NYPD Police Leader “We Are Now A Wartime Police Department and Will Act Accordingly”

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It must be difficult for members of an organization with unquestioned authority and free rein to use force to hear that a higher power is going to review and reform their tactics. That is precisely why, even before two New York police officers were brutally murdered, the NYPD was angry with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. The NYPD’s ire was nearly out-of-control when de Blasio reacted like any respectable human being at the decision to praise the officers responsible for strangling unarmed Eric Garner for the high-crime of selling loose cigarettes instead of holding them responsible for Garner’s untimely death. Now, after turning their backs on the Mayor when he eulogized one of the slain officers and booing him at a graduation ceremony, they are staging a serious work slowdown the New York Post is equating to a work stoppage.

Since the shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) and the police unions called for the slowdown to protest the Mayor’s alleged assault on the NYPD. Apparently, the unions are upset over what they perceive to be anti-police rhetoric by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio because he failed to praise their racial profiling tactics or the killing of Eric Garner. According to the PBA and unions, the work slowdown is a protest against de Blasio and frightened protestors asking the police to act like public servants; not German Brownshirts. In an attempt to assuage the NYPD’s petulant anger, the mayor and NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton are holding an emergency summit with the leaders of New York’s five police unions to try to mend a rift between the city administration and police rank-and file.

Although the PBA and the unions have told their members not to do their jobs out of safety concerns, many cops claim the work slowdown is to protest de Blasio’s response to the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police involved in the strangulation death of Eric Garner. Because of the police job slowdown there has been a dramatic drop in arrests in New York City after union leaders and the PBA called for a work “slowdown.” According to the New York Post, arrests are down 66% overall, drug arrests are down by 84%, and summons and tickets for minor offenses are down by 94% since last year.

PBA president Patrick Lynch is an echo chamber for Fox News and right-wing racists who have politicized the two slain officers and pointed blame in the direction of Mayor de Blasio, Ferguson and New York protestors, President Obama, and Attorney General Eric Holder. Police were furious with de Blasio before he was mayor because he campaigned, and won, on reforming the NYPD’s racist tendencies to relieve tension between law enforcement and the community after years of the purely racially-motivated practice of “stop and frisk.” Add to that Mayor de Blasio’s failure to give medals for bravery and heroism to the cops responsible for choking unarmed Eric Garner to death for selling loose cigarettes, and it is obvious why racist police officers went ballistic.

According to Lynch, “There’s blood on many hands tonight: those that incited violence on the street under the guise of protests, that tried to tear down what New York City police officers did every day. That blood on the hands starts on the steps of City Hall in the office of the mayor.” Now, according to Lynch, the NYPD is a “wartime police department” that will “act accordingly.” He has called on the rank-and-file to sign an emotionally manipulative letter that would ban their ultimate boss, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, from attending the officers’ funerals; it is not the first edict demanding the Mayor stay away from police.

Since Lynch’s tirade against De Blasio, the Mayor has faced open hostility from some NYPD police officers and their unions. On Saturday, disrespectful police officers outside Christ Tabernacle Church for officer Ramos’ funeral turned their backs to the church as de Blasio spoke. The NYPD Police Commissioner rightly denounced the protest of rank-and-file officers saying the officers’ actions were completely inappropriate and highly politicized the slain officer’s funeral. “This is a mayor who cares very deeply about New York police officers, cares very deeply about the divide in the city and is working hard to heal that divide;” but that is exactly why a preponderance of the NYPD is so angry at de Blasio. The police want the divide firmly in place with them in a position of unquestioned power, and that includes over the Mayor, Police Commissioner, and anyone they even think may get in their way. They are after all, according to their own power and stated objective  a “wartime police department” and they “will act accordingly.”

To be fair, not all NYPD officers hold the majority opinion that African  Americans exist as targets for law enforcement. It was reported here a few days ago that many African American officers fear other (white) cops, and one spoke at length about an issue that served to enrage white NY police officers. Officer Adhyl Polanco reiterated what Mayor de Blasio shared with New Yorkers about having a conversation with his son in how best to deal, or fear and avoid, interaction with police officers devoted to racial profiling.

Officer Polanco said, “How can a parent who has a black child, how can a parent that has seen millions of kids being stopped by stop-and-frisk, how can the parents of kids see black kids get killed by police over and over, how can parents that see kids being summonsed illegally, being arrested in their own building for trespassing, and getting treatment that they don’t deserve that they get from the police department, how can you not responsibly have that conversation with your son? You have to. I’m a police officer. And I’ve been thrown against the wall off-duty, because they have the same mentality that Patrick Lynch has, and as an officer I’ve been shown no respect.”

Polanco ended his emotional tirade disabusing many police officers, Republicans, Fox News pundits, and racists of the idea that protestors, President Obama, Eric Holder, or Mayor de Blasio are anti-police. He said, “People are not protesting against police. People are not protesting people who go out there and do their job every day. They’re not saying these officers shouldn’t be in the street. People are protesting against bad policies that have been in this country for many, many, many years.” Clearly, it is those bad policies that many, many, many police officers are fighting desperately to keep in place which is why PBA President Patrick Lynch issued the warning that the “New York Police Department is now a ‘wartime police department’ that will ‘act accordingly.'”

As many Americans have already witnessed over the past six months, it appears that the preponderance of local law enforcement believe they are “now wartime police departments” and they have already “acted accordingly” as Americans were unfortunate to see in Ferguson Missouri.  Mayor de Blasio should do the right thing for New York residents and summarily terminate, with extreme prejudice, any officer clinging to the notion that they are engaged in a war against their superiors or law-abiding citizens, and not public servants paid to protect and serve; not assault and dominate.

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  1. NYPD who are they at war with? if the answer is the public then they should be treated as either a hate group or domestic terrorists and then the Justice Department need to act accordingly!

  2. Was watching a marathon of the Wire and this line from Bunny sums up this whole clusterfuk

    And when you at war, you need a f*cking enemy. And pretty soon, damn near everybody on every corner is your f*cking enemy. And soon the neighborhood that you’re supposed to be policing, that’s just occupied territory.

  3. DJ, this is nothing new – an officer friend told me years ago that “the police are the largest organized gang in this country”. They have a “them against us” mentality, and views citizens as potential perpetrators of crime. To some extent, I can understand, they have a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. But apparently too many have lost sight of their avowed purpose, which ostensibly is to “serve and protect”.
    Any law enforcement officer who supports the NRA’s agenda has his/her head in the wrong place – perpetuating the gun craze has made their job more perilous, not less.

  4. Sounds like a threat of more violence against the people of New York. Fanning the flames will have a devastating outcome. When will they start rolling out the tanks and the machine guns? Are we going to have another Syria in the Big Apple?

  5. Yes, good piece. A very dangerous trend toward right wing influence continues in every area of American life. Now it reaches the NY police department where reforms by the mayor are met with push back. Many of the reforms should be welcomed by police but a false narrative is being pushed by the right wing that the police are swallowing! The right wing has used think tanks effectively to infiltrate areas we don’t expect and the Democratic party is just flat-footed as evidenced by the last election.

  6. PBA President Patrick Lynch issued the warning that the “New York Police Department is now a ‘wartime police department’ that will ‘act accordingly.’”

    This man needs to be removed ASAP!!! He is the person who is inflaming the crap between the Police and the people. It is not alright to declare open season on people of color. We as American have a right to protest such treatment.

  7. I certainly agree about the NRA influence having a terrible effect on our country. Their narrative about the left wanting to ban guns is a false one designed to scare the gun fetishists. The right wing has become very skillful at using narrative and phrasing of lies. The left is still using the internet and internet fund raising. I think this method is losing its power.

  8. in other words, business as usual. The nod wants to fight the very people that pay them? protect and serve is a joke! the police have way too much power, and I find it appalling that the union think it is ok for the police to attack the public that they have sworn to “protect and serve.”
    it has not occurred to these morons that this is bad for tourism. I see NYC losing $$$ because potential visitors won’t visit. I know I won’t be.

  9. …finger on the trigger for years to come…Sade “Clean Heart”
    In that song she could clearly see even then the unjustifiable shooting/killing of black men. Maybe more so now after the last few deaths of young black men by white cops. Unjustified. Their finger has always been on the trigger by design. I believe it has always been an indirect nicely veiled genocide of sorts. Someone needs to make Lynch step down. Stop him before the bloodshed starts. THIS blood and the blood of recent past which he condoned is on his hands!

  10. I know this may sound a little far fetched but does any one see any similarities to 1930’s Germany? Special interest and one select group running the Government and the police acting like judge, jury and executioner. Maybe it’s time to change the color of their uniforms from blue to brown.

  11. I’ve been talking about that for a while. During the interregnum between Weimar and the Reich, the police were increasingly infiltrated by Nazis, so that no ethnic or political minority could dare call on them any more.

  12. “Nice town you’ve got here. Sure would hate to see anything happen to it.”

    A shake down is a shake down no matter how it’s packaged or presented.

  13. Well it’s finally happened, the cops in NY have become characters in a Frank Miller comic book, from the overblown language to the fascist ideology.

  14. I seem to remember tea party hopefuls and rw conspiracy theorists promising an Obama military state complete with “death camps and lots and lots of coffins, govt takes all guns”. It seems their story didnt pan out, they gotta make it look like Obamas fault, the violence they incite brought to fruition by the easily influenced rw nut jobs. Guns for everybody they believe. Open season on whoever they dont like. We need them prosecuted!

  15. WOW!! Just who the h— do the police of NY think they are?
    So, the men who choked Mr Garner should have medals?
    They are at war?? With who? The people of Ny? the Tourists that come? the Foreigners that visit?
    Sounds like if you were walking down the streets of Ny a person could get shot?
    Such twisted thought will only bring more trouble, unhinged anger. For sure no good will come from such a far reaching reaction.
    Fire them all!!!!

  16. Marx warned in his Manifesto that with a profit driven society, everything has a price but nothing is valued or respected.

  17. Lynch wants to be the Law. Or king. he’ll take king.

    This is a palace coup. A putsch. Mutiny. An attempt by paramilitary forces to take over the democratically elected government.

    The last flowering of the Cult of the white male and his penis.

  18. The NYPD has brought this scrutiny down upon themselves with their tactics.

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

    People want police reforms; they are not anti-cop. They want reforms and, quite frankly, the NYPD is showing everyone exactly WHY we need police reform. This “us vs. them” mentality must stop.

  19. Whites should now be just as afraid as we Black people are, Many Republicans are trying to get rid of Unions now, yet give this union permission to , without civilian oversight declare themselves an armed force. No act of Congress, no declaration of war by the Senate. They are arbitrarily giving themselves a wartime footing just on the statement of a union leader. The Mayor and City Counsel should declare a breach of conduct ask the governor for National Guard Units then temporarily suspend them. Have the Justice Department give over sight until the police do the job they have been hired to do. They have in fact declared themselves above the National Guard who’s job it is to act in a wartime setting. The Governor should step in for that matter. At the very least this head of the PBA should be forced to step down as he has harmed his constituents. They have truly become the Brown Shirts Of Hitler’s Germany.

  20. The gotp just absolutely love communism, per say, they’re too afraid to call it what it is.
    They scream the praises of Putin(they are actually stupid enough to fall for the communist propaganda) right Palin, Cruz, Hannity, O’reilly,
    Limbaugh, Kelly, Assholeback? Easily influenced commubots of Putin. GOP wants everyone in America to be white, a hypocrite Christian, male dominated.

  21. It’s not a question of

    ” When will they start rolling out the tanks and the machine guns?” because they seem to do that whenever there are protests … I’m wondering WHO will be behind the wheel when the men in Blue decide to riot. They are the ones with the tanks & firepower!

  22. …and if the answer is “at war with the administration” then he ought to be charged with inciting riot, insurrection and the rest of it. What a slime.

  23. This is very bad news.

    It’s amazing to me those police officers would want medals for what happened with Garner. It appears there is more bothering them and this latest straw doesn’t tell the whole story.

    What is their problem?

  24. Zander makes a good point
    Another way of making Zandar’s point is to ask whether or not anyone would notice if the New York Police Department suddenly reduced its overall arrests by 66% and its issuance of traffic citations by 94%?

    And, if not, would it be fair to say the following?

    So your brilliant, devious plan is this: you’re going to show the people who believe that the NYPD is full of power-hungry bullies and paramilitary goons what for by displaying to the country exactly how most of the collars you make are in fact wholly unnecessary exercises of petty microagression towards the citizenry you hold in open and rancorous contempt.

    Okay then. Go with that plan, guys.

  25. I know they are a huge force, but surely there must be a way to weed out the bad ones who are stirring this up and fire them, this country cannot afford to have
    police like the Nazi party did in

  26. Wartime? Should we take him at him word?
    Another oddity that the republican govornor’s is moving through their states are gun silencer’s….supposingly for hunters so they won’t damage their hearing! 32 states is now selling these to individuals and they are out and on the market! Florida announcement below. Everyone better get some good hidden cameras……everywhere!

  27. This is the very scenario of Germany in the 1930’s. That union rep Lynch, is no better thatn those liars and dividers at the so called fair & balanced network. This is how Hitler came to power. Wartime policing?

  28. I think Bratton should get the boot.
    I KNOW Lynch should get the boot. Into low Earth orbit.

  29. Someone needs to make public the membership list of Oath Keepers because one of their principles is refusal to suppress Free Speech (Number 10).

    What is clear is that this declaration by NYPD leaders is a war on government, and ironically all the Oath Keeper commandments to keep the Constitution just went out the window. NYPD is happy to oppress citizens when those doing the protesting are Black and in sympathy with those who are really oppressed.

    If Lynch – or any law enforcement personnel – is an Oath Keeper, it is an open declaration that he and his followers are violating the Constitution, NOT keeping it. They are undermining the very fount of democracy which is government of, by, and for the people – and that means ALL of us, not just their buds.

  30. The police in many ways have been a wartime police department. Not all of them, but enough of them. This aught to create dissension between the White and Black cops and give us a dysfunctional police department

  31. I would call for the NY mayor to do something more drastic….Like call in the military and have those cops arrested, put in jail until they can be tried for conspiracy to disrupt government or take it over…that is a treasonous act..That president of the police union …Lynch…he should be arrested an placed in stockades for the citizens to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at him….

    This smacks of Nazism and should be handled accordingly….fast, firm and strong…..

  32. And when the citizens of NY vote out anyone the Police Union supports…. What then??
    Will you return to part of the community or still want to be their rulers??

  33. I’d like to know why no one is mentioning the woman the gunman killed before he shot the cops? Most people don’t even know there was a third victim. Is it because she is black and that blows their platform that it was because of the protesters and not just a crazy guy?

  34. Damn did you just wake up? That was part of the story that this person was deranged before the Reich portrayed it as the protesters fault. But when you watch fox I can see where you would be ignorant

  35. These police are attempting to hold us hostage by withholding policework until we give in and back them up with NO QUESTION for everything they do, including killing unarmed citizens. Coercion. Isn’t that against the law? Arrest them all. Hir3e replacements. Train them better. Train their supervisors better. Put a stop to this crap.

  36. Can somebody please tell me when Patrick Lynch was elected by a majority vote of the people of New York to any legitimate public post whatsoever, let alone granted the legal authority to issue declarations of “war” and martial law?!?!?
    Exactly who the hell does this clown think he’s “declaring war” on?

    Does this mean that every resident of NY is now being targeted and classified as an enemy soldier, and will now enjoy the same release from criminal liability for attacking and killing members of the NYPD, as members of the NYPD have enjoyed when they attacked and killed citizens, for decades? Should the citizens of New York, now consider anything wearing an NYPD uniform, to be just as deadly a threat, and just as great an enemy, as a German or Japanese soldier strolling down Park Avenue armed and in uniform, would have been during WWII? When the hell are “our troops” going to actually start supporting US and vanquish this domestic enemy to the Constitution as their oath req…

  37. The coverage has been a bit lax. Her name is Shaneka Thompson. You say she was murdered, and in fact there were initial press reports that she was murdered. But the truth is, she was shot in the stomach and was in critical condition, but was released from the hospital yesterday and is said to be well on the road to recovery.

    NY and Baltimore police are waiting to question her in the hope of finding clues to the killer’s motives.

    Another interesting fact is that Baltimore police warned the NY police that the killer was heading to NY to kill cops. I am not linking these stories, but they also appeared in the Baltimore Sun.

  38. You’ve got a point, but fortunately she’s very much alive, so stay tuned. See my comment just below.

  39. “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”-FDR

    We vs I; Liberals and all of the people that are fighting for the best interests of what Democracy represents; public safety, well being, health and welfare ARE ALL IN THE CROSS-HAIRS of ALEC, THEOCONS, Koch Brothers and the Republican Political party that are bought and placed to be the oracles OF HATE MACHINES THROUGH OUT ANY PUBLIC MEANS THAT NEWS MEDIA OF FOX AND THE LIKES can LINK LIBERALS TO All THAT IS CHAOTIC, DISORDERLY hoping in desperation that their INANTILE BEHAVIOR CAN SAVE REPUBLICANS AFTER 2016.
    We The People need not be at NYC to know what is going on Nationally or Globally. That is exactly what the far-right politicians had publically been voicing out as if they had all planned this national chaos THAT CORPOATIONS ARE PEOPLE expressed in the form of PBA…NYPD…

  40. The NYPD under Bloomberg began sending training officers to Israel to be trained in “control policing” and this is the result. African Americans have become the Palestinians of the USA, available for savage abuse and at will killing. That is the origin of the change we see in community police forces all across America, from NYC to Ferguson. Hundreds of American police departments have received this training and this is the result. I’m a NYer and I support de Blasio. Patrick Lynch is a street thug and the NYPD is running amuck. De Blasio was elected on the promise to police racism and ungoverned brutality against African Americans.

  41. Mayor de Blasio said “he understands some of the concerns of the protesters who have vilified the police as being hostile to black citizens at rallies in NY and beyond.” The Mayor is married to a lady of color,(to say black, would that be a racist remark)and that he has told his children to “be aware that they are a mixed race and should be aware of the dangers they may incounter.”Is this racist or a concern for his family as we all are, knowing the reality of his office and the problems of “some” of the police in the NY PD.As many others of color also have.
    For some of the NY Police to actually “turn their backs” on the Mayor showed the country, no the world,as they were watching,what kind of Police Department the Mayor has, to protect the people, all the people after the disrespect they showed. Apparently they didn’t like the truth, they didn’t react possitive to critizism, they became radical instead Call it what you want.It still needs to be fixed
    Do you want to help,…

  42. Your interpretation of these events are right on and very simply it is exactly like a palace coup. It’s time for a sort of NYC/American – Arab Spring. de Blasio was elected with a mandate to reform. People who work for the people we put in charge are subject to rules of the game as written by the people. Anything less is chaos not a democracy. I just wish this article had more then fifty some responses.

  43. I’d like to see all those who refuse to do their jobs suspended, or fired, and replaced with an order from the DOJ.

    They are putting the well being of the city and citizens they have sworn to protect at risk in order to engage in a petulant display of childishness.

    They have no right to do this.

  44. if the mayor and the police commissioner have the authority to fire the officers then fire them, with no pay no benefits and strip them of there pensions, those officers doing a work slowdown is paid by taxpayers dollars and thus by a work slowdown there not doing there jobs so there pay should docked accordingly.


  46. Actually, the mayor is an elected official by the residents of his city. The police are “employee’s” that report to this elected official. It would stand to reason that if your superior gives you a direct order you must comply or face discipline or termination. The leaders of the unions are not the overseers of the budget that must pay these multi-million dollar wrongful death suits.

  47. I’ve been liberal from about the age 19 and now I’m hitting 62. Right now I’m ashamed of my fellow liberals for bashing police. Law abiding citizens aren’t harassed by the police. Republicans are right, liberals are lawless people! I think this liberal anti-police attitude is going to play out in Election 2016, and we are going to be on the short-end of the stick.

  48. Reminds me of all the “I used to be a(n) (atheist) (Wiccan) (Communist)(feminist)(Democrat)(other) until (whatever) made me see the light” posts I’ve seen in a pretty long life. If you really believe the police have never harassed an innocent person, you’re too dumb to have been a liberal.

  49. Liberals aren’t bashing police; just because people demand police act properly in certain situations does not mean they are blasting all police; all police are not the same just as all teachers and all politicians and all bosses are not the same and if they don’t do whats right the individuals should be called out; to defend any and all actions of the police or anyone is what leads to abuse.

  50. People are missing the point and premise of what is going on. Pat lynch is elected by majority vote by the police to represent them. The public has no say in that. Police aren’t declaring war on civilians,civilians and the media are making it seem like every cop is a bad guy.Civilians are mad that minorities are being killed for petty crimes and that they are being picked on for no apparent reason So now what is happening is cops will arrest people when the NEED to, they just won’t go out of their way to make an arrest or ticket anyone because if they fight the cop and the civilian dies because he made a ddecision to fight the summons violently, the cop will get fired or prosecuted. This is a win win win for everyone. Cops do less work, less bullsshit arrests and people can be happy and drink and piss and jump turnstiles all day long with no penalty. That’s what the public wants and the mayor wants because god forbid a cop tries to ticket them and they fight back and the bad guy(pe…

  51. Being a police officer is a civil service job. Just like a janitor or a Secretary. You can’t force a cop to go out and make an arrest UNLESS there is a victim. So no more marijuana arrests or bs tickets. That’s not against the constitution to say I didn’t see it whoops sorry. So they can’t be fired or prosecuted just like a janitor can’t go to prison for not cleaning a toilet lol Civilians need to make up their mind, do u want police to be aaggressive, beat up bad guys or not do anything when minor petty things are happening. Cause if u want the cops to write them tickets then you can’t be angry when the perp gets his ass handed to him when he fights a civil servant who doesn’t give a crap about anything but going home at the end of the day.

  52. A janitor doesn’t have to say an oath.

    Law Enforcement Oath

    Oath of Honor is recommended as by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as symbolic statement of commitment to ethical behavior:

    “On my honor,
    I will never betray my badge1,
    my integrity, my character,
    or the public trust.
    I will always have
    the courage to hold myself
    and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution to
    my community and the agency I serve.”

    Before any officer takes the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, it is important that he/she understands what it means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone makes when he/she sincerely intends to do what he/she says.

    Can read (google)the full Context”Law Enforcements Oath of Honor”

  53. Many Identities of New York Officers’ Killer in a Life of Wrong Turns
    His entire life, Ismaaiyl Brinsley tried on identities as if they were new clothes. He was a bad boy with a gun, a fashionable man in Gucci and Cartier, a T-shirt maker, a film director, a screenwriter, a devout Muslim, a rap producer.

    He had a nickname for every mood — Moses, Interstate, Palace, Gazava, Scorpio King, Bleau Barracuda. Online, he seemed to be screaming at people to pay attention. “Welcome To Greatness,” proclaimed a photo album on his Facebook page.

    In reality, Mr. Brinsley’s short life was a series of disappointments
    Read More

  54. Karen, I remember seeing this movie years ago. It was about that time, I was at a gathering at a friends house where a Chicago policeman was in attendance. Bragging about how under paid he was but also bragging about his white furniture and carpeting he had and his big car. I listened just long enough to turn and say. You must be a cop on the take? There was no answer back and I walked away. During the years since, have had no reason to change my mind about cops. still believe they are self serving, unethical, beings, serving only themselves. Only now, they are even more dangerous considering the arms they have available.

  55. the NYPD PBA is automatically deleting comments from their facebook page and only reposting the ones they like. typical facists

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