Alaska Republican Senate Candidate Under Investigation For Illegally Receiving Tax Breaks


Officials are investigating Alaska Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan for possibly illegally receiving a tax break on a home that he owns in Maryland.

According to Alaska Public Radio,

Maryland tax authorities said this week they’ll investigate whether Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan improperly benefited from tax breaks intended for Maryland residents for a house he owned in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

As it turns out, Sullivan’s history of voting in Alaska elections may cost him, even though it helps counter charges that he’s a newcomer.

Questions about the length of his residency in Alaska that have dogged him since the start of his campaign. Rival Republican Mead Treadwell said he had mayonnaise with longer tenure in his fridge. And months ago, the superPAC supporting Sen. Mark Begich, Put Alaska First, zeroed in on a house Sullivan bought in Bethesda, Maryland in 2006, when he worked for the State Department.

Republicans were certain that Sen. Mark Begich’s seat was one that they could flip. Pundits have been surprised by the strength and savvy of the incumbent Democrat’s campaign. There are three types of scandals that can sink a candidate. Sex scandals, residency scandals, and tax scandals can all quickly doom a contender for office. Sullivan has questions surrounding his residency and taxes.

The Republican Party’s dream of storming their way across the country and into a senate majority is turning into a political death march. Their odds of taking back the majority are decreasing every day. Begich leads by an average of 4.6 points in Alaska. Democrats are fighting for every single vote across the country. Instead of the midterm election being a national referendum on President Obama, it is turning into a series of individual statewide elections with no unifying national theme.

Dan Sullivan is another Republican candidate who is not doing well. The questions surrounding his tax breaks in Maryland could keep another seat that Republicans felt confident they could win in Democratic hands.

11 Replies to “Alaska Republican Senate Candidate Under Investigation For Illegally Receiving Tax Breaks”

  1. NaaaH! couldn’t be right! I’m quite sure this whole thing is just a matter of signed documents in black&white being taken “out of context”. Probably a “Liberal” plot…

  2. And the hits just keep comin for the GOP. God is gonna have to find a new group of people to associate with. People judge you by the company you keep, and I don’t think God should associate with stench from a toxic cesspool from landfields and rotting corpses.

  3. These are not his only “sins.” He also supposedly voted in Ohio while he was supposed to be living in Alaska. Sullivan is a real piece of work and he’s not alone. The Dan Sullivan, Mayor of Anchorage, who is running for Lt.Governor is his equal although not a carpetbagger.

    SOP for Alaskan politics, actually all Red state politics. You have to be a crook to be a GOPTP politician – & many of their voters.

  4. It must have been “an honest mistake.” Besides, he had “no clue what his accountants were doing with his taxes.” I’m sure “he plans to pay it all back.” “No harm no foul.”

    Did I leave anything out?

  5. Standard GOPee operating procedure.

    It’s NOT Illegal Until you get Caught.
    If you get caught, Blame someone Else.

    If all else Fails, fall on your knees, Cry like John Boehner, and beg for forgiveness.

    Make sure you do that last part in front of a dozen Fox Newz cameras.

    The Hacks that work for Fox Newz will tell the village idiot viewers that you should be nominated for sainthood.

    Trust Me. Fox Newz viewers are Stupid enough to believe anything.

  6. Maybe Rick Perry wasn’t so dumb
    after all! Was he thinkin’, Hey!
    I wanna take a REALLY good Mug Shot.
    Maybe I could use it on my campaign
    posters! ya know, kill 2 birds?
    He could be the ‘Poster Child’ for
    the GOP, right? Fiscally responsible!
    Hey ya’ll! SMILE!!!

  7. Am I getting the Alaskan Spiritual sense that the Conservative Republican Dan Sullivan is being QUESTIONED ABOUT HIS RESIDENCY AND TAX ISSUES AT MARYLAND and not from Alaska and that the “Heavenly Gates Entrance To The Paradise Senate Seat of Alaska” closing out on him?!?

    As an Alaskan Prophet and Visionary…… I see Senator “St.” Mark Begich landslide win over; Resident, Tax Payer and Voter of Maryland Dan Sullivan on the 4th of November 2014 Election along with fusion of Walker/Mallott “replacing” All For Big Oil Governor Parnell for Governorship!?!

    Time That Alaskan’s Keep the Senate Seat and get Governorship that cares for Alaskans…

    Vote Alaska on November 4, 2014!!!

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