Darrell Issa Humiliates Himself On CNN While Calling For Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Darrell Issa Hillary Clinton emails

During an interview on CNN, Rep. Darrell Issa embarrassed himself by first admitting that Hillary Clinton didn’t break a law for which there was a penalty, but he called for criminal charges against Clinton anyway.



During the same CNN interview, Rep. Issa (R-CA) first admitted that Hillary Clinton committed no crime:

So did she comply with the public integrity requirement? No, she didn’t. Did she break a law for which there is a penalty? Not really. But there’s a big difference between being open, transparent, honest and having public integrity and only when you get caught do you turn in documents. And I think, Michael…

Later, Issa suggested that Clinton could face criminal charges related to the Republican subpoena for documents that they already had:

Michael, Trey — Trey — Trey Gowdy, the chairman, and Adam Schiff have one thing in common. They both served in U.S. attorney’s office. And they both know that voluntary cooperation does not guarantee that it’s a crime not to deliver all.

A subpoena which Trey Gowdy issued is so that in fact it will be a crime if she knowingly withholds documents pursuant to subpoena. He needed to do that because she wasn’t forthcoming two-and-a-half years ago. She, in fact, hid the very existence of this until she was caught. And the fact that they knew in August..

In typical Issa fashion, the California Republican admitted that Hillary Clinton hadn’t committed a crime, but he warned that in the process of not committing a crime she could face criminal charges based on a subpoena that was issued for documents that already exists.

At some point, CNN needs to stop giving Darrell Issa airtime. The man manages to embarrass himself while making no sense every time they put him in front of the camera. Issa’s answers highlighted the main problem with Republican scandal. How can Hillary Clinton be not guilty of committing a crime, but at the same time guilty of crimes that Republicans imagine that she committed? The more that Republicans talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails, the faster this “scandal” falls apart.

Republicans are a party in search of a scandal. If a scandal doesn’t exist, Republicans like Darrell Issa will make one up while humiliating themselves in the process.

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  1. Issa is a complete moron and buffoon. His 6 year old behavior is disturbing for an elected official. Hes proven himself to be a joke.


    “…the California Republican admitted that Hillary Clinton hadn’t committed a crime, but he warned that in the process of not committing a crime she could face criminal charges based on a subpoena that was issued for documents that already exists.”

    Talk about twisting yourself into pretzel!

  3. This mook should have done the perp walk ; he knows better than accuse her because he is a real criminal and knows exactly what a criminal is; a really rich criminal; which he thinks entitles him to be a bald faced liar.

  4. He’s a ignorant tea bag.

    The subpoena was for documents THEY ALREADY IN THEIR POSSISSION, aka “the cart came before the horse”

    Why issue the subpoena then?

  5. Dan Issa should be thrown under the jail for the taxpayer’s wasted of money on all these fabricated scandals.

  6. The Big question is why this lying propagandist is given a voice on Sunday morning; the entireAmerican press are simply selling America down the tube with their propagandist programing; all running the lying fox game.

  7. As a politically astute San Diegan, I despise Issa and everything he stands for. I can assure you he does NOT speak for all of us, and I am ashamed to have him as a Congressman representing our area.

  8. Well we in the sane world know she didn’t break any laws but sweet baby jesus how many laws have you broken Mr. car thief, arsonist, insurance scammer?

  9. Sunday news shows, AKA “the tea bag/repub bi*ch/cover-up/lying fest”.

    I was pleased to see Dianne Feinstein on this AM.

  10. Actually- Issa isn’t the main problem.

    It’s the weak, ignorance interviewers who won’t/can’t challenge his ridiculous statements.

  11. I used to live in Orange County when it was REALLY republican, and escaped to LA county over 30 years ago. It’s become more blue over the years and hopefully so will the northern part of SD county.

    The democrats have a strong hold on CA, and, as of now, I’m leaning towards Kamila Harris to replace Boxer. Gavin is a shoe-in as our next governor.

  12. Meh. It is the fault then of the Democratic party and liberal media that do not publicly address the concerns of the massive poor white population. Why would they listen to people who only pay attention to them long enough to brush them off saying they have white privilege, use accepted hate speech like white trash, trailer trash, and ignore them as a hurting people with needs the rest of the time? Take the decades long favorite story of being black and trying to get a cab. No one even sees how elitist that story is to the poor. All poor take a bus, walk, or get a lift from a friend. They don’t try to get a cab because they cannot pay for it.
    There are no privileges for the poor and poor whites are not going to listen to people who think if you are white and poor then it is all your own fault and you are bad people. At least with the Republicans they get the message that all poor people are equally at fault and bad, and not just that whites are bad people for being poor. Pathetic.

  13. @Looking:

    STFU, you racist pig! Poor whites are still better off than poor blacks! There are more whites on welfare than minorities! The GOP doesn’t give a sh*t about poor people of any race! Name ONE f’ing thing GOPigs have ever done for poor people! You call democrats “elitist,” and b*tch about them not caring about the poor whites, but these whites are benefiting from government programs that DEMOCRATS created!

    Democrats created Medicare, Social Security, etc., and the people who are benefiting from them most are white people in red states. If the GOPigs cared so much about the poor, then why are they trying to take away Obamacare subsidies? Most of the people that would be hurt by this are white people in red states!

    Stupid poor whites vote GOP because they resent “those people” (minorities). Whites think they are entitled to those benefits, and that nobody else should have them, but them! Whites were on welfare before blacks were even allowed to have it…

  14. How about that car theft, “Mr.” Issa? Or the mysterious warehouse fire? Or the illegal carrying of firearms?

  15. I don’t think “WE DON’T KNOW what we DON’T KNOW” is prima facea evidence that someone’s withholding evidence for criminal purposes.

    This is a common Republican tactic in suggesting that people MIGHT be breaking the law and so lets assume they ARE!

    Moreover ASKING a question of suspicion of wrongdoing is not EVIDENCE of wrongdoing.

    Let’s not accept partisan suspicions and damaging but speculative questions as evidence of wrongdoing. for anybody with ill intentions can do THAT!

    This is what they HOPE you will do…and what the right does as an excuse for continuing their investigating into phony controversies, just to keep the pressure on!

    Moreover, its not a story until that “Hillary Clinton MAY have violated laws” is validated BY INVESTIGATORS who have actual legal authority and say so–and not just ONE unnamed source!

    That her political enemies are throwing mud on the wall, hoping something will stick is not a legitimate news story! And it doesn’t grow legs without…

  16. First off, speedy… ‘Liberal Media’ is pretty much an oxymoron at this point. Every major news outlet in this country is corporate owned.

    Now you are on this flimsy soapbox here saying that Democrats basically ignore the poor White people. You do realize that most, if not all of them, vote for the GOP? If they want to get out of poverty and be part of the middle class, why in the world would you vote for people whose sole purpose is to basically shove someone like you into poverty while making sure their rich friends keep getting richer?

    You want Democrats to stop ignoring poor white people? Then start voting for Democrats! That’s the only way you are getting out of this or else you and a lot of other people are going to be stuck in a perpetual circle of pain and misery because people were too stubborn to realize that they fell for people who hate America for what it is.

  17. All Issa can do is repeat his vacuous Republican talking points they concocted in the last few weeks. They had documents, Repugs think they have an angle, but they do not. If Issa were held to general ethical standards, he would be in jail already for his criminal background.

  18. IMHO, this have nothing to do with Benghazi or emails. Their own chairman Gowdy (R) of the committee confirmed that.

    1. Its about tying her closely to Obama and his foreign policy (Iraq, Iran & Syria). They trying to make Obama and P5+1 with Iran deal weak she was instrumental in the beginning by bring the P5+1 together.
    2. Its about destroying her repetutation, on casting doubt on her judgement (especially on foreign policy)
    3. Make her distanting herself from all things Obama. Just like the mid-term.
    4. To make their republican candidate more competitives. Right now none of their candidates can touch her in that area. Not even Jeb and the rest is a joke literally.

    But once again, they out playing themselves.
    1 they mess-up with Netanyahu, 2 over kill ‘boots on the ground.’ 3 that nuclear deal is coming together inspite of Bibi and congress. In one way or another.

  19. Darrel, in the interest of transparency, I think cameras should be allowed in the Republican caucus meetings.

  20. Hillary was pretty “inevitable” in 2008. Turns out she was a lousy campaigner and got beat by someone who was practically unknown at the time.
    She made gaffe after gaffe during her book tour and she comes with more baggage than Louis Vuitton.
    Now she has stepped in it again… while in bunker mode.
    I dunno, but I have a hunch Obama wants someone else and I don’t think any of those big Dem donors are going to object.

  21. Gavin Newsom can be a great Governor for our State, Andy. He was the ONLY Democrat who came out and fought for single-payer, but I’m not certain what he thinks of it today.

    As Mayor of SanFran, he helped launch Healthy San Francisco that didn’t discriminate against undocumented people, and what includes necessary health care programs like dental care for people making up to $54k AGI. Unfortunately, the PPACA has replaced Healthy San Francisco, and it’s eliminated the dental services and is phasing out HSF, too, because of expanded Medicaid.

    Also, undocumented people cannot apply for and get health insurance coverage through the PPACA.

  22. And this has got what to do with Darrell Issa humiliating himself and the entire bunch of Neo-Confederates posing as Republicans in our U.S. House, again?

    By the way…Hillary Clinton nearly beat Senator Barack Obama who turned out to be one heckuva campaigner, and he simply trounced both “highly respected” McCain and billionaire-lackey trustfund Mittney. So being beat by this master campaigner is not such a humiliation, considering that he won both of his elections with over 51% of the vote, a feat not seen since another great Democrat, the incomparable Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    What you guys got, charlie? Iran-Contra Ronnie Reagan? *snicker*

  23. Darrell Issa didn’t humiliate himself because the man knows no shame. Furthermore…Issa is a criminal so for him to cast aspersions at anyone is the highest level of hypocrisy! That said….I am also sick and tired of voters on the left simply accepting status quo. Hillary Clinton is a corporatist through and through. I voted for Bill Clinton twice, stood my ground against Republican clients and friends who loved bashing him. Even when the Lewinsky matter evolved, I took his word for gospel that “I didn’t have sex with that woman.” I continue to believe Clinton was a wonderful president but….I don’t want 4 or 8 more years of more of the same. Clinton should have known that should she run in 2016 that Republicans would be digging every nasty big of dirt up and throwing it at her. We don’t need dynasties in the White House; we need politicians with honesty and integrity. Should Elizabeth Warren decide to run…or Benie Sanders, I will be voting for them!

  24. So being beat by this master campaigner is not such a humiliation, considering that he won both of his elections
    Indeed he did…and Hillary Clinton is no Barack Obama.
    Hillary is badly in need of a crisis-management specialist team every time she appears in public without a script And the history of American elections following the re-election of an incumbent strongly suggests that the Democrats face a much more significant challenge in retaining the White House in 2016 than the conventional wisdom would have you believe.

    Over the past decade, Obama has built a formidable political machine. Don’t you think he’s going to use it? Don’t you think Obama is going to have a say about who succeeds him? Do you truly believe he wants Hillary?
    I’m not so sure. I don’t know who the Democratic nominee will be, but it’s quite possible we could see a Democrat challenge to Hillary’s inevitability and that could easily change the game.

  25. Listen. If you don’t want a republican white house, then vote for a Democrat. It’s possible that Hillary doesn’t want to run, in which case you’d better hope that we have an electable Dem in the wings. At this point, there is no way that republicans have anyone decent and smart enough to win the presidency, so, if you don’t want Hillary, you’d better get active and work for someone you DO want. You’re tired of stuff? So am I tired of complaints from people who won’t get off their own butts and work for someone who will care about what you care about. My care is stopping the GOTP from totally ruining the earth.

  26. Polls have repeatedly shown that neither Warren or Sanders are even close to being as electable as Hillary.

    We MUST keep a Dem in the White House in 2016, and Hillary is the one who is by far our best chance – even if she’s not our personal favorite.

  27. Any time Issa opens his mouth and starts talking, he’s humiliating himself. The guy is way out of his league and how gets elected is beyond me.

  28. “the republicans are a party in search of a scandal.”

    then they need look no further than their own party. Full of scandal

  29. As I understand it, Hillary resigned and wasn’t even the secretary of state when the law finally made it through all the motions and made it by writen notifacation to the office of secretary of state.

    I thought the “daily Beast” had the best artical on the matter.

  30. Wow! Just Wow! You are touching every raw nerve with the truth “ME”. I am going to cut and paste this and keep it. Just fantastic….Truth be told. Rednecks in the Red States should be schooled by what you brought out. Required reading for Every Republican in the Red States and on Capitol Hill. The truth is out! Nice post.

  31. Treason…Republicans,Threaten

  32. Republicans sent letter to Iran, telling them when Pres.Obama leaves office, they well revoke his agreement.
    TREASON Yes according to the Logan Act.
    The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

    The Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.[1]

    Despite the apparent success of Logan’s mission, his activities aroused the opposition of the Federalist Party in Congress, who were resentful of the praise showered on Logan by oppositional Democratic-Republican newspapers. Secretary of State Timothy Pickering, also of Pennsylvania, continued

  33. Issa backwards is ASS I………..He’ll do anything to get his name in the media, except stand on his head in the nude in the House.

  34. Hillary cannot be trusted. Do you people remember the Watergate scandal. She was on the investigative group but was dismissed by the committee chair citing dishonesty, she was in fact called a liar. She was exposed even back then. She and her husband have been and continue to be mired in scandals and questionable practices.

  35. The fact that Republicans voices rise in two octaves over the notion of “President Hillary” is more than enough to convince me she’s a viable candidate.

    And Issa- is just another traitorious fool.

  36. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House select committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks, is crying foul on the GOP-led investigation of the incident after learning that the panel’s chair—Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina—is fundraising off the issue. Here’s details from Martin Matisiak:

    “From issuing a completely unnecessary subpoena to Secretary Clinton to Republican fundraising off of the tragedy in Benghazi, it appears that the Select Committee has given up any pretense of a legitimate investigation, and now has just become a surrogate for the Republican National Committee,” Cummings (D-Md.) said in a statement…
    “This taxpayer-funded committee should focus on an investigation that ensures reforms are implemented to improve the safety and security of our officials serving overseas,” Cummings added.

  37. How ironic, they repug wants charges brought against Clinton for doing the same thing Powell and Bush did, but the repugs commit treason and nothing should happen to them, plus they started and gave money and weapons to ISIS and that is fine. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?? I am so tired of the stupidity of this country anymore, how do people get so stupid??? And, why do they continue to support ignorance by voting for these people?

  38. Daniel – you mean the Elijah Cummings who, more than likely at Obama’s or Jarrett’s behest, initiated the IRS targeting of conservative groups? Yeah, Issa was sooooo mean to him. It isn’t over yet. Cummings perjured himself already, denying he had contacted anyone at the IRS. Those emails have FINALLY seen daylight and YES, Cummings did collude with IRS to silence conservatives. “By any means necessary”. Even if you have to lie.

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