Witness To Mike Brown’s Shooting Provides Graphic Details Of Killing To Mainstream Media

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In an interview with MSNBC that was published Tuesday morning, Dorian Johnson, a friend of Mike Brown, provided details of the shooting that killed the unarmed Brown on Saturday afternoon in Ferguson, MO. Johnson, 22, was with Brown that day when the two were stopped by a Ferguson police officer while walking to Brown’s grandmother’s home. Johnson claims that the police officer told the two to get on the sidewalk as they were walking down the middle of the street. After the two had told the officer that they were nearly at their destination, the officer pulled away in his car but then slammed on the brakes and backed his vehicle back up to them.

At that time, per Johnson, the officer’s vehicle was right beside Brown. The officer attempted to open his car door, but it hit against Brown and slammed shut. Johnson states that the officer, while still in the vehicle, grabbed Brown by the neck. As Brown tried to get away, the officer clenched Brown’s shirt and attempted to pull him into the vehicle. At this time, per Johnson’s account, the officer told Brown he was going to shoot him. He reached for his gun and then claimed that he’ll shoot again.

Johnson claims that he saw the officer shoot Brown in the right side at that time. He says Brown was being held by the officer the whole time during the struggle and when the first shot went off. After the first shot, both Johnson and Brown ran. Johnson was able to duck behind a car. He states that he told Brown to keep running. The officer then shot Brown a second time in the back. After the second shot, Brown turned around and raised his hands, telling the officer he was unarmed and to please stop shooting. The officer then fired several more shots as he and Brown were face-to-face. As Brown went to the ground, Johnson ran away as fast as he could until he got to his apartment.

Johnson’s account to MSNBC is very much in line with the accounts I had heard on Sunday when I first reported on the Ferguson situation. Amazingly, per Johnson’s attorney, Johnson has not been brought in by police for an interview. Former St. Louis mayor Freeman Bosley, who is representing Johnson, claims that he and his client have offered to give a statement, but the investigating police department declined.

“They didn’t even want to talk to him. They don’t want the facts. What they want is to justify what happened … what they are trying to do now is justify what happened instead of trying to point out the wrong. Something is wrong here and that’s what it is.”

The accounts given by witnesses are a far cry from what the St. Louis County Police Department provided on Sunday afternoon when first discussing the incident. Per Chief Jon Belmar’s statement to the press, Brown was physically assaulting the police officer and trying to reach for his gun. It was during the struggle that the weapon went off. Belmar did confirm that the officer shot Brown multiple times and that Brown was unarmed.

The shooting of an 18-year-old black teenager by a police officer has driven the community of Ferguson into grief and outrage. On Sunday night, the anger finally exploded as the heavy police presence in the neighborhood became a target for the residents’ rage. After hundreds of police officers from surrounding jurisdictions were called in to deal with protesters, rioting and looting took place in surrounding areas. On Monday evening, a very large police force descended on the area and dispersed demonstrators using tear gas and rubber bullets, making Ferguson feel like a war zone. The militarized state of the police presence Monday night may have forced calm in the community, but it will likely cause further resentment towards law enforcement within the black community in the St. Louis area.


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  1. How is it that the POLICE aren’t interested in interviewing and questioning the main eye witness??

    That speaks volumes about the transgressions of this thug cop.

  2. the very first thing the police should have done was got an interview with an eyewitness. It wouldn’t matter if it was a German Shepherd. This is not going to look good for the police at all. Especially when a statement was offered and they turned it down. Turned down an eyewitness, how stupid can you get?

    This is just my opinion but very soon you are going to hear people saying that these people who are looting and rioting should not be allowed to vote. you are going to hear many things about these people and you are going to hear very little about the officer who shot the young man.

    this is a southern town. And neither of these two were football players

  3. It’s very telling that the officer deliberately chose to pass up the boys and back into them, to avoid having the incident recorded on the dashboard camera that’s on all police vehicles these days. Even without video, the audio would have picked up a lot, and that is important evidence that no one is hearing about.

  4. I’ll wager that the whole Ferguson Police Dept. is run by a Conservative and a conservative agenda. I overheard some older gentlemen having a conversation about it and according to them Mike Brown and his friend had just robbed a store and that’s why the cops were after them. I asked where they had gotten this wrong info and neither would say but they did tell me most emphatically that I was wrong because I knew the facts as they are in this article and not from some Reich Wing sewer.

  5. I’m glad The FBI is investigating this. The fact that the police are not even trying to get eye witness testimony is telling.That’s one the things you do at a crime scene, ask witnesses what happened.

    This country is not safe for black males. They are gunned down by the police over any ole thing. I no longer respect law enforcement. They commit crimes, and are only prosecuted if they do harm to another law enforcement officer. They are a disgrace, and are behaving like thugs!

  6. I hope this main witness has an attorney. He should keep quiet and only speak to the authorities and his attorney.

  7. Who is going to police the police? How many young Black males have to be slaughtered for no reason other than their skin color in their OWN COUNTRY??? When will the perpetrators of Black genocide or ethnic cleansing going to be dealt with and punished commensurate with their crimes? When is the white establishment going to take these deaths seriously and stop making excuses instead of enabling these cowardly criminals hiding behind a gun and a badge? Black anger and frustration over these murders has reached the boiling point and spilling over into the streets! What else would you expect? You have declared war on the innocent, and you reap what you sow.

  8. Being cynical here, but it’s as if that police officer was itchin’ for an extended vacay, because that’s exactly what he’s ultimately gotten, and this sends a WRONG message to other police officers.

    I mean, he purposefully backed up so that, yes, the dashboard-cam wouldn’t record what he was planning to do. And what is his punishment? Leave with pay. He’s actually being rewarded for what he’s done.

    He can finally take that vacation and not have to worry about taking too much time off. For the cop, a win-win. For poor Mike Brown, nada.

    This abuse of African-Americans by police across the country is being exposed for the ugly epidemic that’s been lurking beneath the veneer of civility all these years. NOW, after yet another fatal shooting by a cop of another young Black man, I hope people will understand what the African-American community have been trying to tell us when they say “driving while Black”, and that it isn’t “all in their heads”

  9. Shooting an unarmed suspect could be justified, according to the law

    ST. LOUIS • The fact that Michael Brown was unarmed and possibly fleeing when a Ferguson police officer shot him does not necessarily mean the use of force was unjustified in the eyes of the law.

    As federal and local authorities begin investigating the case, the key question will be whether the officer had reason to believe Brown, 18, posed a threat — gun or no gun.
    Read More

  10. I don’t see how good a dashcam would be when Brown was running from the murderer shooting out his side window. But hey you know them black boys, they have super duper Mr. Fantastic powers so you cant take any chances

  11. Considering that authorities, elected and appointed, are predominantly White, while governing (and I use that word loosely) prominently Black communities, I’m not surprised that the Ferguson P.D. elected not to install dashboard-cams.

    It makes things so much easier for unscrupulous police officers to get their extended and fully paid vacay (because that’s what this officer has gotten as a “fine”) without having to actually request it, don’t it?

  12. Devil’s Advocate here, but how do we know the witnesses aren’t exaggerating their friend’s innocence? Not victim blaming here, but what made the officer slam on his brakes? Perhaps something like “Get on the sidewalk” “Sure we’re almost there” car drives away but within earshot “expletive cops (or something similar)”. I’ve said derogatory things to cops before and they’ve stopped their cars.

    My point being, where these people were during this, their emotional state during this, and the time lapse between making these statements often leads to remembering things that may not be truly accurate. We jump to believe the victims friends, and never for a second think they are not telling the whole truth, but do not allow the other side to tell their story without casting doubt on it.

  13. Unfortunately, the police force of Ferguson didn’t have dash cams. That is why we don’t hear any mention of them because they decide to spend their budget on tear gas, dogs, and rubber bullets to shoot at peaceful protesters than cameras that can ultimately save someone’s life.

  14. This is just another example of the developing police state that is happening all over this nation. There is no need for tactical military gear for a police force unless it is the SWAT team. The Military is traing the police forces across the country for urban warfare because the comming policies of our nation will errode the constitution to a meaningless scrap of paper and when the people of this nation have had enough of the bullshit the government is handing out they will revolt. Police departments across the nation are preparing for this and are labeling almost anything as domestic terrorism. YOU may think I am full of shit but wait till it happens to YOU.

  15. You my friend where there and are chosing to believe what the media is telling you . There is no reason . EVER. to shoot an unarmed 18 year old EVER. What if it was tour son or daughter??? The cop, pig, storm trooper should be facing Murder charges right now and locked up in jail as should the other storm troopers that choked to death the other black man last week. Police officers have a slogan that says to serve and protect. that is a lie. They serve themselves and only protect themselves. They know nothing about upholding the constitution of this country. Tey should all be tried for 1st degree Murder.

  16. Dancingeagle, you said exactly what I believe. The police do not serve to protect the public, they do “Serve to Protect’ themselves.

  17. The story that this witness tells is profoundly disturbing, and the fact that the police department doesn’t want to interview him is quite telling. That’s because the truth doesn’t support that officer’s actions, which were unwarranted from start to finish. Most of the victims of such police brutality are black men and boys, but a number of black women and girls have also met the same fates. I have an 18-year-old grandson who’s going off to college next week, and we’ve had a talk with him about the possibility of a hostile encounter with police. It’s a sad commentary that this kind of talk is an absolute necessity for black families to have with their kids, especially the boys.

  18. SMH… Wow Anne. Was that necessary to call the commentor stupid? This is not the place for that. This is a tragedy that has graced our nation of AFRICAN AMERICAN people. This didn’t JUST start. This abuse against the African American men have been going of for century’s. This has been going on sense slavery, way before we became African Americans. It is bad enough that we have black on black crime. But, when we pay our taxes to be protected by the law enforcement, it’s ashame that our taxes are now going towards our law enforcement to kill OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUNG BOYS TO MEN. These officers need the death sentence. You know, the type of punishment that would be given if an African American killed one of those “PIGS.’

  19. La’Trece, you obviously don’t read very well. If I had wanted to call the commenter stupid, I would have made it quite clear that that’s what I was doing. What do you think I was referring to when I said “It’s?” Certainly not Shiva. Maybe when you don’t quite understand something, you might try asking questions instead of automatically assuming the worst. After all, that’s what that officer did when he shot Michael Brown to death.

  20. This eyewitness is lying. A cop is not going to just shoot someone like this…reports are Brown went for his gun inside the car….also heard Brown slammed the officers head against the dash…

  21. This here folks is the epitome of plain old American stupidity. It should be on display for all to see so your kids can one day say, Mom/Dad how the f*ck did they ever learn to tie their shoes

  22. Just imagine for a minute if you will.

    A cop is setting in his car. The perp trys to get his gun. Who has the advantage? The cop. To reach that gun he has to go almost all the way in the window to pull the gun out of the holster backwards. No one except a Fox or a Lunch Limpballs viewer is going to even think of trying to do that. Its practically impossible. Your neck is right in front of the cop, he could easily choke you out.

    Now tell us again he went for the cops gun.

  23. And, had he tried to get the gun and obviously failed, is that a reason to shoot him after he tries to give up? Is that a reason to pump bullets into him on the ground?

    You know that cop is lying, and he is off to jail.

  24. And yet with only two witnesses who tell the same story, you are dumb enough to say “reports are” and “also heard”

    Reports from who? Pray tell

  25. considering the friend witness was an accessory to the burglary, I wouldn’t take him as a credible witness. Maybe get statements from people who won’t be biased by criminal association?

  26. There is a second witness. Female who saw the shooting from her apartment window.
    Oh, oh….corroborating what the first on sight witness saw and was part of. He was walking “in the middle of the road” with Brown.
    So, If the second witness saw the same thing that went down with her own eyes, then the first witness’ account is going to stick. The policeman is “toast”-done. He used Brown’s body for target practice…shooting Six times at a stationary “target” . something is wrong with that picture guys…..

  27. “At that time, per Johnson, the officer’s vehicle was right beside Brown. The officer attempted to open his car door, but it hit against Brown and slammed shut. Johnson states that the officer, while still in the vehicle, grabbed Brown by the neck. As Brown tried to get away, the officer clenched Brown’s shirt and attempted to pull him into the vehicle.”

    Chances of that having actually happened? 3%

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