Editorial Cartoon: Wingnut

The circus is coming!bd150805

9 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Wingnut”

  1. …if Warner Bros. foresaw todays GOP WAAAAAY back then; they either would have buried a time capsule to warn ’em; of vilified ’em to the point Reagan woulda never ran for office…

  2. Republicans are batcrap crazy, incurably stupid, racists, religious fanatics, …. and the 1% Billionaire class and their wannabe shills and bodyguards that use and exploit the ‘Stupid Quotient’ for their own profit.

    Fake News is not a ‘wingnut’. It’s the machine. A fascist machine.

  3. It’s been one word in this household for a long time. Anybody who is willing to vote for any of the GOPTea’s candidates MUST be fricking crazy.

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