Obama Drops The Hammer On Boehner’s Plan To Block His Immigration Executive Orders


President Obama isn’t fooling around with House Republicans on immigration. The president threatened to veto a House Republican bill that would block his immigration executive orders.


The White House issued the veto threat in a statement,

The Administration strongly opposes the substitute amendment to H.R. 5759 that seeks to restrict the President’s immigration accountability actions. H.R. 5759 would make the broken immigration system worse, not better. By attempting to restrict the Administration’s ability to conduct national security and criminal background checks on undocumented immigrants, H.R. 5759 would make the Nation’s communities less safe. By attempting to make it more difficult for undocumented workers to register and pay taxes, the bill would hurt the Nation’s economy as well.



The bill’s objective is clearly to nullify and block implementation of these executive actions, which would have devastating consequences. It would lead to the separation of families and prevent additional DREAMers from fully contributing to American life. It would also make it more difficult for immigration officials to conduct background checks, for undocumented workers to help the economy by paying taxes, and for the Federal government to focus on removing serious criminals, recent border crossers, and other threats.

The President’s actions will increase accountability in the Nation’s broken immigration system while he continues to urge the Congress to finish the job and pass common sense immigration reform that offers meaningful solutions to the broken system.


If the President were presented with H.R. 5759, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.

In case there was any slight thought that Boehner’s plan might work, the White House put an end to that idea. The House Republicans who are opposed to what Boehner was offering already understood that the bill would be DOA. The symbolic gesture of trying to block the executive orders would accomplish nothing.

President Obama’s White House isn’t about to let Speaker Boehner off of the hook. By caving to the anti-immigration members of his own party, Boehner continues to take a bad situation and make it worse.

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner by refusing to act on immigration. The bill to block the Obama executive orders will almost certainly return after Republicans take the majority in Congress, but President Obama will veto the bill if it ever gets out the Senate, and Mitch McConnell will not have enough votes to override the veto.

After the vote John Boehner will be able to stand in front of the cameras and say that the House acted to stop the president, but the reality is that the vote itself will be say more about the angry impotency of House Republicans than policies of President Obama.

16 Replies to “Obama Drops The Hammer On Boehner’s Plan To Block His Immigration Executive Orders”

  1. The House is laugh. Do they really think Obama, or any President, will allow an exec order they signed, to be over turned?

  2. Shouldn’t someone be holding the Republicans accountable for the ALEC Killing laws? – Just look at the body count for not expanding Medicaid. There are so many lives being lost to poverty, hunger, homelessness. Any one out that that will sue them or prosecute them?

  3. Unlike Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi has always had President Obama’s back. Had those 441 bills that Harry Reid allowed Republicans to filibuster in the Senate, gone through, the country would be in a much better state than it is now.

    But, of course, Majority Leader Reid didn’t want to upset “his friends across the aisle”. Ugh.

  4. They’ll just claim that they had nothing to do with ALEC and M$M will parrot that narrative over and over and over and over…

  5. Well its about time he stood tall and talked down to these little boys the way they’ve treated him. These men and women on the right deserve no respect for being cold greedy useless legislatures. All about them not Americans!

  6. Come Jan. 2015 how the senate Dems. feel when McConnell & his posses make good on their threat of killing the filibuster?

    Would they feel 6 yrs. wasted? Is Schumer say something more cowardly then already have? Instead, of accepting his failure role of the 2014 midterms.

    Let’s not forget the 5 SC justices who restrict the Pres. recess appt., Citizen United, etc.. Who poise to gut the ACA.(now tell me how do you think it going to affect 90% of newly insured).

  7. “Republicans have painted themselves into a corner.”
    So what else is new? They do this time and time again. This is what happens when you say “no” every single time. It never occurred to the Conservatives that their ideology would leave them trapped like rats in a cage. Keep up the good work, PB0. Show them whose boss!

  8. I see a huge conflict here.

    The whitehouse used the term “common sense” which means the republicans should have stood up and saluted sarah palin’s red shoes.

    I didnt see any of this

  9. How about this idea. Take the senate passed bill stuck in your desk draw and put it to a vote on the floor and see who is serious about immigration reform before you shut down OUR government. It would be nice before you go on vacation, again.

  10. Amazing, Boehner is really not too bright. First, immigrants paid 3 Billion in taxes into the coffers in the last ten years and they paid 300 Billion into SS without even ever being able to draw one check from SS.

    Yes, Boehner is doing every thing he can to destroy our country and the immigration laws but Obama has the golden pen.

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