New Polls Show Democrats Have All The Momentum In Georgia Senate Race

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A new CNN/ORC Poll is the latest in a long line of polls to show Democrat Michelle Nunn leading David Perdue in the Georgia Senate race. More importantly, the CNN poll shows that Nunn would win a runoff between the two candidates.

CNN reported, “Democrat Michelle Nunn has a slight 47%-44% edge over Republican David Perdue in the Georgia race for an open Senate seat, according to a new CNN/ORC International survey released Friday…Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford is pulling 5% of the vote in Georgia, keeping Nunn and Perdue from reaching the 50% threshold….In a hypothetical runoff, Nunn still holds a small margin over Perdue, 51% to 47%. But the poll’s likely voter model can only estimate the November electorate, as a runoff election can draw a smaller and different crowd than the general election.”

The fact that the model shows that Democrats would win a runoff is very important. One of the reasons that Nunn is doing so well in Georgia is that the Republican tactic of linking her to President Obama has failed.

Here is an example of how that exchange has gone via The Hill,

President Obama made it crystal clear that a vote for Michelle Nunn is a vote to further his failed policies in Washington. While Michelle Nunn has been running from Obama since day one, she will absolutely continue to implement his liberal agenda by expanding Obamacare, granting amnesty for illegal immigrants, and raising taxes,” said Perdue spokeswoman Megan Whittemore.

Nunn’s campaign scoffed at attempts to tie them together.

“She’s probably spent maybe 45 minutes with President Obama in her life,” said Gordon Giffin, a former ambassador to Canada, Nunn’s campaign chairman and her father’s longtime chief of staff. “She’s spent 47 years with Sam Nunn. Who do you think she’s going to get advice from?”

Another poll released today by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed Perdue with a two point lead 46%-44%, but also acknowledged that momentum is moving towards Nunn, “While there has been some variation in the polls of late, there has been movement in Deal’s direction in the governor’s race and Nunn’s way in the Senate race, while both remain tight and no one has hit 50 percent yet.”

The Georgia Senate race has become enough of a cause for concern among Republicans that they are mapping out alternative strategies for possibly getting to 51 Senators without Georgia. If Republicans lose Georgia, they will absolutely have to win Iowa and hold on to Kentucky. Should they lose Georgia and Iowa or Kentucky, Democrats will keep their Senate majority.

Nunn has all the momentum in Georgia. In the likely event of a runoff, the Democrat should be a slightly favored to win. Georgia is a test for the entire Republican strategy of linking every Democratic Senate candidate to President Obama.

Democratic victories in Kentucky and Georgia would mean that Republicans failed to nationalize the Senate races by making them all about Obama. Democratic wins would validate their strategy of focusing resources on getting out the vote.

Kentucky is the high profile white hot Senate race of the cycle, but there is serious trouble brewing for the Republican Party in Georgia.

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  1. It’s never a good idea to boast you are proud you cost American’s their jobs, election or no election.

  2. It is going to be interesting to see the number of Georgia voters who ACTUALLY VOTED for the man who says he is proud to have been sending / recruiting jobs overseas, and thus denying the citizens of Georgia opportunities to find work at those companies or factories. WHO in Georgia thinks that that is a good thing Purdue has done or will continue to do? He is a callous S.O.B. and deserves to loose! But, let’s see how many Georgians
    are that gullible for punishment, from their Republican Representative.

  3. Lawsuit over allegedly unprocessed voter registrations in Georgia being heard in Atlanta court today

    The non-partisan New Georgia Project started out 18 months ago getting people signed up for the Affordable Care Act. But as Evan Walker-Wells wrote in Facing South, the conversation soon turned to the problem presented by all the unregistered voters in the state.
    By the NGP’s estimate, some 800,000 Georgians—”people of color, voters between the ages of 18 and 29, and unmarried women—what the group calls the ‘Rising American Electorate'” weren’t registered to vote at the beginning of this year. Since then the group—founded by state Rep. Stacey Abrams, Democratic leader of the Georgia House—says it and 12 partner groups have registered around 116,000 new voters.
    Read More

  4. When the Georgia Sect. of State loses this court battle will he defy the court order to process those new voter registrations? Republicans always think they are above the law, and the law unto themselves.

  5. The sad thing is that none of these races should even be close. The fact that Republicans are even in the running illustrates the level of ignorance of some voters in this country.

  6. Its the latest poll dumbass. But being a bagger lets use a poll from 10 years ago since you people like to live in the mythical past

  7. And the teahadist holler about voter fraud and they are the biggest fraudsters this side of Bernie Madoff

  8. Can’t believe that people in Georgia are still going to vote for Democrats again ..they must be a some kind of stupid there after the mess democrats have us in

  9. If there was one GOP Senate seat in a Red State that I want flipped it would be GA with Michelle Nunn. Her Dad was my favorite Senator even though I was GOP because he always looked out for all Americans and what was best for the Country. Worked across the aisle to get things passed — have heard him speak and my opinion of him only went higher.

    Michelle Nunn will make a really good Senator and is what we need in the Senate — someone with honesty and integrity which Perdue has neither. Throwing money at a race for ads this late is a waste for GOP but let them waste Koch money just like they did for Romney. Hope GOP never wakes up the fact that Rove is not the guru he claims in races.

  10. I noticed on every blog of every article..the republican thug, facist blobs..and their biased polls so far lying saying re thugs are winning when their not and like 90 percent of Americans hate them..i hope im alive to see the day when all republicans are extinct like the thieves they are..look at Romney and rick perry and other republicans getting in trouble more and more..only reason some vote re thugs is because they don’t want change and the republican party is a party of racists and for inequality for anyone that isn’t white and straight..oh I forgot their totally against womens equality as well

  11. they lie on polls saying republicans are winning when their not, because their hoping democrats wont vote…and if we all stop voter disgust and get up off our arses we could totally wipe out republican oppression and tyranny

  12. I actually live in GA. Here’s the facts:
    1.The governor and a majority in the state legislature are GOPTP party members
    2.Under their leadership, GA has the nation’s highest unemployment rate.
    3.GA lags in the nation in healthcare, education, wages, etc., You name it, we’re near the bottom among the 50 states, all thanks to 10+ years of GOPTP “leadership.”

    According to your beliefs, Peggy, if “poor” governance can only be attributed to democrats being in control of local/state/federal governments, please explain to me why my state is so far behind all other states.
    Research and history show that the U.S. and citizens fare better under democrats than GOPTPers. It’s a fact. You may not like the president’s and democrats’ positions on birth control, abortion, and hate that they don’t broadcast their religious beliefs, but the facts don’t match your claim that democrats have “messed things up.” Under Pres. Obama, the U.S. leads in economic recovery, something Fox won’…

  13. A GOPTP pollster’s latest poll on early voting shows that Black Americans are voting at a higher rate in GA than in 2010. Oooops! GOPTPers never saw this coming. They’ve yet to learn that when they try to suppress the votes, or deprive certain groups (POC, women, college students, etc) of the right to vote, it motivates us to vote in greater numbers.

  14. Georgia Dems Use ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ To Attract Black Voters, KochHeads Explode

    Always the defenders of Republicans’ voter suppression efforts, Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade sought out one of the small handful of black republicans who think it’s just fine to stack the deck against African-Americans in politics. In a campaign to get out the black vote, Georgia’s Democratic organizers are using flyers that link poor voter turnout to the likelihood of more Mike Brown-tragedies. Based on the demographics of Ferguson, it is precisely the low black voter turnout that is responsible for the lopsided representation of the majority of citizens of that Missouri city. African Americans make up roughly 12% of the national population but only 4.3% of city councils and 2% of mayors.

  15. Yes, it is only one poll, and any one poll should be taken with a grain of salt. But of the 7 polls released in the last 10 days, Nunn is leading in 5 of them, she’s tied in 1, and she’s behind in only 1. The momentum HAS changed in her favor over the past 3 weeks.

  16. Terry, I so agree with you. It is sad that these races are so close; it shows how ignorant and brainwashed the American people are in so many places. Even in Blue Illinois these days, a teabagging billionaire bully candidate for governor is neck and neck with the Democrat incumbent. Very sad.

  17. Do you understand that democrats in the south are to the right of national democrats and are moderate.Also,Most republican economic policies have screwed americans since nixon except bush I.

  18. The people who are clueless are the people who bought that nasty ass concoction he called pizza. The flying spaghetti monster has damn you for all eternity

  19. peggy u are an idot and tea bagger and ignorant and ur stupid for still for gop tp and o yes dems will keep senate so eat it

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