House Republicans Freak Out And Claim John Boehner Is Screwing Over The American People


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With days to go until the government could shut down, House Republicans are freaking out and claiming that John Boehner is trying to screw over the American people.

The Hill reported,

Boehner critics say there’s no reason the Speaker couldn’t have brought the spending package to the floor this past week, giving the House more time to consider it.

But doing so would also give more time for the right to build a case against it.

“They don’t want you to read it, that’s why! You think they want you to analyze all the mischievous items in there?” Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) told The Hill.

Asked if the timing of the plan was aimed at jamming the Senate or House conservatives, Jones replied: “I think its aimed at screwing over the American people. You can quote me on that.”

It seems like House Republicans have a vastly different idea of screwing over America than most of the country. House Republicans are claiming that Speaker Boehner is screwing over the American people by trying to prevent them from causing a government shutdown.

In the view of many House Republicans, it is their right to shut down the government. They aren’t out to protect the American people. The extremists are so paranoid that they believe in no federal government.

The American people won’t be screwed by a funding bill that keeps most or all of the federal government funded through September 2015. Speaker Boehner is no hero. He is a historically weak leader who struggles to pass his own legislation.

Boehner isn’t standing up to the radicals in his own party. He is trying to do an end run around them. The same Republicans who have spent years screwing over the American people are now complaining that they might not get a chance to ruin the holidays for millions of their constituents.

One thing is certain; John Boehner and the House Republicans will continue to screw the American people beginning in January 2015.

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