Texas Open Carry Group Wants To “Hunt Down” Lawmakers Who “Don’t Support The Constitution”

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Open Carry Tarrant County, a chapter of the gun rights advocacy group Open Carry Texas, created further tension with the group and GOP lawmakers in Texas by publicly declaring the need to “hunt down the Republicans” who aren’t pushing a bill in the state legislature that would allow people to openly carry unlicensed handguns. Earlier this month, the group drew the ire of many conservatives and open carry advocates for their bullying tactics towards elected officials when they barged into the State Capitol and confronted representatives in an effort to intimidate them into supporting the open carry of handguns.

At that time, the leader of Open Carry Texas, CJ Grisham, called out the head of the Tarrant County chapter, Kory Watkins, for “starting fires.”

I’ll be spending tomorrow cleaning up the horse manure Kory Watkins dropped throughout the Capitol today instead of building support for constitutional carry. If starting fires were up for a vote, he’d be a grand arsonist. Yes, I said it. Some of us actually want bills passed that repeal laws violating our fundamental rights instead of vying for the title of Jackass of the Year. I’m done playing softball. I’m still getting phone calls from representatives and media hours later.

Due to Watkins’ actions, state legislators requested panic buttons to be installed in their offices. Really, who can blame them? When you have belligerent gun nuts barging into your office demanding you let them carry firearms anywhere and everywhere, it is likely you’d want to have as much protection as possible.

On Tuesday, Watkins decided to up the ante and requested that his chapter’s members, and others sympathetic to the cause, place further pressure on Republicans in the State Senate to support SB 342, a proposed bill that would allow a person to open carry a handgun without a license. Watkins is taking issue with newly elected Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick claims that there is currently not enough support for the bill in the Senate. In the Facebook event he created for the cause, Watkins used provocative language to implore members to do whatever they can to change the Senators’ minds.

Below is an excerpt from the Facebook page for the event:

Dan Patrick said there is not enough support in the Senate. What?!?!!? Not enough support for the Constitution? The job they swore to uphold? We have 20 Republican Senators. Are they listening to lobbyist and gun organizations who are pro money?…. or the people?

Well, it’s time to hunt down the Republicans who don’t support the Constitution and the Republican Platform. Then, we will expose them and help them find a new job by making sure they won’t have a chance to ever get elected in Texas again. Time to start sending these people to California.

Here is a list of all Republican Senators in order of district. Here is a map to find your district and all the contacts for your reps. PLEASE CALL, email and whatever else you can. We want to know who are the Republican Senators who are not listening to the #WeThePeople

For gun control activists, Watkins and his group of miscreants are one of the best things that could have come along for them. The group is largely responsible for a number of chain restaurants and stores placing firearm bans in their places of business. This was due to group members showing up at stores with assault rifles slung across their backs, causing patrons to disgustingly leave the establishments. The resulting media coverage, complete with images, led to quick action from many businesses to ban guns in their shops.

Obviously, conservatives know this and want Watkins and Co. to stop acting obnoxiously and making it seem to all the world that gun rights activists are nothing more than dangerous gun fetishists and ammosexuals who care about nothing else but their firearms. However, the problem is that this Pandora’s Box has been opened, whether by the NRA or the Republican-led state legislatures stripping away gun control laws, and it can’t be shut. Even if Watkins is quieted down, there are other gun nuts who will continue to draw attention to themselves and become the face of this so-called movement.

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  1. What clear evidence these jerks should NEVER open carry. They dont have the mentality to control their gunnut stupidity. Is he fighting in a militia? I think he doesnt understand the Constitution. Maybe he cant read? Does he even know his god, Wayne LaPeePee chickened out of serving in Vietnam? He was “too nervous” to serve(scared).


  2. I could say “only in Texas” but I know there are other places with nutshells like this too. What makes them so afraid of the world that they must bring their fears out into the open and terrorize others with it.

  3. Finally that little turd, Watkins will get shut out of the TX Open Carry movement. His entire identity is wrapped up in the Trilby wearing persona he’s created and if someone would give him an actual job, maybe he can move on. Unfortunately, I believe we’ll be reading about his breakdown and mass shooting very soon.

  4. Looks like hes stoppin by the pharmacy to pick up his meds. They want every whack job to have a gun.

    This man has no penis.

  5. The Constitution says you have the right to bear arms. Requiring you to own a permit is not violating your Constitutional right to own weapons. They’re idiots!

  6. What goes around comes around. When Republican lawmakers openly voted for open carry, they asked for this with these gun nuts. When you lie down with the dog, you are gonna wake up with fleas. Karma can be a bitch.

  7. I thought your Constitution actually says that those belonging to a “well-regulated militia” have the right to bear arms — written before the United States had a national military force. It made sense then, because the U.S. was still fearful of those nasty redcoats taking back the colonies.
    Now ordinary law-abiding citizens are fearful of their gun-toting nasty fellow citizens shooting them in the drug store or Walmart.

  8. Given your eloquent cyniconography, I believe the next time I have a female dog, I should name her Karma.

  9. Teabaggers dont read actual historic documents, they only recite what the nra tells their 1st grade equivalents. They tend to “leave out” parts they dont like or change it to something “legal” to cover their lawlessness.

  10. When someone ‘pleads’ the 2nd Amendment, we need to ask, “How well-regulated are you?” and refer to the FIRST PART of that amendment which somehow seems to get lost in the shuffle! Anyone who is clearly NOT ‘well-regulated’ has NO BUSINESS being within fifty feet of a firearm anytime, anywhere!!

  11. I have no sympathy for the Party of No, Reichwing, that created these millions of bloodthirsty, Frankensteins.


  12. Ironically enough, these yahoos are exactly why the founding fathers allowed for a citizen militia in the first place, so that the state had an armed force to put down insurrections and “combinations” obstructing law and order. The militia is not a counterbalance to the state: it is the muscle of the state. It only exists when called into service by competent authority and under the command of officers appointed by the state.

  13. Thr Republicans and their Koch brother and NRA buddies created the Tea Party and the Open Carry gun nuts and now that they are out of control, they don’t have a clue how to get them under control. Well too bad. You made the mess, you figure out how to clean it up. It was the same with the economy. The Republicans made a huge mess of it and the Democrats had to clean it up, while the Republicans pointed and whined how bad the economy was with Obama as President. Hubris anyone?

  14. It should be Open Carry TYRANT County. I do believe this statement is a clear and present danger to the general welfare of our nation. It’s Homeland Security time!..Wait..white guys..guns..no gonads..god..No problem here according to the ReichWing NOW! if these guys were black or brown or atheist then there is a problem.

  15. Where is the coward who votes us down but yet won’t comment on why?..Oh right..that coward can’t threaten us with a gun because the software hasn’t been invented yet that allows that to happen on the internet. All that coward can do is run to the end of the chain and bark! With no gun there is no bite.

  16. IF THESE GUN NUTS HAD THEIR WAY…THIS COUNTRY WOULD TURN INTO : A Somalia like land. Where everybody had an AK-47, RPGs and formed little gangs to control territory and create their own laws in a lawless land. These guys would love that scenario.

  17. This is a terrorist threat if ever there has been one. I say send in active duty military personnel to hunt them down as terrorists, and toss their asses in prison.

  18. They are being both funded and given legal advice from some quarter… I mean, all of them are, right up to and including Fee Screech Queen, Sarah Palin, who is once more sporting crosshairs. They make their threats and directives just inside the line, where they can claim they were speaking or acting symbolically. Then, when someone acts literally, it’s a lone wolf nut. It’s called implied threat and stochastic terrorism, and it’s both difficult to pin down and increasingly effective.

  19. It actually says your right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Infringed would include conditions placed upon such as a permit.

  20. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    I see you left out the first part

  21. It always seems that any time gun control is brought up, those on the right will whine, bitch and moan about the potential fear that any gun control law would be akin to repealing the 2nd amendment.

    No… Every damn idiot that protects the 2nd Amendment knows how to use a gun. They just don’t give a flying rat’s ass about the responsibility of having a dangerous weapon in their home. These things aren’t supposed to be brought out into the open as giant penis extenders, these things are meant to protect you from harm. It won’t hurt you if you put the gun down and think about being responsible with it.

  22. When someone ‘pleads’ the 2nd Amendment, we need to ask, “How well-regulated are you?” and refer to the FIRST PART of that amendment which somehow seems to get lost in the shuffle!


    And part of that inquiry should be: are you reporting for monthly drills with an AUTHORIZED state militia? If not . . .


  23. Right wing gun nuts: think everyone in the country should own a gun without restrictions . . . but think only certain people are entitled to health care or a job with a living wage . . .


  24. Let these gun nutters have free rein and this kind of behavior was bound to happen. The NRA and the local governments who align with them have brought this blight down on their own heads.

  25. What can possibly go wrong
    Texas bill will allow teachers to kill students to protect school ‘property’

    The Lone Star State already permits teachers to have firearms in the classroom, but H.B. 868, also known as the Teacher’s Protection Act, would authorize instructors to use “force or deadly force on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored event in defense of the educator’s person or in defense of students of the school that employs the educator.” Instructors would also have the right to use deadly force “in defense of property of the school that employs the educator.” Moreover, civil immunity would be granted to those who use deadly force, meaning they would not be liable for the injury or death of student.

  26. Honestly what people like this need are a wake up call. Have 15+ unarmed people surround them with hands in the air and open jackets. And just stand there….waiting. Say nothing, only direct eye contact.

    Guns are for people lacking honor IMO. Unless you live in the bush and need it for farm life / animal protection; that I take no issue with. If you are the type of person who thinks they are a big bad man and loves the thrill of violence, then at least learn how to use a weapon that requires skill & won’t hurt all the innocent people around you accidentally.

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