Bernie Sanders Exposes Republican Plot To Cut Social Security For 11 Million Disabled People

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is warning that Republicans are plotting to cut Social Security benefits for 11 million disabled Americans through a rule change that would make it more difficult to fund the disability account.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders explained what the House rules change will mean for disabled Americans who depend on Social Security:

“Around 11 million Americans, including nearly 2 million children with a disabled parent, rely on Social Security to help keep them out of poverty,” said Sanders, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee.

A new House rule creates a legal obstacle course that would make it harder to shift funds from the Social Security retirement account, which has a big surplus, to the smaller disability account. Such transfers have been done routinely in the past under both Republican and Democratic presidencies, including four times under President Ronald Reagan.

Without a transfer to shore up the disability fund, Social Security Administration experts say the disability program will run short of money next year, and there will be only enough to cover 80 percent of scheduled benefits.

“Instead of working to strengthen Social Security for all, the House Republicans’ new rule puts America’s most vulnerable at risk,” Sanders said.

The rule change is a part of a Republican effort to kill Social Security. If the disability fund can’t be replenished, Benefits will have to be cut, and some of the most economically vulnerable people in our society will be pushed deeper into poverty. According to experts, the problem with the Social Security disability cash assistance programs is that it limits the earnings of disabled individuals to just above the poverty line. This creates a trap that makes it impossible for individuals who can’t work to escape poverty.

The ideal solution would be the exact opposite of what Republicans are trying to do. Instead of cutting benefits, lawmakers should raise the income limit, so that disabled individuals can keep their benefits while also possessing an avenue to potentially escape poverty.

The Republican rule change that would lead to more benefits cuts will only push millions of Americans with no source of income further into poverty. House Republicans are repeating a pattern of attacking those who most need assistance. Since they have taken over the majority, Republicans have tried to cut benefits for the unemployed, children, wounded veterans, the elderly, and the disabled.

Sen. Sanders is using his position as the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee to sound the warning about what Republicans intend to do. The Republican agenda is all about taking from those at the bottom in order to give more to those at the top. Republicans want to carry out a massive upward redistribution of wealth. John Boehner rejected the idea of a $2,000 tax cut for middle-class families but has long been a champion of permanent tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

The Republican desire to remake America into an oligarchy knows no limits. Sen. Sanders is leading the charge against the oligarchs, and the economic future of millions depends on his warnings being heeded.

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  1. how dare those old folks need ss. used to be the third rail of politics. now its a cash cow dream for wall street. bernie sanders talks about how those greedy mf’s want that ss. cash to blow on their craps table…

    but plenty of cashola for the MIC.

  2. If they’re going to vote “yes” to cut ss, then their own parents, relatives be the first to be cut. Only fair.

  3. This is just the first attack on SS. They figure who cares about cripples and the mentally ill and they are right/

    As Rev Wright would say GOD DAMN AMERICA

  4. The attack is on Social Security Disability which would affect Americans of ALL ages and Veterans as well. If a veteran that no longer is in the military gets in a car wreck and is injured where he can not work. He or she and their family members receive a modest amount of income from Social Security Disability. Any cuts to it would cause some to be homeless. Others would have to face eating less or not paying some bills. It is a way for the TP/GOP to punish American citizens.
    Remember they have already done major cuts to food stamps.

  5. Well, looks like the same people that voted these Republicans into office are going to be the first to get shafted. Wonder how they are going to feel about that? Once they learn WHO did this to them, one has to wonder just how they will vote in 2016.

  6. Not satisfied with all time records for 1% wealth creation and corporate profits, the GOP is looking at more ways the 99% can help the aristocrats.

  7. Thank God a Democrat is in office to veto all this (!#/! There was breaking news that PBO is going to veto some bill that the House passed that waters down Volker, Volcker (sp?). It was to help Wall Street in some way.

  8. I used to think republicans were morally and fiscally bankrupt.Now I am convinced they are just plain evil.

  9. Cut Congress pay to 34 thousand a year…the supposed middle class salary…Outlaw Lobbying an the other BS an watch how fast things change…Go Bernie 2016

  10. When I was twelve, my father had an incapacitating stroke, and it was not his last. Without SS, I might have had to go to work in a dime store instead of to college, and now they don’t even have dime stores.

  11. Thank God we have Bernie to expose this crap. He and Elizabeth Warren seem to be the only politicians with any common sense. This is scary folks. Please become activists and back him up.

  12. I have felt for over three decades, but especially the last decade and a half, that they were motivated by malice rather than mere greed.

  13. Just let those in office share the same benefits we all get , our healthcare, not the special healthcare they now receive(for life) Let them receive salaries on an hourly basis, they might want to work a little longer, a little harder then the few hours they put in on an average yearly basis and at a rate similar to others in the American workforce and they need to look forward to the same retirement(and healthcare) that most of us have SS or if disabled even less SSD.
    We on SS/SSD live in poverty, we chose do we eat this month or pay for heat? If we work we are penalized, this must stop!
    I don’t think it means a thing what “party” they belong to in my opinion it is pure greed, lack of upholding their duty to us, the American Citizen .
    And if “we the people” do not stand up for our rights that we have worked for all of our lives, fought for and died.
    Then we are doomed to watch the downfall of our great country .
    Open your mouth ,let them know,
    Not Acceptable

  14. I’m a retiree and there are a lot of upcoming retirees behind me and I don’t want the SSA funds to go to shore up anything, including SSI. SSI should be self-supporting.
    A lot of those people (and I know a few) on SSI don’t deserve it. They’ve tricked the system and doctors and pretend disability. Some of them “maybe” worked a few years, but certainly not enough years to pay into the system to support a $1000+ payout.
    I worked for 50 years and paid into SSA and I’m entitled. I’m not so sure about all those 11 Million SSI.

  15. Seems to me the government needs to repay the money they “BORROWED” from social security before the do anymore bailouts or funding of banks and mortgage companies. Remember it was BORROWED NOT A GIFT.

  16. Teapubs love bankrupt – remember ? Romney “Id let the auto industry go bankrupt”. Don Rump has filed bankruptcy 4 times. Clearly repubs cannot be trusted to make financial decisions for America. The new republican healthcare – “just get sick and die.”

    GOTP are domestic terrorists. Constantly attacking Americans.

  17. resent this, I worked my ass off myself; I am 70 yrs old and found myself disabled; I try and live on 650.00 a month with almost 200 going out to supplememtal insurance due to my health; your cold ass comments show you are a republican and hate those that have fallen into medical nightmares I wish you Kara…to see what hell really is.

  18. SallyShillyShallyChicago: Social Security Disability isn’t just SSI. Between them, they provide for mentally/developmentally disabled people, people who have been rendered physically incapable of work, people with long-term disabilities like Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a host of others. They also support people who must give up work to remain home with a suddenly disabled spouse or child.

    Your comment is riddled with assumptions based on long since refuted anecdotal “evidence” of gaming the system, assumptions that whole-bodied people would rather live in poverty than work. It reeks of small-minded and mean-spirited selfishness that basically just dismisses the realities of disability and poverty.

  19. I have a 45 yo neighbor woman who hasnt had a job long enough in her life to count on. She gets SSI. Not much but she gets is. She drinks, sells drugs and trys to push herself sexually for the money.

  20. So, i suppose the GOp would wish for all the disabled people to starve to death. Well have they forgotten about all the Snipers that they trained that have come back with PTSD and or are disabled/ Yes they have.
    And here I sit cleaning my 30-06 Sniper Rifle wondering when others may pick theirs up and pick them off?
    This would be worse then ISIS in the land.
    Bernie should really warn them that the most people effected and to suffer may wish to create a World of Pain for them.

  21. So, Shiva….you have a neighbor who games the system….one person which, obviously for you, is enough to shitcan the entire system and punish all the others for the actions of one person. EVERY program has abusers and there means to weed them out without cancelling the entire program. You should try to get out more and meet more people. Is she selling to YOU?

  22. The Republicans have worked very hard, since the day after Obama first took office, to punish the American who voted for the black guy and put him in office. Their six years of fear mongering, lying, hate, opposition, and obstruction will be in the history books; but they won’t be bothered as they have no morals, ethics, nor integrity……just their greed for money and power over the less fortunate. It is a poison that will surely kill them in a mass political genocide.

  23. They are going about this the wrong way! There is definitely disability fraud with able minded and able bodied persons that are to lazy to work. But they shouldn’t poison the pot for the people that are truly disabled. Disability lawyers will sue for benefits denied, but there has been a crack down on this scheme. It’s like they’re more worried about those few people getting something for free than providing for the truly disabled. They’re saying…I hate those takers (Mitt Romney speak) Fraud is from the top to the bottom! Tax evaders or disability fraud!

  24. The Republican idea of suppressing fraud and waste is shelling out a hundred bucks on snooping to make sure one benefit recipient can’t buy ketchup and mayonnaise at the same time.

  25. I am disabled, I don’t look it – I am simply in non stop pain for the past 24 years. I worked until 2005 in spite of the pain.

    Getting SSDI typically takes over two years to get, many people lose everything waiting to get it. Because most people don’t have 2+ years of funds. So getting SSDI is a challenging proposition.

    If you are sure these people are gaming the system – report them. But be sure they don’t have an invisible disability like I do. Disability does not demand a cane or wheel chair.

    I worked for decades. I need that money and cutting it may force me from my home.

  26. There is no rule that a disabled person must be noble.

    Your neighbor may be disabled and the drugs is her way of dealing with it. Not a smart plan, but you aren’t her and do not know her story.

    Compassion is a component of a great society.

  27. Sally, I’m glad you’re a retiree who will be getting social security. I’ve been the primary caregiver for my son who has Partial Trisomy 13 and autism for 33 years. He takes medication that if not for insurance, would cost $12,000/year. Have you ever considered what it would be like to retire and still have to pay for a dependent child for the rest of their life? Didn’t think so.

  28. The Republican’ts are out to end any government program they can’t exploit for obscene profits.
    Sorry but Social Security for the disabled doesn’t keep them out of poverty, it lock one into poverty. My benefits pays me about 66% of poverty level and any money I make from any source above $50 a month they take half of what I make out of my benefits. This basically means I only get paid half wages for any work I do, I am penalized for being disabled. When SS gives a Cost of Living raise it is nothing more than a transfer of funds from the federal government to the state. Every raise results in cuts in SNAP and cash assistance on the state level. I got raises the last two years and the end result was a loss of $30 in benefits.

  29. Sally this story is not about SSI, it is about SSDI. They are two totally different programs. I suggest you educate yourself what each one is before making such an ignorant statement.

  30. The Nazi’s started on the disabled then the gays and jews – anybody they could scapegoat. Same old $h!t, new day. It takes a real set of sleazy cowards to pick on disabled people as the enemy and to profit off of them. These American Nazis are the sleaziest Nazi’s mankind has had to suffer yet.

  31. when people steal your money it called a felony. as Bernie. if the cut crazy peoples money. bullets might start flying. just saying a lot of crazies out their depend on their $695.00 per month.

  32. The “Entitled,” are the corporations, the Wall-Street” rulers of the Universe, and the cutting off of Disability benefits, which is a rueful obstacle course in itself, would cause havoc in the Social Security System, forcing rich to move their precious capitol offshore; resort more and more onto State programs they can’t afford, cause the gov’t to cover the charge, then raise taxes on the rich, which they desperately covet.

    Their picking small fruit off the vine to procure a Fascist State, run by the Super’s, and the Slaves beneath. Poor would give way to the King’s, which is what Rome, if I recall, destroyed to restore equilibrium. Get the weapons ready, the Arab Spring is coming home to roost…..Social Security cuts are next….

  33. It is no secret that the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is broken. The real question is how broken is it? In taking a look at just the headlines over the last three months, you will see that there is no shortage of serious operational issues with the $135 billion and growing entitlement program. Recently, the Government Accountability Office uncovered $1.3 billion in overpayments and CBS’s 60 Minutes featured the beleaguered SSDI program—identifying parts of the country where 10-15 percent of the population is on the government program. If you look and examine the people who are gaming the system, you will quickly discover that the ongoing fraud and abuse is abundant, sophisticated and even large scale as reported by “The

  34. They Republicans always go after the ones who can not fight back. Cowards they are, I hate hearing them say for the American People. We all know that is Bullshit!!!!!!

  35. If the majority of taxpayers need to pay more taxes to fund SS disability, let the public vote how to fund it, appropriately, now, not some future date and not by stealing money from other funds.

    If the majority want their legislators to spend hard earned tax dollars to raise taxes to cover disabled persons, so be it. [wink]

  36. You meant eliminate the disability program? Maybe instead of just eliminating it altogether, we permit taxpayers to vote to increase their payroll withholding to support the disabled or vote to change the qualifications?

    While many would agree there is tremendous waste and the world survived thousands of years without having such a program and the United States did without the disability program also until 1956, there are many persons without family or friends to help support them and without the public’s health would die of starvation, aren’t there?

  37. It seems that in 2013, that the disability fund spent 30 billion more than was paid into it. The non-disability fund also was in a deficit. The disability trust fund is nearly depleted, that is why if taxpayers do not consent to a tax increase for the disability fund that benefits will have to be cut to balance the receipts against that payouts.

    If tax payers do not choose to accept a payroll increase, what other options are there to get disability payments to those that need them?

  38. As we all know the SS funds are drying up. We have known for about 30 years (at least) that eventually the well would dry up i.e. expenses would exceed revenue and wipe out all the surplus resulting in not enough to fund current expenses. We have not only kicked this political and financial can down the road for many years but we have increased the size of the can by expanding entitlements. Now a faction is suggesting we, again, take money from retirement funds (that are already drying up) and put it into disability funds which will provide some short term relief and accelerate the demise of the retirement funds. My question is…Bernie, if we reduce the funds in the retirement fund how do you propose to keep the retirement fund solvent?
    A previous comment suggested that we have a national vote on increasing the SS taxes, that might be a good idea. We should ask society if they want to continue throwing more dollars down this rat hole.

  39. A national vote? As stupid as Americans are you expect them to make the right decision?
    BTW you need to stop the thee REICH wing lies and do some research on your own. Like I said Americans are stupid

    5 Huge Myths About Social Security
    Myth No. 1: Social Security is going bankrupt
    The biggest misunderstanding out there relates to Social Security’s financial challenges. (A Google search for “Social Security bankruptcy” turned up 50 million hits.) But the fact is that Social Security isn’t going bankrupt, nor is bankruptcy really possible as the system is currently set up.
    Read More

  40. You know millions will go along with cutting people benefits because they think it wont happen to the chosen race. They’re wrong of course but they don’t care. But it’s more fun to punish the others, because Americans are mean, awful people who vote with the intent of being mean, awful people.

  41. Raving manic alert!!! Wants to make it harder for those of us on Social Security Disability to get money to live!!! His thinking it is we (the disabled) are getting a free hand out to live in luxury!!! I don’t know where this man shops….but luxury can NOT be bought for $733.00 a month!!! I am in the EXTREME poverty bracket!! If it were not the programs that I participate in I would not have a roof over my head, and meals on the table, let alone the medical costs that keep me out of the hospitals and alive!!!!

  42. I have SSI after working as long as I was able, and even after that. My total income (no food stamps–because in California those of us on SSI are “too rich for food stamps”) is $880 per month. California is one of the wealthiest states, and one of the least affordable. I’d be out on the street if I didn’t also have a housing voucher. Does this make me a moocher? Well, how would you like getting a hip replacement before you turned 48, two before age 60? And having to take large dosages of morphine just to keep the pain somewhat at bay? How would you like having to go through “recertification” every two years, where the Social Security office pries into the most intimate parts of your life? And how would you like having to report *every last penny you get for your birthday and holidays*? How would you like it if Social Security penalizes you for once having over $2,000 in the bank? Believe me, it’s not easy. And many people (like my brother–blind, retarded) cannot take care of t…

  43. PBO has his own stake in Wall Street. Will he veto a bill that guts reform? Will anyone call down the 35 House “Democrats” who voted with Repugs? I hope PBO makes liberal use of that veto pen, particularly when it comes to preserving Social Security, Social Security Disability and Medicare.

  44. Phil, in 1978 “W” ran for Governor of Texas with the “demise” of Social Security as part of his platform. Republicans have continued attempts to privatize Social Security using this myth as a ploy to get support for transferring funds into the stock market. The only real danger to Social Security funding is Republican efforts to dismantle it. The “transfer” to SSDI is not a threat to Retirement funds, and has been routinely done at least eleven times in the past without any consequence to Retirement funding. Do not fall victim to Republican divide-and-conquer tactics. This is not Retirement vs. Disability. It is about Republican efforts to get rid of any of the benefits for which we have worked.

  45. why not gas chambers for the poor? The GOP could hire illegals to build them. If they are no longer”productive” kill them off and decrease the surplus population. NOT. I AM ON SSDI. I can barely walk. If not for 16 hour days for 10 years and being able to buy a home. I would be on the street. Time for our “part-time” Congress to be paid by the hour and lobbyists hanged for bribing ( which all lobbying is) elected officials. But I do understand reality. The crooks that wrecked the economy didn’t even miss their bonuses( which are tax deductible) and are doing great, thanks to the no questions asked, no rules changed government they bought. It’s obscene no one has gone to jail because they are wealthy and both parties dare not annoy them with laws, which are for the little people only

  46. as pres W was going to toss the SS funds into wall street…can you imagine if he got away with it?
    We’d be bailing out wall street to try to get our own $$$ back.

    Why do repubs have a limited history retention?

  47. As I mentioned, I have an older brother who is blind and severely developmentally disabled (used to be called “retarded”). Neither is *he* a “moocher.” Believe me, you wouldn’t want the heartache and stress that my folks went through with him. Nor same with me. But, let me tell you, having a family member like that sure as hell made me a more compassionate person than some of the comments I’ve read here. Disabled people do not deserve the term “moochers”, nor do older people. Hey–great idea!–what are we doing putting down others? How about the *real* moochers–the 1%?

  48. I read less than half your post before I started punching I agree. The day I got word what my COLA would be. $11. I got a notice my WiFi bill was going to take all but a dollar of it. Duke Power will take that dollar and part of my groceries for their share. Good thing I am 78 and crippled. Maybe I will be lucky enough to be close to the head of the line when the Koch’s, McCrory, Art Pope ALEC and the rest of the traitors come all the way out and get the furnaces fired up.

  49. Raise the cap or eliminate the cap so incomes above $118,500 can be FICA taxed and/or shift funds from the Social Security retirement account, which has a big surplus, to the smaller disability account. Such transfers have been done routinely in the past under both Republican and Democratic presidencies, including four times under President Ronald Reagan. Doing the latter would make SSDI viable to 2033 and would only take 1 year away from SS which is solvent to 2034 but would be solvent to 2033. That’s 18 years from now. The last time they shifted funds from SS to SSDI was in 1994 under Reagan and that shift extended SSDI till 2016. That’s 22 years that was given to SSDI and this transfer of funds will give SSDI 18 years. Transfer of funds have been done 11 times already over the years and was not objected to by Republicans or Democrats. Now Republicans want to either cut 20% off what people are getting on SSDI and the average monthly payment comes to LESS than $14,000 a year.

  50. (cont.) A 20% cut would make the average monthly payment to SSDI recipients come out to $11,200 a year. How can anyone live on that?

    Meanwhile, their is an article that senators in Washington DC want a raise in their salaries because it is hard for them to live on $176,000 a year (a Senator’s salary). Add that to the article that Congress is looking into ways to reduce private pensions to Americans, how full time jobs with good salaries and benefits are harder and harder to come by and even stores like JC Penny and Radio Shack which have low paying jobs are even closing in 2015 and how college graduates have on average $30,000 in debt and can’t find jobs and this country is going down the tubes. Our future and the future of young children looks bleak. I would not want to be a young child growing up in today’s world. Other countries have it much worse than us. What did we do as humans to screw up this world so? We are truly messed up.

  51. Sally, SSI and SSDI are different. I paid in and I am on SSDI. SSI is for those who did not pay in, it is essentially welfare. But many of those have physical or mental problems that prevent earning a living. SSi is a pittance and most of it is taken by care facilities for these folks.

  52. Maybe the GOP should shake loose some $$$for invesigators e Internal Revenue. There is more fraud with federal income tax than with “actors” collecting disability.

  53. Stop the lifetime retirement benefits for Congresspersons with less that4 terms(8 years) in office.Let them pay for their HEALTH BENEFITS…………………..

  54. I worked for 32 years until I got injured. I paid into that fund out of every single paycheck for all those years, and I was told it would be there for me in the event I could no longer work. I am 60 years old and all alone. What would you suggest someone like me should do? Just go ahead and die so you don’t have part with a nickel? That’s MY goddamn money. I worked for it, I earned it, and by God NO ONE has the right to take it away from me. The government DOES NOT FUND SOCIAL SECURITY. It does not affect the deficit, it has nothing to do with anyone except the sleaze bags who keep stealing from it. They call it borrowing, but they have NEVER PAID ONE DIME OF IT BACK. People who think I’m cheating someone or that I’m lazy and just don’t want to work, or my personal favorite, it’s a “LIFESTYLE CHOICE” can just eat shit and die. Yes, morons, I chose it, right. Let’s see…money and pay the bills/can’t buy food for two more days… ignorant fucks.

  55. Thank you, Charles. I am currently on SSDI because of an injury. I am alone except for a couple of close friends who are both close to 70. I worked for 32 years, practically my whole adult life (I’m 60 now) and money for SS came out of my check every single week for those 32 years. I can barely afford to keep my home now, and I’ve almost lost it more than once. Our “cost of living” increase came to a whopping $25/month, then they took $19 back for Medicare. Which made my total increase exactly $6.00 a month. That’s a total increase of $72 for the whole year. I’m not eligible for food stamps because I GET TOO MUCH MONEY!! It’s unbelievable that poverty level income is considered “too much money” to get help with food. I don’t know what they want from me anymore, and I’m just one “cut” away from a refrigerator box under a bridge. Thank you horrible Republicans. You’ve made the last years of my life not worth living for the most part. How Christian & hum…

  56. It took me over 10 years to get my SSI and NOW the repugs.. want to cut it for NO reason ? Meager though it is, it’s all I have. Lose it now, and I face homelessness, hunger, with no medical care, it would mean death in short order. But perhaps that is what they want ?

    They will not be satisfied it seems, until everyone in the county, is a jobless pauper, with no social programs to sustain them in the artificial crisis that THEY created.

    Do they even realize the kind of horror they are instigating ? The hunger and pain are real and if it gets worse, the society will fall apart, piece by piece. When you take away work, food, home, and force them to watch their kids and elders die for lack of medical care.

    You create someone who has nothing to lose, perhaps a “do what your told, or die society” might sound good to them, but NO SANE person, contemplates, much less creates that situation. Others have tried it. Read history,and you realize that it means bloody uprising.

  57. wrong sally, i love eating steaks off ur taxes sally, how about we take ur ss sally hmm or cut it

  58. when i say i love eating steaks off ur taxes i meant that comments to republicans and tea party idiots, just to piss them off

  59. For one, those who draw SSI, and haven’t worked for that long don’t get $1000 a month…max is $700 a month…so don’t get your panites in a wad. Don’t destroy a system because you have those who have found a way to get around they system. You go after the Drs who are helping these ppl get around the system. They aren’t doing it by themselves, you know…

  60. Many people work their lives N never get paid (very little USMC 1974) due to their position / mental disease. I built many buildings, planted many gardens, produced tons of food, served my country during vietnam era, started recycling center, ran recovery homes, built homeless shelters, planted trees both fruit N evergreens, took care of the elderly for 10 yrs /6 with mom, etc N i never did get in debts or file bankruptcy nor was i included in inheritances (siblings all got 50k 2013) N my small disability income has allowed me to purchase a home last month after living out of my car since oct 2013. I scrimped n saved n will be paying taxes again. I could more easily been a drain on society N gotten free housing but i was raised to work hard even though i might not have earned $ I never paid enough into SS, so that i will never get a check from that. Thankfully the VA has stepped in with a disabilty to keep me off the streets Thank God. I’m sure others on SSI/SSDI Have done like me

  61. It might help to point out that Social Security for the disabled isn’t something meant to make a profit off each individual’s contributions: it’s about spreading *risk* and preventing extreme poverty from worsening the overall economy. If people work long enough to pay enough in to qualify for SSDI, they stand a chance of being able to keep from losing all they worked for, …if not, the SSI provides a bare minimum of stability to reduce the amount of homelessness and destitution that would occur and cost society even more.

    All of us, and our relatives before us pay in, not just for ourselves, but in case something befalls one of our kids or loved ones, cause supporting a disabled loved one with no help could drag whole families down economically.

    We all take our chances in life, …worsening the consequences of anyone becoming disabled doesn’t reduce the chances it could be *you* or someone you’re responsible for. And destituting Americans would be no good for the …

  62. The cap’s problematic. (Especially if one believed what Republicans say about needing to have fewer taxes to be incentivized to even invest money, never mind try working through a disability, how does a *fifty percent* ‘tax’ on disabled people’s earnings sound, if they can manage any: ) On one level it seems fair enough to pay back in if you’re able to earn something, but on the other hand, if picking up a few hours of paid work won’t improve your situation, why take the risk.)

    More than the cap, though, a problem is that the system’s set up to jeopardize the *security* that it’s supposed to provide. If managing to make some money with a disability could cut off your benefits for months, or permanently, (even if the disability means it didn’t last) then it makes poor people *risk-averse.* You could lose your home, that way.

    There’s a gap between ‘qualifying for SS’ and ‘Fully Employable in the Job Market,’ too. The system shouldn’t penalize managing to d…

  63. Actually, any figures on ‘fraud and overpayment’ that aren’t cited falsely or distorted could actually be much reduced by simply raising the earned income and property caps to something more realistic in the real economy today: these being kind of an artifact of now-unrealistic limits intended to try to get people out of the system rather than get as much benefit for people and the real economy out of the system as possible.

    It’d also save all the bureaucratic costs of trying to micromanage and police the pittances and occasional minor windfalls disabled people might be able to earn and fear might end up costing them everything if they get their benefits cut off for their pains. It’d clean up the bureaucracy enough to find the *real* fraudsters, rather than looking for any masterminds who’ll commit federal crimes to live on 9K or 13K a year.

    Being poor and disabled and honest in this society is hard enough: a lot of these caps are so tight they make an additional…

  64. He is quoting 60 minutes. All I can say is Lara Logan. Whatever credibility they once had went out the window a long time ago. Now I know he doesn’t want to know the facts but I would just like to remind everyone that there is little fraud
    AP Reports that 99.8 Percent of Social Security Disability Payments Were Proper

    He is nothing but a lying POS

  65. (Also I might add that a lot of legitimate disabilities make it very hard for a recipient or prospective recipient to *navigate* the bureaucracy and all the requirements on the books. (Which leads to errors and costs money as well as additional hardship on said disabled people and their local economies. And either underreporting of any income a disabled person might manage or a lot of bureaucratic burden just cause some get through a couple hours’ paid work somewhere and duly report.)

    When life’s kind of an uphill battle to begin with, struggling to earn a bit of extra money, then take on the *additional* job of reporting that income so you can lose half of it (especially while fearing you’d lose benefits entirely over it) isn’t exactly doing society or the Social Security budget much good, especially when any extra money a disabled person might earn would be bound to either go to any debt they have or directly into the local economy. Which is… A positive for everyon…

  66. Oh, sure. The media gives a distorted view of exactly how big all of these ‘problems’ with Social Security (not to mention the lifestyles of the poor and ailing who’d be competing against the able-bodied for jobs that aren’t there and don’t pay living wages anyway,) …are in the first place, but it’s anecdotes and perceptions they get indignant over.

    Come down to it whatever *actual* figures there are are in large measure an artifact of the system itself having too much focus on trying to force people out of it and not enough on making it work a lot better.

    It’d be cheaper to make it more *secure* for everyone and less *fussy and bureaucratically-tangled.* I’d suggest that a lot of what are claimed as ‘overpayments’ to individuals probably *shouldn’t be:* it’d also make poverty less of a *trap* in the process.

  67. Don’t forget the scapegoating: they have always used, ‘Blame the ‘welfare bums’ ‘ to foment anger in their base… Against anyone but the real sources of why even able-bodied people are hard-pressed to earn a living wage on three jobs and the usual downward mobility problems.

    Never mind if they have to lie to give the idea that poor and disabled people are all fakers who manage to defraud the system to live high on the hog on 700 bucks a month, paying most of that just to keep a roof over their heads even in *cheap* places to live. …and that that somehow causes their taxes to exist or is to blame for a lousy real economy etc, Etc etc.

    Of course, a living wage for *workers* would probably be needed to even free up part time employment for all the “moochers” to go out and *get* in the first place, even if they weren’t legitimately disabled and trying to compete with people who *can* be forced to work sixty hours a week (when they shouldn’t *have* to.)

  68. Well, I’d phrase it more like “Social Security keeps a lot of disabled people out of *destitution and homelessness,* but it is of course still well-below the poverty line.

    The earnings caps and property caps tend to *keep* people there, though, because they ignore the gulf between ‘Totally useless and with no property’ that they think people must be in order to be given almost-enough-to-barely-survive… and the actual level of function and life-stability (And record of never having *been* homeless modern America requires for you to be considered *employable* in reality.

    Even Republican logic should say that if you want to ‘incentivize work,’ then ‘taxing’ it at 50 percent while asking disabled people to risk losing their basic security entirely isn’t much ‘incentive’ to be ‘enterpreneurial.’ (They seem to think that this is how *banks* should be treated but expect somehow that making life harder will make sick people prosper.)

  69. Lets not forget that even John McCain gets 40,000 a year in SS. Not everyone is destitute on SS. But many live on it alone

  70. Plus VA benefits
    When McCain released his tax return for 2007 on Friday, he separately disclosed that he received a pension of $58,358 that was not listed as income on his return.

    On Monday, McCain’s staff identified the retirement benefit as a “disability pension” and said that McCain “was retired as disabled because of his limited body movements due to injuries as a POW.”

  71. (We call Social Security a ‘safety net’ but is in fact placed at rock-bottom to qualify, at which point one tries to apply for it and get picked up *halfway* out of poverty tends to exacerbate the gap between ‘Poor and sick enough’ and ‘Employable.’ )

    Things would be desperately bad *without* the Social Security system, but it tends to only want to kick in *after* someone’s health and money/living situation have deteriorated very badly, often past homelessness and permanent debility, and then want to yank itself out from under someone before they’ve actually managed to climb out of the hole, so to speak.

    The idea ‘austerity helps’ is a twisted version of the Protestant work ethic that claims making the poor suffer will make them prosper, when it’s really just kicking people when they’re down. In a lot of cases, timely and *sufficient* help would prevent people *being* permanently disabled, and being less *restrictive* about income would let more climb …

  72. So lets add it up.
    $58,358 for VA
    40,000 a year in SS
    174,000 AS A Senator, mind you that’s the low end
    Healthcare? Well as a federal employee we are paying over 15 billion a year
    And lets not forget he married into money
    Beer Money: The McCains and the InBev, Anheuser-Busch Deal
    Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain — who inherited a Phoenix beer distributorship that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars — will reap a tidy windfall from the $52 billion sale of Anheuser-Busch to the Belgian brewer InBev.

  73. Well, if you want an option, here’s an option: if there’s a *revenue* problem, *don’t* further strangle the real economy with more ‘austerity’ so that more people can have jobs and pay their FICA insurance. (Remember that if people on SSI/SSDI manage to have or make enough to have something left over after just surviving, almost all that money goes right back into the local economy, cause they’re *poor,* and *need things.* That means getting back some of those jobs and small businesses and cottage industries that went away cause the *customers* couldn’t afford too spend there.

    Same would go for raising the minimum wage and fixing infrastructure and green housing renovation incentives and all that other stuff that has been stonewalled since we voted Obama in twice for such things.

    You know, stuff that *makes things better* rather than taking out balance sheets on those already struggling with disabilities and poverty when times are tough all over.

  74. Well, despite (and probably in part because of) all his wealth, Shiva, if your figure is correct, John Mc Cain gets as much in disability as five disabled people who never got a chance do per year, (while of course claiming to be ‘able to work’ at being President of the United States.) But he *does* have two crippled shoulders and probably serious PTSD from his war service, and the price of having Social Security at all way back when was promising that the rich would get something out of it, too.

    It’s rather hypocritical of him to not give that money *back* cause he doesn’t need it, while he’s trying to cut social services and health care for the needy and regular folks, but nothing says he couldn’t.

    Fact is, according to the rules, he is actually entitled to whatever he gets, if he paid in enough. As much as his party tries to turn the word ‘Entitlement’ around to mean ‘Something you’re not entitled to’ he probably is, like most who rely on ben…

  75. Actually, SSI does *not* mean someone ‘didn’t pay in.’ It means they didn’t personally pay in *enough* before they couldn’t work or be hired anymore. At low-income jobs a person could work through most of high school and a few years full time of minimum wage, then come up a dollar short of qualifying for SSDI when a disability strikes, and them’s the breaks, they’re living at under half the poverty line instead of maybe two thirds of it.

    But the point of SSI is that we all pay into the system for *that* because it’s social insurance against destitution, whether in our families or in a wider society and economy that would have to pay even more if people were just cast out entirely.

    Unless someone’s pretty much born disabled, it’s not so much ‘welfare’ (Welfare was supposed to be that, when it existed) as getting like a lesser insurance award cause you didn’t pay enough premiums yet.

  76. You just lost the WH in 2016 as well and I am not eating 20% you can be sure I will pass it on to your banker friends thru running up my credit cards to make up the difference.

  77. Redistribution of the “wealth” of the least among us: the disabled. Strange how the word “redistribution” is NOW okay….but when the wealthy are expected to pay what THEY USED TO PAY in taxes…..its a freekin crime…

  78. Sally, you obviously haven’t understood any of what you’ve read. They are NOT talking about cutting SSI disability. This is about a 19 percent cut in the monthly benefits of people who receive Social Security Disability, a benefit that people have paid for through deductions from their paychecks. When you receive Social Security Disability, you are basically receiving your projected retirement benefits early based on disability status. It’s not welfare. It’s what citizens have paid into. And now they want to have the disability checks received by millions cut by 19%. How about having your Social Security retirement check cut, huh? Because that’s next you ignorant person.

  79. Sallyinchicago represents this new group of Americans that believe in I’ve got my own so screw the rest of you… It sad that America is transferring from a country of taking care of each other during tough times to every man for their own

  80. Miss Johnson I too worked for 32 years from the time I was 16years old till I was 52 18years in textile industry and 18years in scrap metal business I too paid in my fair share of taxes every week for 32 straight years I too became mentality and physical disabled with many forms of disabilities too long to list but stage 4 cirrochis of the liver is my worst even though I haven’t had a drink in 32years I feel 100% like you we earned that damm money it belongs to us no assholes deserve to take from us or think of cutting it hell if anything all 11 million of us deserve a big ass raise

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