The White House Blasts Senate Democrats For Running Away From Obama


The White House is criticizing Senate Democrats for their decision to distance themselves from Obama and not use the president more during the election.

Politico reported,

Obama and his aides had felt for months that he wasn’t being used enough in the closely contested Senate races that would determine control of the chamber and the shape of his last two years in office.

Schumer didn’t jump at the president’s offer. According to a source familiar with the matter, the New York senator told Obama to ask the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The DSCC had already suggested Obama do a barrage of robocalls and radio interviews to help turn out black voters. But no visits to battleground states. Obama would have to watch from the White House.

At the White House, officials have their own gripes. Senate Democrats blundered time and again by being too frightened to do anything, mishandling their relationship with Obama, aides say, while candidates foolishly ran from a president they were going to be tied to anyway.

“These candidates tried to walk a tightrope between getting some distance from the president and trying to turn out his base,” said one senior aide the day before the election.

Obama’s “general view is: we as a party are better when we’re making an argument,” the aide continued. “For an array of reasons — some of which he’d agree with, some of which he wouldn’t — he was prevented from making that argument.”

The reaction from Democrats on the day after the defeat has largely been to blame the Senate Democrats who made the decision to run away from President Obama. Many Democrats believe that Obama could have played a vital role in exciting Democrats in states like Iowa and Colorado.

Senate Democrats played into Republican hands by putting Obama on the bench. The presidency is a huge resource. Visits from Obama bring global media attention, Democratic support, and needed fundraising dollars to campaigns.

The White House was correct. Senate Democrats made the decision to distance themselves from Obama, but they had no message to replace the president with. Senate Democrats around the country lacked the sort of unifying campaign theme that a president can bring.

Obama is one of the two best campaigners in the country, and Senate Democrats pretended like he didn’t exist in an attempt to save their own hides. It was a strategy that never worked, and it probably doomed Democratic hopes of keeping the Senate.

When Senate Democratic candidates criticized Obama, they depressed and alienated Democratic votes that they needed to have show up on election day. Through their short sighted thinking Democrats missed a golden opportunity. Obama could have come to the states and told voters that their Democratic candidate disagreed with him on some things. Candidates themselves could have pointed out areas where they didn’t agree with the president. It would have been an honest and authentic display. Voters aren’t dumb. They aren’t fooled by candidates that run as Democratic lite or Republican lite.

The Democratic Senate performance could not have been much worse with Obama campaigning for them, and it is good to see the White House is not allowing the president to take all the blame for this defeat.

If Senate Democrats had used Obama, they might not have won, but their supporters could feel a whole lot better about losing with the knowledge that Democrats held nothing back.

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  1. And POTUS should remind the cowards of their foolishness each and every day for the next two years. How stupid must one be to run away from accomplishments and allow not only the GOP to define them but to allow the “liberal” media to do so as well??

    Each and every one of those who lost last night deserve exactly what they themselves brought on.

  2. Even though the people will suffer, thanks to the 64% who didn’t show up, you know who you are this debacle may be a blessing.

    It is time to get rid of the blue dogs and republican wanna be’s of the Democratic party.

    Even though I pulled hard for all the candidates it served their rotten two face ass right,

    I don’t want to emulate the baggers but they purge their party. Maybe its time we do the same

  3. It must be funny for some to see everyone rushing to the right and to the left, running political campaigns and elections when they already know that everything is fixed right from the start. Why these masquerades when it is clear that Jeb Bush will be at the White House in 2016 and all the promises made by these State politicians will hold no value? Today a widespread turmoil and a growing social discontent should be viewed in a larger context and not simply within the walls of local politics. We are now experiencing one of the stages of a World conspiracy and wherever you are in the World you are also part of it. Don’t let the media fool you. The conspiracy is not a theory. With 2.3 trillion dollars officially declared missing by the Bush administration one day before 9/11 and 2 more trillions stolen between the “Savings and Loan” affair and Enron a few Zionists like the Bush family and Dov Zakheim are now waiting for … 2016.

  4. The ones that needed him, shunned him. I say piss on them. They got what they deserved & look where it’s gotten us. The Repugs are going to be the death of this country yet & the Dems sure aren’t helping.

  5. I don’t know what was in the heads of some of these Democrats – candidates and voters alike.

    Things may not be great but all they had to do is talk about the good things they’ve done and the good things they’re trying to do and would do if it were not for GOP obstruction.

    All Democratic voters had to do was get their butts to the polls. THAT’S IT.

    Their efforts were underwhelming – and very disappointing.

  6. The operative word is, “hide”. The President’s is a color they wanted to keep their own unstained by.

  7. Gore did the same thing to Clinton when he ran his unsuccessful run for the whitehouse. Oh, but wait he did win Florida and the SCOTUS decided to elect Bush! Anyhow, our President has a excellent record that was ignored. Dems tend to be gentle souls with no backbone. Repugs play dirty, mean, and cheat! We’ll just have to regroup and support our common democratic cause of what’s good for ALL Americans!

  8. I knew this was coming, I just didn’t know how long it would be before President Obama said it publicly.

    He is absolutely right. Running away from the accomplishments that the President, as well as other loyal Dems fought for, and I mean FOUGHT tooth and nail, to get things done is unforgivable.

    POTUS has every right to say this, because it is the absolute truth.

  9. I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say either, but I don’t think I agree. I’m not much for conspiracy theories. Zionists, huh? Not.

  10. Nobody likes wafflers. I thought that among all the ads I saw distancing themselves from Obama Alison L Grimes was the most cringeworthy.

  11. To hell with Harry Reid! I detest that SOB as much as I do the Republicans. Believe me, I have my reasons.

  12. Can’t say this is surprising, I had a bad feeling leading up to election day how things would play out because of the apathy and complacency I kept seeing among many people. The voter suppression and cheating that occurred (best believe there was some) certainly didn’t help either However, that in itself doesn’t make sense, even if you don’t like anyone on the ballot, you still vote, and you always vote for the person who has the most sense and your best interests at heart. Owning a gun is very low on my list of priorities, trying to get healthcare so I don’t die is very high up on that list.

  13. Hey in Alabama they just amended their Constitution saying owning a gun is a human right but healthcare? Not so much

  14. The GOP can’t do nothing without the power of agreement of the President’s PEN… If he doesn’t like it, he can veto all their crazy bills… and uses the executive order for those time he want to get done.

  15. Joe Manchin of West Virginia wasn’t on the ballot but he should feel free to switch parties and become a Republican. I’m sick of this dude…

  16. Well, Obama himself is the prime example of not standing up for what he supposedly believes in.

    I don’t blame Obama for having lost so many issues to the minority of Republicans in the Senate. I blame him for not even putting up a good fight.

    The Dems running for the Senate may have learned the bad lesson from Obama himself.

    Elizabeth Warren fights for progressive principles much more forcefully than Obama ever did. When did Hillary ever put up as good a fight as Elizabeth Warren does on a regular basis?

    We don’t need any more Goldman Sachs sponsored Presidents from either party.

  17. Goldman Sachs sponsored? In 2012 Goldman Sachs gave all their cash to mittens.

    Obama lost nothing to the gop. He has taken something from them at every turn

  18. The Democrats put their best player on the bench. The man who beat the Clinton Machine. The man who beat Romney’s money along with the Koch’s. The man who handily won two terms.

    The Democrats were too cowardly to stand on their record and stand with the black guy. Some pandered to racists hoping for a win – they lost. Some didn’t invite the President to campaign with them they lost. And some lost because we lazy Democrats refused to come out and vote. And dirty tricks by the GOP didn’t help either.

    If you get a chance mosey on over to Stonekettle Station and read Jim Wright’s latest article. He clearly stands with President Obama and calls out the Democrats for blowing this election.

  19. Observation…The timing of Leon Panetta and others who came out (or leaked out) like Hagel, their criticisms of Pres.Obama just before a heavily republican favored election was disgraceful. I don’t care if it was to set Hillary up as her own person for election 2016, it was a total strategic disaster. I think the backlash hit every candidate that disowned Obama and that is one reason why 2/3 didn’t even bother to vote. Did you forget you need the Obama core voters to win in 2016 Hillary?
    President Obama’s press conference today provided me a measure of comfort. Was he supposed to turn republican cause they won. HELL NO!!! You go Bam this dem will always have your back.

  20. Grimes, Begich, and Pryor stand out the most in my recollection for not only “distancing” themselves from the president and from their (alleged) party, but for actively expressing contempt for the President.

    Why should anyone vote for a person who seems to be ashamed of their party’s platform and President and accomplishments? Why do they bother calling themselves Democrats?

    They could have loudly and proudly proclaimed any of the various listings of accomplishments of the President and this party and why they of course supported all of those things, but they didn’t. They might have lost, but they could have lost proudly, and maybe what they said might have resonated with voters.

    Grimes had a perfect opportunity to explain to Kentuckians that their beloved “Kynect” and Obamacare were one and the same thing and she would make damn sure that McConnell could not take it away from them, but she blew it. F*ck them all.

  21. Wait Wait Wait…..aren’t they ALL considered The White House??? Or is the selective depending on who is saying it?? I’m confused….

  22. Pray for those who wrong fuly hurt you be angry and sin love thy neighbor as thy self
    we are all doing just w

  23. Of course Alabama would do something that asinine. Next it will be changing their state constitution so that after sperm and fetuses gain personhood they can also carry firearms.

  24. That’s not how the executive branch is supposed to work. That’s not how this country is supposed to work; that’s why American’s are sick and tired of these political games. We the people govern this country, not a pen and a phone!

  25. I cant believe the dems did this to obama.. they should have stuck with him and not turned their backs to him.. now they lost and look the republicans have both the house and senate… because some ignorant americans thinks the gop is going to wave a magic wand and makes things better..what a joke.

  26. Read the Stonekettle station article, I agree wholeheartedly and wish it could be
    seen by every one of our lily livered
    democratic senators.

  27. That is exactly how checks and balances are supposed to work. They allow any of the three branches to block extremism from the others. Two branches, the judicial and the legislative, are in the hands of the party driven and funded by extremists. It is up to the executive branch to counter this.

  28. They let us be taken over by the Robber Barons; and they will haunt our government for years to come, as well as destroy the country and us in the process. The Dems should have stood up for the President and not turn all the President’s followers off.


  29. I, too, blame the spineless Democrats for the TGOP win in both the House and Senate!

    They and dark money, brought this upon themselves.

  30. I am a progressive lib Democrat, and the last time I checked, I had a backbone! The spinelessness of certain Dem candidates disgusted me. When Grimes was on the griddle over whether she, in fact, voted for President Obama, and even though the tone of the questions seemed more prosecutorial, she would’ve done far better to respond: “WTF! D’ya think I voted for ROMNEY?!??” I am so tired of weasel words and obfuscation on the part of politicians from either party, and the swarmy & highly-paid “consultants” that tell these auditioning puppets what to say and do! (“Put a bigger flag pin in your lapel.” Good grief!) I dropped out of the political world when RFK was gunned down in 1968, eventually I returned (Clinton era) but I’m ready to bail again. Political life in AMurikkka has become a cruel joke!

  31. Does it bother anyone else that the architects of the Clinton impeachment won re-election, Asa Hutchinson and Lindsey Graham and are now about to be led by Mitch McConnell, who voted guilty, with them, on both counts to impeach and remove from office former President Bill Clinton?

  32. A bit late now to start blasting. Why didn’t they do it before the elections? Bad PR for the president. If I were him I’d get a whole new team. He certainly has had his work cut out for him but I’m still behind him.

  33. Running away from President Obama in 2014 like they did in 2010 proves Albert Einstein’s statement that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. These fools proved that they have no backbone and really don’t stand for anything. They seem incapable of learning that when Republican win, they have a unifying “message,” no matter how warped and wrong it is. Because they repeatedly fail to learn that vital lesson, they continue to play into the GOP’s hands. They don’t deserve our votes if they don’t have sense enough to know what’s to their advantage. Plus, I wonder how many of them, if any, spoke or fought against the GOP voting fraud.

  34. The problem is the dems recruited blue dog candidates who in turn hire the same fools who couldn’t win town dog catcher giving bad advise. Like someone said they did the same thing with Clinton back in 2000.

    One of the most idiotic piece of advise was the campaign manager for Grimes telling her don’t make the connection between kynect and Obamacare/ACA. Then wouldn’t call out the turtle for trying to say you can keep kynect but we will get rid of Obamacare. WTF!!!

    One good thing though is that Steve Israel the chair of the DCCC will be out of his job tomorrow. He should have been fired in 2010 but I guess he was good at begging for wall street money which 2/3 went to republicans. You cant make this shit up

  35. Damn right, djchefron! A purge is in order. I don’t think we have to, or will be going the way of the teapublicans, though, because there is one GLARING difference that we should embrace: they used lies and fear as their tools, our tools are the TRUTH and an altruistic goal. Enough of this limp-wristed, mamby-pamby, milqtoast posturing and politicizing— time to take a stand for our Country’s future as a decent, powerful, PROSPEROUS-FOR-ALL-WHO WILL WORK-FOR-IT nation…which is our DuTY to not only those who fought and suffered before us, but also for those that MIGHT HAVE TO if we fail!!!

  36. She, like other Democrats, not only lacks a spine but the courage of her convictions. She couldn’t even admit whether she voted for POTUS in 2012. In my mind, that is “the” definition of cowardice. If you lack the courage of your convictions, you deserve to lose.

  37. Am I bothered by that? Kinda however, I do take comfort in that every time the GOP wins, the party overplays its hand and ultimately gets its collective ass handed to it … remember, impeaching Clinton backfired – spectacularly – on the GOP.

  38. Well, Boehner and McConnell are already
    saying they will repeal the ACA, remember when McConnell said the folks in his state could keep the website, that is about all they will keep!

    Next fight is going to be on immigration reform!

  39. Exactly. While I’m not looking forward to the GOP’s definition of “working” (ie: instead of formulating actual policy, push bullshit bills like anti-gay, anti-women, and naming f**king post offices after SpongeBrain StRonnyPants, etc., etc., etc.), I am looking forward to the establishment GOP getting hammered by the teabaggers, proving that the GOP not govern, nor can it work within its own party.

  40. In a sick, twisted way, I’m hoping the mental giants do try to repeal the ACA – the GOP is stupid enough to do it, too. When millions are kicked off their plans due to preexisting conditions, those kids under 26 and the inability to pay the skyrocketing premiums, the fallout will be colossal and fireworks will be spectacular. Further, I’m not one to say, “I told you so” but, I will not be able to help myself when the opportunity presents itself.

  41. Of course the loser mentality within Obama’s own circle will find the reason to blame him for the shellacking. But fail to realize that Number 1. Democrats (candidates) who failed to back Obama, who ran away from him, who did not want him campaigning in their state or districts LOST on their own merits. Good for them! Obama would have at least given them a spotlight, and they could have braved the foolish talk from the other side or their own fickle “Democratic” base. And DEFENDED the good that Obama has done, but naaahh, they ran–and fell. Again they got what they deserved the BOOT! They did not help the Democrats by Losing. Number 2. It proves that those who blame Obama are the ones that have no heart and strength to stand up to the opposition, that’s why the opposition WON they were stronger and “in our faces” 24/7. Pushing their BS

  42. blame whoever you want. we did not show up to vote. I still cannot understand how we were so close in the polls and then those dems lost by double digits. smells fishy. we deserve the hell about to come our way. the American people deserve this for their utter stupidity and have been scammed by con-artists in the GOP. from mcconnell’s own mouth- first vote scheduled for the new congress is, surprise- surprise, a vote to completely repeal the ACA without a replacement. 2nd vote is to draft articles of impeachment for Obama. congrats America. you asked for this. I am ashamed to be part of the biggest group of idiots on the planet. boy americans are really, really, really dumb.

  43. I have posted in other threads who didn’t show up and as Tonto would have said “pale face you speak with fork tongues”.

  44. Sure does seem fishy. The whole USA turned red overnight? Maybe this is ground zero for the dumbass SCOTUS decision. That’s right this is what it feels like to be bought.

  45. Who did the Dem’s who tried to disassociate themselves from Obama think was going to vote for them? Republicans, not hardly, and in my opinion most independents lean toward one party or the other and are not going to be swayed by some blue dog not speaking Obama’s name. What a bunch of stuck on stupid people.

  46. Well, make it where everyone is required to vote and make election day on a weekend and what the majority of people want will happen. As it is now, morons, bigots, and people too lazy to vote determine who gets elected.

  47. The Political Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is Anne Caprara. I think it would be useful if the media asked her why DSCC did not use the President of the United States in the campaigns to retain control of the United States Senate.
    I think her answers would be most interesting.

    Don’t you?

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