Mitch McConnell Blames Democrats For His Years Of Senate Obstruction



In what could be the lie of the year, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blamed Democrats for his years of Senate obstruction.

The New York Times reported,

Mr. McConnell has no regrets and makes no apologies. He says it was Democrats who froze Republicans out and employed the Senate more as a political platform than a legislative one.

“It was not about legislation,” said Mr. McConnell, who easily survived a primary challenge from the right and went on to win his general election for a sixth term representing Kentucky, despite being a top target of national Democrats. “It had nothing to do with an outcome. The Senate basically didn’t do squat for years. I don’t think most members of the Senate wanted it run that way.”


Now that McConnell is in charge of the Senate, he wants the American people to believe that his campaign of obstruction never happened. Sen. McConnell’s argument also defies common sense. The Kentucky Republican was trying to claim that Democrats obstructed their own president. Senate Democrats tried to pass legislation all through the Obama years, but they were thwarted and blocked with regularity by Republicans who adopted a strategy of saying no to everything.

Sen. McConnell is sending the false impression that legislation is going to flow out of the Senate now that Republicans are in control. If much legislation isn’t passed, McConnell is setting up Democrats to take the blame. McConnell’s claim that Democrats are to blame for the lack of legislation passed in the Senate because they didn’t want to do anything is a flat out fantasy.

The truth is that Republicans lack the sixty vote majority that is required to pass the vast majority of legislation. McConnell’s record of legislative accomplishment probably won’t be much better than Harry Reid’s was. The Republican strategy hasn’t changed. They will accomplish little while pointing fingers and blaming Democrats. If McConnell’s plan is to hope that the American people have forgotten what he has done, he time as Majority Leader could be over after the 2016 election.

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  1. Of course it’s the Democrats’ fault. If they would have done everything Megalomaniac Mitch’s way he wouldn’t have had to obstruct them. [wink]

    meg·a·lo·ma·niac noun : a person with a condition or mental illness that causes them to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance

  2. Why would the Democrats help McConnell not pass their leaders agenda? It’s not a good idea to mix crack, cocaine, and meth with Makers Mark

  3. It feels like he’s trying to pull the wool over our eyes and doing his best at voodoo to convince the people that ‘hey, it’s not my fault that the Senate was at a standstill’.

    Except for the fact that, you know, numbers and actions don’t lie.

  4. It’s how they lie to the American people: push disastrous right-wing policies through the unjustified gerrymandered House in Congress that only benefit the millionaires, billionaires, and Wall Street shysters, and when Democrats stop it from crushing us, No-Lips-Mitch wails “the Democrats’ and this president are obstructionists! – waaaah-waaaah”.

    It’s not a “fault”, Mitchy, it’s a blessing that Democrats and this president have obstructed and killed your disastrous policies that would’ve been a catastrophe for this country’s working populace and the global economy.

    Too bad too many Americans not of Mitchy’s society either don’t vote (didn’t get their unicorm) or keep voting for these failed, anti-American Republican politicians or we’d be in a much better shape than we already are.

  5. McConnell announced his obstruction policy the day Obama was elected. He announced this to the world, does he not remember that? I think his mental faculties have gone bye bye.

  6. If we had real journalist on the job the minute he starts his whine fest they would remind him of that very fact but they wont especially now that the President hurt their feelings at the last presser

  7. Just to piggy back on the medias failure of holding the crooks accountable I cam across this and One can see clearly now

    5 Reasons David Gregory Was Fired From Meet The Press
    The Washingtonian’s excellent longform article about why David Gregory was fired from Meet the Press outlines five factors that led to his ultimate ouster from a show NBC still considers their flagship political property.

    Reason #1: Comcast According to the article, Comcast had a much more hands-on approach than GE did. They were connected in Washington, DC, had lobbyists and political operatives all over Capitol Hill, and viewed Meet the Press as yet another lobbying arm to further their corporate objectives.

  8. Highly selective memory the Turtle has. Or he’s a Democratic sock puppet, helpless to stand or act without a hand up his butt to give him a spine..

    I seem to remember when the Senate passed bills with a simple majority vote – 51. Then the GOP happened.

    Enjoy, Turtle. Cuba was just the warm up.

  9. I get really angry at the fact that none of the media ever asks McConnell about the fact that the night the president was sworn in they held a meeting and vowed to obstruct everything he did, I also get angry that this lying toad got re-elected.

  10. The problem is that the GOP voters will believe every word because the complicit press will never call him on it as they have been letting Republicans slide for the last six years at least.

    There also seems to be an increasing number of functionally illiterate voters to con into believing their lies. Of course that shouldn’t be a surprise seeing that we have a 25% high school dropout rate in America and when those dummies hit the streets and can’t get decent jobs they will blame it on immigrants and minorities and gay people and those educated idiot Democrats.

    I beginning to think it is hopeless.

  11. That’s how he got reelected Joan, the press has been derelict in its duties, or just complicit with the RW takeover of this country.

  12. There seems to be a basic truth being lost
    here,The idea that anyone can speak thier beliefs openly without some form of censureship and or modification is being slowly growing as trust in the media,as an example,Chuck Todd was allowed to spew his paid 4 “opinions”they seem to think we can’t use a dictionary,even as I write this I believe it is being filtered,You can’t fool people all the time !

  13. All 1st time posters first posts are in moderation. After that, unless you are a RWNJ they are not

    However you must understand something.

    You are on someone else property when you are on a website(any website). That someone has the right to determine what is and is not posted on their property. You had the right to post it, they have the same right to either allow it delete it. Freedom of speech works 2 ways
    The only real freedom of speech you have is that the government cannot stop it. However under the patriot act they can

  14. I feel like I wanna vomit after reading this crap.Not only is this the lie of 2014, quite a few Americans believe it too.

  15. Let me get my popcorn. This is so exciting, a president with nothing to lose, no budgets to worry about, no blackmailing issues over his head,a bunch of black president hating jerks and he has a veto pen. Wasn’t such a bad idea losing the mid terms, now watch the GOP ‘ S heads explode. I love it, love it, I tell you [WINK]

  16. Six years in to the Obama Administration the press has never had the balls to hold Mitch McConnell accountable for his actions. Out of his own mouth from day one came the word obstruct. The media has always been a Republican media.

  17. Even if your posts are here, Quentin, they are so poorly written that no one is going to take the time to try to decipher them. Would that someone did edit them for you.

  18. McConnell expects all of us to forgive and forget the intransigence from Jan. 2009 during a time of severe economic near collapse and war time. I will NOT forget nor forgive.

  19. Me, my guitar player and drummer, who are both republicans were going to a gig down from Western Ky. University and saw Mitch. The drummer blew his horn and Mitch waved, but we all had the one finger salute hanging out the windows. It was priceless.

  20. all Politicians are liars, Mcturttle is just more gifted than most. remember however he hails from a State that still believes coal mining is the wave of the future. If they’re not hunting coons (take that either way) they’re sippin shine playing banjos, watching reruns of HeeHaw and bitchun about Liburals.

    noun: politician; plural noun: politicians

    a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.
    synonyms: legislator, elected official, statesman, stateswoman, public servant; More
    senator, congressman, congresswoman;
    informalpolitico, pol
    “campaigning politicians make more promises than they can keep”
    a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

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