A Desperate Mike Huckabee Lambastes Ted Cruz as Inauthentic

Mike Huckabee, trailing far behind in the polls and contemplating withdrawing from the race if he does not place in the top 3 in Iowa come February, suddenly scented blood in the water when tapes emerged revealing Ted Cruz’s bogus culture war platform.

It’s amusing to think that no sooner had the Religious Right leaders thrown their weight behind Cruz than Cruz stabs a knife through their backs and into his own. After all, we were just told that Cruz is supposed to be the “godly president” who will bring about “radical change” in America.

The former Arkansas governor unleashed a series of tweets in response to the revelations, not naming Cruz, but only a fool could fail to see where they were directed.

Like this tweet:

Huckabee is quick to point out that Cruz is telling people what they want to hear based on where they are, and that his vaunted conservative principles are not to be trusted:

With this tweet, Huckabee shows that he has fallen victim to the myth of Trump’s integrity, ignoring all those things Trump used to say that were far more liberal:

Huckabee then cleverly turns Cruz into a lackey for the elites in Manhattan while lying to the base in places like Iowa, where Cruz leads Trump:

So far Ted Cruz has not tweeted any response to Huckabee, or in defense of his two-faced lies. And normally you’d see Donald Trump jump all over a candidate so badly exposed as Cruz, but the the Cuban senator’s BFF has also been uncharacteristically silent, preferring instead to continue bashing Hillary Clinton while claiming women love him.

On Wednesday, Huckabee told conservative radio talk-show host Simon Conway on WHO-AM in Des Moines, “If we can’t come within striking distance of the victory or win it, then I think we recognize that it’s going to be hard to take that onto the other states.”

It is unreasonable to expect Huckabee to do that well, and almost as unreasonable to expect finishing even among the top three in the Iowa caucuses is going to save his failing campaign. Right now, he is pitting his paltry 2 percent against Cruz’s 18 percent.

Jake Tapper tweets the reality of the 2016 race with a CNN/ORC poll that doesn’t even go low enough to show Huckabee:

Ted Cruz may have blown it by revealing political relativism takes precedence over Evangelical relativism, but he can’t blow it badly enough to help Huckabee, whose feeble swipes go mostly unremarked.

Politico’s Marc Caputo tweeted that “Jeb has a Jeb problem: GOP voters like him less than the object of his criticisms,” and the same will likely be true of Huckabee in this case.

It is more likely Huckabee will rise or fall based on his own lack of merit, and so join Lindsey Graham on the sidelines regardless of what happens in February.