The Mainstream Media Refuses To Believe That Republicans Are Lying To Them


On ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos seemed shocked that John Boehner might lie to him about impeaching Obama, but he is just one example of the mainstream media’s willingness to believe the untrue things that Republicans say.

Video from ABC News:

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Here is the exchange between White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer and This Week Host George Stephanopoulos that put the media’s intentional ignorance on full display:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, on this whole specter of impeachment, so much talk about impeachment the last couple of weeks in Washington. As you know, a lot of Republicans say that you personally are the person fueling this. You want to keep this debate going to have Democrats rile up their base.

I want to show Nate Silver FiveThirtyEight did a piece this week where he said Democrats are way more obsessed with impeachment than Republicans. It turns out there were more mentions in Congress by Democrats than Republicans.

MSNBC has talked about impeachment five times more than Fox News. Of course, you’re raising a lot of money on this, as well.

So I wonder how you respond to these findings and the charge that it’s Democrats fueling this talk?

PFEIFFER: Well, I think what we — what I said was that it would be foolish to discount the possibility that this Republican Congress, at some point in time, would consider impeachment.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the speaker said it’s not going to happen. The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee…


STEPHANOPOULOS: — told me it’s not going to happen.

PFEIFFER: Right. And five days before the government shutdown, the speaker said there was no way we’d shut the government — government down over health care. And then we did.

And in the House of Representatives, John Boehner may have the gavel, but Ted Cruz has the power. And so I…

STEPHANOPOULOS: You don’t really think impeachment is possible?

PFEIFFER: I — well, I — when the House takes an unprecedented step to sue the president of the United States, for inde — for — even though he is issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in 100 years, I think it would foolish to discount the possibility.

It seemed like it was impossible for George Stephanopoulos to believe that Speaker Boehner would lie to him. It is as if John Boehner is Santa and little Georgie is sitting on his knee telling him what he wants for Christmas. His naivete would be charming if it weren’t for the fact that as a former member of the Clinton White House, Stephanopoulos knows the game.

Not telling the truth, or telling their version of the truth, is the main go to move of the Republican Party. Speaker Boehner and Republican leaders may not want to impeach Obama, but as we have seen with the government shutdown, the debt ceiling crisis, the farm bill, and on roughly half a dozen other occasions, John Boehner isn’t in charge. It doesn’t really matter what Boehner wants. He gave up trying to lead long ago. Boehner now rolls with the waves of his radical caucus.

One of the biggest hurdles that Democrats face is that the mainstream press continues to place Republican falsehoods on par with the truth. The press willingly accepts and promotes the inaccurate statements of Republicans. They rarely question or hold accountable Republican elected officials for the things that they say.

Dan Pfeiffer was right. Only a fool would take anything that a Republican in Congress says at face value. Unfortunately for the American people, many members of the media are happily willing to play the fool.

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  1. This is why it’s called the Lamestream media. It’s all corporate controlled by huge conglomerates hist tend to be headed by Republicans. You can’t expect for coverage in ANY of these outlets.

  2. Even if you do not believe that the media is biased toward Republicans (I think it is biased toward whatever makes them the money), it is just as easy to believe that the media does not know how to deal with sources that lie. Their is no investigative journalism as it is. They may not even have the resources themselves to dig for the truth for every lie told to them and there are thousands. With the internet, the Republicans (or anybody) can flood the internet with lies, which is what they are doing. It is a social catastrophe.

  3. Of course, then they have to admit they were stupid, or willing to ignore facts to be included in the beltway club.

    There’s that free market efficiency for you.

    As Paul Krugman says, some people will believe what helps them earn a paycheck, no matter how dangerous (war, climate change, mass extinctions) the lies may be.

    Friends, we have to shun those who continue to be willfully ignorant.

    Republicans hate Dems more than they care about America.

    Remember, it’s our money they want and we have to stop giving it to them (as much as possible).

  4. I’m very disappointed that Stephanopoulb would not be aware of the lies republicans tell on a regular basis. After all, he was a part of the Clinton a White House.

  5. What makes him think the Republicans wouldn’t flat out lie to him. He IS THEIR MOUTH to repeat anything they tell him. Wake up George. I used to respect your opinion. Not anymore. Your a Republican sheep. Please take the blinders off.

  6. Did anyone ever figure that these so called news journalists on the networks are told all of the following by their owners? On any given story they are told the Who,What Where and How to interpret all. In other words folks these people are given scripts to read just like actors or teleprompters. They are told want to stay on the air represent the story like this. It is not news it is acting.

  7. And how many millions did Cruz, speaker of the house make off shutting the government down?

    Nothing Boehner says will make sense because it is subject to the whims of those who own him

    The gop will run on impeaching the president. We need to run on keeping him. Within 1 month the call for impeachment will come

  8. I am surprised a former member of Clinton’s White House believes Republicans tell the truth. Did George leave his brains in Crete after accepting the position at ABC?

  9. I used to respect George S. and felt his pain when he was lied to by Bill Clinton, he was a close aid and believed Clinton when he claimed he didn’t have sex with Monica. I don’t care that Clinton got a BJ, but being lied to by someone he defended really did a number on George S..

    To think for one second that George S. is so naive as to buy what Republicans are selling is BS. He has sold out for the big bucks, just like the rest of the so-called journalists.

    Thank goodness for the internet and sites like this one, without them we would be at the mercy of the deceivers.

  10. Pfeiffer: ” John Boehner may have the gavel, but Ted Cruz has the power.”

    can Cruz be censured or some other move for interfering with House operations? there has to be some way to shut him down.

  11. The mainstream media IS the Republican party. Here’s how politics is reported where I live:

    “Republicans passed a law today to undo (insert Democratic or union accomplishment here). Republicans say that they had to pass this law because (insert Democrat or union leader’s name here) was ruining the country.”

    That is the beginning, middle and end of the story. Never once is there an explanation of what they are “undoing”. Never once is there an opposing statement or opinion.

    Once in a while you get:

    “(Insert Dem’s name here) did this (give as little detail as possible) today. R’s say it is a bad thing and they will fight it because it will hurt working Americans (or families).” No explanation of why the Dem(s) did what they did or what the intended result would be is ever given.

    They are & always will be Republican. I dare anyone to link a newscast on any of the big 3 that just reports a Dem. sponsored law and DOESN’T finish with a statement of why the…

  12. George is an IDIOT. So what if the Dems were mentioning ‘Impeachment’ more during the month of July? What about the previous months and even years? The GOP wanted to skin Pres Obama alive the first day he took office.

    George the Dwarf is an unbearable piece of shit.

  13. He’s aware of them just like CNN is aware and some on MSNBC are aware but let the GOP lies go without ever correcting them on TV– which truth would educate the masses and they would not vote GOP. They get paid millions to talk over the lie and move it forward…then they keep repeating it..hoping it sinks into your uninformed head. For every 9 GOPers on the news there is 1 dem on the news shows.. mainly have RW lying speakers. We’re so outnumbered..where the hell are the dems? They need to get out there and correct the lie on the spot! Not let it ride for months once its sunk in… when now 100,000 may believe it. Where the hell are you guys when it comes to calling the lies out on these guys on the Right?? Educate your people. Tell them about the poison pills in 300 jobs bills that they accuse you of not passing! Tell the people why!!!!Dam it..educate the people so they know why you haven’t passed those jobs bills. Teh GOP says you don’t want to. Could you please speak up!!

  14. can tell when they all get the same memo..they all say the same thing all day long over and over on every RW news channel!

  15. How can a former member if Bill Clintons White House be shocked at the suggestion that Republicans lie. Does the name Kenneth Starr ring a bell? Hello! What part of Greece is his family from? Whatever part of Greece the family originated from, George must have flown his brains back there.

    He knows damn well Republicans lie!He had one too many gyros!

  16. Pffeiger did a lousy job of defending his statement, which is a shame. The fact is, Rebublicans have been threatening, publicly, and non-stop, to impeach Obama from the day he was elected. Their priorty, since then, has been to find anything, no matter how irrational, to pin on him so that they can impeach him. They brag about being ‘close’ to getting him constantly, following every session of their trumped up scandals ‘investigations.’ I can’t believe Pffeifer came up with such a lame response to this question.

  17. Cleo surely you are aware that CNN and MSNBC are not liberal media?! I am constantly surprised at how many linerals still to this day do not realize there is no such thing as a liberal media on TV in the US. The closest is PBS and Aljazeera and even they are sometimes questionable especially after PBS accepted money from the koch brothers. George quit being a Dem right after Clinton. When he joined ABC that is when he made the switch. The so-called journalist George included, knows exactly what they are doing. The media is supposed to be the 4th branch of our government! They are suppose to keep our government honest. Instead they are nothing but tools for the gop and has been since regan took away the fairness doctrine, just so that his corporate buddies could buy up all of the media, and they could have control of the narrative. Like someone post before, they are directed to act as unbiased journalist as they fed us bs from a script that they read to us on a daily basis. Whays sad…

  18. The lying sack of shit rethuglicans bring big fat wallets and checkbooks and lie about the fact that they make it easy and profitable for spineless pundits to lie about being “SHOCKED” that repulican’ts would lie to them about someting as serious as impeaching a sitting two-term president. (The america-hating kenyan, socialist tyrant….)
    Hmmm… How about calling it what it really is– mean-spirited lying and namecalling to demean the elected leader of the most powerful and wealthy country on the planet. It is sophomoric at the least, and treasonous at the most to treat his official title with such ugliness and disrespect. The audience of liberal, progressive and fair-minded individuals deserve somebody who has the balls to stand up to these pandering liars and call them out with impunity. Otherwise they should step aside and let people like Elizabeth Warren,Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson and Cory Booker show them how it’s done.
    Stand up and fight the lying crap they constantly…

  19. Lies they constantly spew without opposition or passion. Let’s call the kettle black. The King’s new clothes?? F#*cking lies! Vote the lying bastards we can OUT.Exercise your right to vote. Remember… the Koch brothers, for all the money they spend, can only fill out one ballot,JUST LIKE YOU! Vote your conscience on November 4th. Don’t assume someone elae will do it and you don’t have to. It is your sacred right as a citizen. Don’t waste it by not showing up.

  20. ABC is owned by the very conservative The Disney Company. CBS is owned by ultra conservative Sumner Redstone. NBC/MSNBC is own by ultra conservative Comcast. The Koch Brothers are industrialist. They are not involved in media at all.

  21. I noticed the same thing in our the news report also; it seems as if everything is from the GOP’s perspective as if that is the only viewpoint of value. And, it has become the most destructive, unpatriotic Party ever in America.

    The growth of part time workers, temporary workers, subcontracted workers, what is happening is that more and more workers are falling outside of basic labor protections and standards.
    Raising the Minimum Wage is an idea whose time has come. Yet, although it is long past due, an increase from $7.25 to $10 an hour will not bring the working poor out of poverty. Nor will it restore the type of labor rights and collective bargaining that built the American middle class in the 20th century.
    Politicians today need to understand that more and more Americans are fed up and really cannot survive in this economy the way it is. What does it mean that the largest private sector employer’s employees cannot make enough money and depend on social safety net programs that are also being gutted today?
    President Obama signed, home care companions for the elderly and people with disabilities have gained basic work place protections-including the right to get the minimum wage and o…

  23. How stories are reported now always puts Democrats and the Obama administration on the defensive, even worse they rarely acknowledge a more liberal perspective or entities like unions, civil rights organizations, and their representatives. At a minimum this makes it very difficult if not impossible to have their messages and perspectives to have a neutrally wider audience.
    These days all you get is “the Tea Party vs. Mainstream Republicans”, with the Obama administration somehow needing to compromise with it (defined as “you give in to us”). These essentially have already won their hope of neutralizing the Obama administration. Coupled with Chris Matthews and others obsessing on “Hillary 2016” already, no wonder he seems tired and fatalistic with two years to go.

  24. Sorry but Cruz is full of shit! And John Boehner is the speaker of the House of Representatives not worth a F___ the dum C___S______ breath.

  25. @ CLEO:

    You’re missing the most important detail here…this is incorporated media, and the ONLY way for Dems to appear is to be invited.

    Now ask yourself, why would pro-GOP, pro-Corporate propaganda media (all Lamestream media) invite any Liberals and Progressives to counter the GOP lies when those very lies fatten the bottom line and give them more power when the GOP are in power?

    That’s why there is ONE Dem for every nine GOOPERS on telelvision – and Sunday talkshows are the worse.

    What Americans needs to understand is, you can no longer trust that we have a Fourth Estate. We don’t. We have pro-corporate propaganda outlets. Keep that in mind and you’ll never be hoodwinked again.

    It’s also the reason why Millennials vote Democratic, not Republican – they don’t watch, listen, or read American media. They get their news online – something the Republicans were trying to control as well (but have failed to do-so far).

  26. And yet there is hardly any coverage by any media in America regarding that incredibly important news.

    Fancy that.

  27. You think it’s lies because you haven’t heard it before. Are you aware, I can read a Republican article and have the exact same responses that are on this post. All Republicans know that the media is absolutely owned by the Liberals and the Whitehouse controls everything. You are called low information voters(among other things)because you rely on Liberal media. Don’t you think that is rather strange? Who told you Koch bros own the media? Who told you Disney is Republican when, in fact, they are liberal?

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