Conservative Lawmaker Arrested Twice Over Weekend For Stalking And Threatening Neighbor


It was a busy weekend for Tennessee State Senator Jim Summerville. The outgoing lawmaker, who lost in the Republican primary in August and subsequently quit the party, was arrested twice for harassing and threatening a female neighbor of his. Summerville had been arrested last month for public intoxication after sitting and drinking in a number of his neighbors’ yards. In this case, he has focused his attention on his next-door neighbor.

The neighbor, Cecilia Donaven, says that Summerville began harassing her after she intervened when Summerville tried to get another neighbor’s dog picked up by animal control. After that incident, Summerville began throwing toilet paper in her yard and shining flashlights in her window. She pointed out that whenever he was gone, he’d leave a flashlight in the fence to shine directly through one of her windows. She began video taping his actions to take to the police.

Eventually, Summerville was arrested Friday on stalking charges. He was arrested again on Saturday for assault after Donaven once again called the police due to an incident where she felt threatened by the soon-to-be ex-Senator. In an incident that was also recorded on video, Summerville was sitting at the foot of her driveway when she left. He held up a sign that read, ‘Just keep it up. You’ve been warned.’ Donaven also states that Summerville had a can of mace and pointed it at her direction.

Below is video of Donovan’s interview with Nashville television station WSMV:


WSMV Channel 4


Summerville has been released on $10,000 bond and instructed to stay away from Donaven. As one would expect from Summerville, he denies that he is stalking or harassing his neighbor. In his mind, this is all a grand conspiracy by the local police to harass him. In a statement released to the press, Summerville claimed he would be filing a lawsuit against the Dickson Police Department.

“The City of Dickson Police Department is engaging a systematic campaign of harassment. (Stalking! At my age?) Once these charges are resolved in court, I shall be suing the City of Dickson. Settlement negotiations will start at one million dollars.”

Apparently, Summerville isn’t just a person who likes to threaten female neighbors. He also happens to be a racist. He saw his name make headlines last year when he tried to get a bill passed that would get rid of affirmative action in Tennessee colleges and universities. When the bill went nowhere, he told his colleagues in the Senate that there would be repercussions for their actions. He also insulted the state’s black caucus when he sent an email to the caucus leader saying he didn’t give a “rat’s ass what the black caucus thinks.” He also told the caucus leader to share the email with other caucus members.

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  1. He’s probably just working up the courage to ask her for a date. Stalking and intimidation are just good ‘ol boy opening gambits. Like dunking her pig-tail in the inkwell. He’s just showing he’s romantically interested in her. She’s supposed to swoon, at his manly, take charge attitude. At least that’s how it used to work for shy guys in the South.

  2. Consumate Republican…implemented multiple GOP talking points in 2 short days-

    War on women
    Family values
    Minority outreach
    Personal responsibility
    Respect for others

    No doubt a good christian, too.

    Minimum senate material, if not VP.

  3. Typical lying republican, theyre all lyin hypocrites and woman haters. They love pigs that wear lipstick instead of real women.

  4. This would be a perfect time for the neighbor to indulge in some “stand your ground” rights proclamation.

  5. for school boys back in the day. he’s a little beyond that age. well he suppose to be old enough to gotten past that age, but you can never tell……

  6. He’s a little on the young side for dementia. He turns 67 in a week. It’s certainly possible, though.

  7. I am crying laughing at your comment. The cheese has slipped off his cracker. God, that is PRICELESS!

  8. He’ll be running for VP with Sarah Palin running for President. What a wacky team that will be. Sarah the grifter,this jerk with flashlights and toilet paper. The right gets crazier every year.

  9. Well,”Pssdov”(love that handle by the way)what can you expect from ditto heads? Group speak,group think,lockstep(goose step)automitons. Most of them have not had a thought idea,or opinion they were not told they could have,by Limbaugh or Vulture News,since they day they made their last independent decision to stop wetting the bed. (Right after they turned 30)

  10. Yes,except for Joni Ernst. She castrates the poor little porkers.(what that has to do with running for Senate I do not know)I feel sorry for her husband. Probably walks around with his legs crossed.

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