’s suit and Obama’s impeachment. In order to successfully rebut such accusation, one need only support impediment and impeachment for what we might call ‘impersonal’ reasons,’ by which I mean those reasons that do no directly relate to Obama’s race. The problem with both the accusation and the rebuttal, then, is that they equally ignore that institutional oppression–whether racism, sexism or jingoism–operates from a position that exceeds individual intention.

  13. Continued:

    As such, our critiques of the racial implications of Boehner’s suit and, more broadly, the right’s attempt to dismantle Obama’s tenure require us to abandon intentionality and conspiracy. This is true even if and when such intentionality and conspiracy is clearly present (as it surely is). In place of the intentional and conspiratorial, we must provide a careful unpacking of the causal chain whose aggregate (as opposed to individual) links produce oppression by positioning particular groups’ interests and needs as normative and hierarchically crest. I won’t waste board space with such unpacking, but I would say that the central place to begin such a task would be with an interrogation of what kind of rhetorical effect the combination of suits, birth certificates and liberty produce. To my reading, the combined effect is one that fundamentally foregrounds a citizen (that is, an individual who is both bound to and protected by a nation) who is white, male and,…

  14. Continued:
    and, depending on what part of the right we look at, wealthy.

    On the Deephouse page Lokee is a voice we should listen to. I am shocked that he/she is not published. When I look for wisdom Lokee always come through

  15. Joan: it actually doesn’t matter because the Senate adjourned yesterday and went home. So, any bill passed by the GOP House wouldn’t be acted upon in the Senate until at least the middle of September.
    Normally, when each House of Congress passes a similar bill, they convene a “conference committee” to iron out differences and send one bill back to both Houses on which to vote.
    The House GOP wants to pass a bill so they can say, “see? we passed a bill but the Senate wasn’t there to take it up…we did our jobs”….
    We know, of course, that that’s Fascist GOP propaganda, but there are millions out there who’ll believe it.

  16. Let the president do his job that one of the best president ever and the Republicans must go back to work do they job and shut they mount that the best thing they can do at this moment you guys don’t see the president help to grow people and they are working for a better solution to everyone so let’s wait and see what happened after that.

  17. I submit that from now on we use the word Reprobate instead of Republican. From now on “R” means Reprobate! What do ya’think sane people?

  18. Imagine the poor ignorant and racist in America are supporting the wealth Republicans, “Cutting off their nose to spite their face, solely because Obama is Black.”

  19. Sorry James, but seeing the Tea Partiers carrying Confederate flags and racial signs is to me, blatantly racist. I wouldn’t say it is all about race, but there is definitely a racial component to it. I’ve heard many racial remarks regarding this President and I’ve seen many racial “cartoons” on posters and posted on the internet. I must respectfully disagree with you.

  20. Reprobate, bad person, dishonest, evil, irreligious ,morally corrupt in short rethug Or reprobate-rethugs. any and all work…

  21. should have added, what ever they are called it needs to be really insulting for them to begin to understand.

  22. gsb, they are too arrogant to understand their ignorance. The thing that really pisses me off is when these idiots look at me and say “you don’t understand” The thing is, is that WE DO understand and that is what upsets them. WE DO have the facts, they hate that! We DO deal in reality and they hate that as well. But in a small way they are correct because sometimes we sane people don’t understand how someone can be so utterly clueless as they are, all we can do is pity them.

  23. Does President Obama have the authority to delay a law whose starting dates were set by Congress?

  24. The starting dates of the individual and corporate mandates under the ACA were written into law by Congress. Therefore, President Obama has no authority to delay those starting dates. He is violating the law when he delays those starting dates, which means that both sides of Congress have the right to sue the President for violating the law. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the President violating the law.

  25. Hold on. So Congress asked him to delay the mandate. He does it so now your dumbsass wants to sue him? Wow where was this concern when your very white President, bush did the same thing with Medicare ptD?

    You are a racist and the cleaners have your sheets ready with extra bleach.

    Republicans, many of whom co-sponsored a bill asking that the employer mandate be delayed until 2015, immediately denounced the move and called for the delay to be extended to individuals. Anyone who does not sign up for health insurance in 2014 is subject to a fee at tax time. In 2014, that fee is 1% of annual household income or $95 per person, and $47.50 per child. It increases every year.

  26. While one can certainly make the case that the Tea Party is rooted in racism, I find it hard to believe that the Republican Party, in general, is racist. The non-Tea Party attacks against the President have more to do with antipathies against progressive values, and the fact that he is a Democrat, as opposed to a Republican.

    As far as saying that Republicans were not mad at President Bush for his executive overreaches, I’d say that the double-standard is not about race, but, rather, partisan party loyalty.

    If you are going to declare that the Republican Party is racist, please provide the evidence that shows that most of the Republican establishment have antipathies against minorities, particularly African-Americans. I will believe that the Republican Party is racist when John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, and other prominent Republican leaders express their racism, or say things that are obviously racist. For now, though, let us not devolve to ad…

  27. Nothing the republicans do has anything to do with values. The republicans long ago showed they do not have values. I do not include ALL republicans in that statement. There have to be at least 6-10 of them left with values

    And none of them live here in the south where I am

  28. I wrote and recorded this song back in 2007, you know when George W Bush was President. Listen to the song, it’s as if I wrote it yesterday. It’s about Illegal Immigration. Listen to the WHOLE SONG start to finish. The front of the song may piss you off but the end is everything to do with what’s going on today. It’s like prophecy. Pls ck it out. Thanx and peace WJU~ #immigrationReform #immigration #barackobama #rickperry #texas #militias
    Posted a new song: “New Mexico”

  29. Ivan, true. That is happening and will continue to happen. The ignorant ones who vote against their best interest and lose..will then blame President Obama, because it happened during his time in office. That is how ugly ignorant they are.

  30. They hide their racism well, like hiding an elephant in the room! Obama has outsmarted them on healthcare,sequestration,etc. a Blackman, smarter, how are they expected to handle this guy? They will come up with a stupid idea….oh, they have!

  31. I don’t agree with some of the actions the president makes, but as it stands, he has tried his best and has done a better job than the previous POS and his puppetmaster that were in the oval office7 years ago.

  32. Practically every day we are exposed to some racial comment by some Republican Congressman, Senator, Governor, businessman, Sheriff, or some prominent GOP stalwart of any stripe. They deal us race cards right off the top of the deck, face up. When we play the obvious race card dealt us, the self righteous denials explode out of hypocritical mouths that utter pure hate. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “”The lady (and all GOP racists) doth protest too much, methinks!” Hypocrisy unlimited has become the new norm for what used to be the party of Lincoln, now the party of Limbaugh, Rove, Gingrich, Nugent, all deal race cards to deny later.

  33. And you sir are in denial or blind to the obvious. What all presidents have done for years has become suddenly unacceptable with the advent of a black president being elected for the first time in supposedly post racial America. It IS most definitely about race. It is like people who say, “”It is not about the money, it is PRINCIPLE!” When it is exactly about the money.

  34. Filthy Despicable Racism Is not The Real Reason Why Republicans Are Suing President Obama. The real reasons are twofold – 1)They are still trying to get even for Nixon’s resignation by first impeaching President Clinton and now suing President Obama, which will be just as successful as impeaching Clinton was. – 2) After their retarded President destroyed the economy 2001-2008 they can’t stand the fact that a democrat was able to improve it to a great extent, much like FDR did after a republican President destroyed the economy in the late 1920’s

  35. Now, whenever I think of or see a republican, the first thought that comes to mind is, “I bet they’re a racist.” Pretty bad and pretty sad…………

  36. What you are demanding is that we ignore all other evidence of racial animosity and only accept a written confession, “I am a racist.”

    “We have the murder weapon, motive, eyewitnesses, physical evidence, but the prime suspect in our case hasn’t provided a written confession, so he must be innocent.”

    Birtherism, which mainstream Republicans embraced either explicitly or implicitly, is the start. As Robert Draper outlined in his book, Republican leadership met on the very night of President Obama’s inauguration to agree to sabotage his presidency. Suing President Obama for doing what they asked him to do, then expecting him to take further action when their own House couldn’t do their jobs is another. Benghazi, the IRS, shutting down the government twice, defaulting on money already spent, etc all these Republican-made scandals are further evidence that their actions under President Obama exceed anything done even under Bill Clinton, and it is not just a party loyalty.

  37. I agree! Oregon’s former A.G. Frohnmayer is the worse!

    Oregon’s former A.G. Frohnmayer is preventing me getting employed, made me homeless! Put a lien on my fully paid Condo, and sold it.

    He is charging $550.00 an hour and his law firm Harrang is the D.A. of Lane County, City Attorney, and the U of Oregon!

    Frohnmayer has committed more fraudulent crimes than any elected or non-elected official! And noone is holding him accountable!,3369919

    Frohnmayer against Smith “Peyote Persecution Shows Societal Racism!

    Please sign petition.


  38. My friends & I have been talking about this for awhile. Pres. Obama being black is definitely a major factor with all the hatred towards him. How dare a black man be President & tell us what to do. We don’t care that he was elected twice.

    Well Repugs you haven’t done a damn thing for the people of this country. You hate Obama more than helping the people.

    I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Rauner, the Repug candidate for Gov. in IL. If not just call him Romney 2.0. I fear he may get elected because of his recent pandering to blacks. He has the myriad of accts. in the Caymans too.

  39. I think both sides or the blame for all this going on you all talk about the Reps but what about the sent they have not passed anything this year only if it helps them the kids that or here in tx they all maybe not all but a lot have health problems Nacey needs to get the kids in her home town you know we have never hear anything about them until the word has come they can come here and stay they also say it will help the country these kids not going to be able to help for ten years or so

  40. The Repub/Reprobate stalwarts you mention have been conspicuously silent in the face of blatant racism (signs at rallies, comments by candidates, vicious racism from RW radio and Fox pundits). Their silence amounts to condoning. They approve of it, because it keeps the ever-slobbering base forking over the do-re-mi. So you have the ignorant racist muttonheads, and then you have the ‘leaders’ who manipulate them and depend on them.
    I have never heard one single Republican elected official seriously denounce the ugliness displayed to Barack and Michelle Obama and their daughters.

  41. Why does the author and some of the commenters refer to Obama as black? If you are white and you have a child with a black person, would you deny your race and call your child black? Obama is just as much white as he is black. I know…he looks black, but he is biracial and no more black than he is white. It’s a shame that people do what the Germans did, if you’re part Jewish, that’s the bad part and we will call you that. I have every right to call Obama white if you call him black but I’m not that stupid.

  42. Yes, as a matter of fact he does, on any law. Congress debates/decides the law, the Presidents task is to implement it. There are no laws that say how he is to do that. The complaints are political ploys,nothing more, as the President is perfectly within his rights to decide HOW to implement the law.

  43. How about this,the POTUS sues Republicans in Congress for dereliction of duty,and violation of their oath of office,by placing politics,and ideology ahead of the will of the people. The GOP(Get Obama Party) is on the opposite side of “We the people” on every issue.

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