McConnell And Reid Are Trying To Make A Deal To Confirm Many Obama Nominees



Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are negotiating a deal that would pass many important pieces of legislation and confirm as many non-controversial Obama nominees as possible before the end of the year.

The Hill reported,

The two party leaders, who have dueled for nearly a decade with Reid in the majority and McConnell in the minority, are about to flip positions.

But before they switch roles each man wants to craft a lame-duck agreement that allows his party to claim some small measure of victory at the end of what has been an otherwise dysfunctional legislative session.
McConnell wants to clear the agenda of several “must-pass” bills so the new Senate Republican majority can start 2015 with a clean slate.


He’s ready to work with Reid to pass bills that have been stalled for months — as long as Democrats don’t try to load up the December calendar with partisan legislation or controversial nominations.

Reid, with just a few weeks left in the majority, has priorities of his own. After a depressing election result, he wants to pass legislation to keep the government open; provide new funds for the fights against Ebola and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS); and confirm as many of President Obama’s nominees as possible.


The wrench that could be thrown into the works is that conservative Senators like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) are already throwing a fit about having to pass anything during the lame duck session. They want the ability to hold the president hostage over everything when the new Congress comes into session.

McConnell appears to understand that his tenure as Majority Leader could be very short if the Senate doesn’t pass legislation. The Kentucky Republican is trying to get thorny issues like a government funding bill, and Obama’s nominees off the table before the new Congress is sworn in.

There has been some Democratic angst about the Senate not ramming through a confirmation of President Obama’s nominee to be attorney general during the lame duck session, but the decision was made by the White House to not announce Loretta Lynch’s nomination until after the midterm elections. In order for the Senate to have enough time to complete confirmation process, the White House announcement would have had to have been made during the recess before the election.

If McConnell and Reid make their deal, the president is about to get a slew of nominees confirmed. Obama has thirty ambassador appointees waiting for Senate confirmation. Obama has hundreds of unconfirmed nominees. The vast majority of them are uncontroversial and have been tied up partisan Republican obstruction.

The president could finally be getting many of his nominees confirmed as having gotten what he wanted; Mitch McConnell is ready to free some of his political hostages.

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  1. Its sad that our government has to use the words “hostages” when it refers to appointees. Just another indicator that the Reps and Dems wont work together for the America people unless they get what they want. The next two years is going to be a circus. Popcorn ready.

  2. You do realize there are well over 800K miles of gas and oil pipelines in the U.S. and that the Keystone pipeline will transport a tiny fraction of the oil that flows through the pipeline network. Don’t you? So don’t get so “up in arms” about Keystone. After the recent oil-carrying rail disasters I’m more than willing to support Keystone, as long as the U.S. continues to favour fossil fuels over renewable energy.

  3. The Keystone XL pipeline appears to be dead. TransCanada got approval to reroute the tar sands pipeline east across Canada to Nova Scotia. I guess they got tired of waiting.

  4. Notice how most of those who support it don’t live where it would go through? For 85 permanent jobs the land/water supply will be destroyed?

  5. Beware Mr. President!…while that hand being offered has a tasty piece of cheese the other hand wields a smelly boot poised high for the crushing blow! But you should delve one yard below their minds…and blow them at the moon…

  6. And what about the recent pipeline spills or you haven’t heard about the lake in Michigan that they still don’t know how to clean up or the town in Arkansas?

  7. I will believe it when I see it. Frankly, when the decision comes down in Ferguson, all Hell will break loose. America is about to explode across the country. I remember the riots in the sixties. It will be across the nation for I truly believe that POS cop will walk.

  8. Sounds too good to be true. There is a catch somewhere, the GOP does not cooperate unless there is something in it for them. I will believe it when I see it.

  9. You are correct, but the GOP doesn’t care what is destroyed, as long as they get their $$$. Boehner, Koch, etc., stand to make mega bucks from the pipeline.

    They don’t give a rat’s hiney about the earth or other people.

  10. You’re right. The permanent jobs may only number about 25. My point was that, so long as your country continues to promote fossil fuels as the answer to your energy problems, Keystone plays a very small part. Why aren’t you protesting against fossil fuel promotion instead of concentrating on Keystone? BTW, I hate the Alberta tar sands as well as the Conservative government we’re (temporarily, I fervently hope) saddled with here in the Great White North. We have the world’s greatest amount of fresh water, and my biggest fear is that the U.S. — which unconscionably builds cities in deserts — will launch a takeover of my country in order to satisfy its massive thirst for fresh water.

  11. Money is a more powerful drug than crack and the fossil industry is like Pablo Escobar. That is why we don’t invest in renewables even though it could provide more jobs. When the idiots start dropping dead then we will wake up but by that time it will be too late.

  12. I read that too, and wondered WTF?

    I am pretty sure I read a few days ago, but I would have to go through my sources again to find it, that DEMs were pulling out all financial assistance to Landrieu’s campaign. I hope they are not thinking that passing the pipeline is a shoe-in for her. STAND UP spineless DEMS and stick to your core beliefs. What a mess this could turn out to be.

    The DEMs will be hoodwinked once again.

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