7 Senate Democrats Team Up On Bill To Expose The Koch Brothers’ Political Ads


Seven Democrats are pushing a bill that would expose the Koch brothers and the network of ads by requiring more disclosure from shady groups that are protected by Citizens United.

The Hill reported:
Seven Democratic senators introduced legislation that would require the Federal Communications Commission to increase disclosures on political ads.

The Sunshine in Sponsorship Identification Act in the Senate has a less hostile name than the House’s Keep Our Campaigns Honest (KOCH), an apparent knock at GOP mega-donors Charles and David Koch.

The bill, led by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), resembles the House proposal that would require new FCC regulations to force political groups to list the identity of their “true sponsors” when they run advertisements.

It would also require the FCC to update its identification rules to reflect current technology and consider forcing political groups to disclosure more identifying information online.

Six other Senate Democrats are cosponsoring the bill. Sens. Blumenthal (D-CT), Markey (D-MA), McCaskill (D-MO), Peters (D-MI), Warren (D-MA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) have all put their names on the effort to expose the Kochs.

This legislation is a great reminder that the dark money system created by Citizens United thrives on the lack of disclosure. The system is constructed to deceive voters. Ads that create the appearance that millions of people are supporting a position are in many cases representing the views of one of a few wealthy donors.

If the Koch brothers had to put their names on their advertising so that people knew who was funding what they are watching, it would be a game changer. Getting big money out of the nation’s elections should be the ultimate goal, but simple disclosure laws can immediately have a major impact.

Republicans oppose any form of dark money disclosure because even the slightest disclosure could topple their house of cards. The Republican Party is fueled by big money billionaire donors. If voters could easily understand that those ominous ads, they are seeing are brought to them by billionaires who don’t have their best interests at heart.

Disclosure is the light that Republicans and the Koch brothers fear the most, and Democrats are going to keep up the fight until the hostile oligarchic takeover of the United States government is defeated.

25 Replies to “7 Senate Democrats Team Up On Bill To Expose The Koch Brothers’ Political Ads”

  1. We need a Teddy Roosevelt clone to come and shake the corruption.

    …”The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

  2. You’d think that the Cock Brothers would be proud of their involvement. It’s almost as if they’re secretly ashamed of skullduggery.

  3. Citizen United needs to be overturned as does the Hobby Lobby decision. All thanks to the evangelical block who currently have a strangle hold on our SCOTUS. Why there is no more of an uprising is beyond my understanding.

  4. “Dred Scott turned People into Property. Citizens United turned Property into People.”
    A Mirror Image that could easily cause another Civil War!

  5. These 7 courageous democrats are standing rear guard waiting and hoping for a dem take back of the senate in 2016. This bill has no possibility of being enacted and is meant as a speed bump on McConnell and the repubs. It will also shine a bright light on the Koch brothers but we are assuming that anybody is watching. I’m willing to bet on the stupidity of the electorate and that people will vote against their own self interest. 4 supreme court vacancies by 2024 and control of the country until about 2060. Those judges get excellent medical care and it will only get better as medical care improves through technology. We can’t get cocky or assume anything, we have to vote in such huge numbers that we overwhelm the billion dollars the Kochs are going to throw into 2016.

  6. The FCC head, Ann Ravel, last week announced she was all but giving up hope because they are always tied 3D to 3R and they have not been handing out fines like they used to.

    O’Malley and Jeb were turned in for investigation by watchdogs back in April for campaign financing issues and nothing will be done. They are all free to do as they please.

    Get out the pitch forks. It won’t pass but at least they introduced a bill.

  7. Duh !!! It’s being done to fan the flames of the Koch Bros. paranoia and to help raise $$$$.
    How many ads would disclose Tom Steyer (billionaire environmental activist) and people like Goerge Soros (billionaire communist) that the Democrats take money from?

  8. Not now, but someday, way down the road, as usual, after years of fighting and adding all kinds of pork to it, and back and forth between the branches, till voila, it, well… something like it, passes. Then the Repuplican president vetoes it and they start all over.

    Unless people learn the truth about politics and stop playing games. It isn’t pretty. Sausage making ugly.

  9. The more attention brought to the issue of “bought democracy”, the better.Whether it goes anywhere or not, Kochs are on notice.

  10. Where on earth are Clinton and Sanders? If they really cared, they would have signed on and co-sponsored this bill. As I have said before,both are charlatans. We need Elizabeth Warren if we are to win in 2016.

  11. Well, one of them left the Senate in 2008 and became a non-political cabinet member and the past few years has been working in the private sector for charity.

  12. Billionaire Communist. That’s funny. I can’t decide if it’s that you don’t know what communism is, Or that you don’t know who George Soros is. Either way, thanks for the chuckle.

  13. but George Soros money is totally ok. He is a liberal so he just wants to help people. Serious you guys it’s totally different than the Koch brothers. The Koch’s are just meanies.

  14. Dumbass Google can be your friend
    After the Democrats lost in 2004, Soros helped found and fund The Democracy Alliance, which funnels money to Democratic causes. He largely sat out the 2008 election, but did give $35 million in 2009 to aid underprivileged children in New York state, and $1 million in 2010 to a group trying to legalize marijuana in California. Most of his political cash has toward promoting democracy in Eastern Europe through his Open Society Institute.

    So far in 2012, his single largest contribution has been $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a Super PAC run by Media Matters founder David Brock, which primarily focuses on opposition research. According to a review of data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros’ contribution comprises about 12% of the organization’s contributions. He also gave $1 million to America Votes, which does not endorse candidates.

    Besides that, Soros gave $175,000 to House Majority PAC and $100,000 to Majority PAC. He’s also given $55,500 to various individual campaigns and PACs.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/george-soros-2012-donations-2012-9#ixzz3ZfEQupbz
    You people should not be allowed out in public

  15. Mr.Soros isn’t hiding where his money goes, or trying to pretend he’s more than one man. Nor has he tried to pretend to be some ‘grass roots’ effort. Sheldon Adelson hasn’t either. And he’s hardly what you’d call a Liberal. It’s not whether or not the big money is going to conservative or liberal candidates that is the problem. It’s the size of the funding and the secrecy it hides behind.
    But if it makes you feel better to think it’s only “The Koch Brothers” that we have a problem with, go right ahead. Whatever makes you feel better.

  16. Hey Boris, if YOU
    cared, you would know Hillary hasnt been a Senator for years. Remember Secretary of State?????You are the epitome of a Koch voter.

  17. I suspect that it has seen the light of day! Oh the right will try to add riders, then kill the bill outright! Trouble with covering lamps with scarves, scarves catch fire!

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