Elizabeth Warren Goes Off And Dazzlingly Destroys Ted Cruz For Being A Whining Baby

After Ted Cruz had whined about how much he has had to sacrifice to run for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) exploded and tore Cruz to shreds.

In a string of tweets, Sen. Warren said:

Sen. Cruz whined about a lack of personal time, but his attendance was sp poor in the Senate that he ranked 97th out of 100 senators in showing up for roll call votes on the Senate floor. Cruz has the fifth worst voting record over the course of his entire Senate career. Sen. Warren was correct. Ted Cruz has no idea what it like for hard-working Americans who have to work multiple jobs just to keep food on the table.

Elizabeth Warren dropped an anvil on Ted Cruz’s entitled head. Unlike Cruz, the rest of America doesn’t still get paid if they don’t show up for work. Cruz gets take money out of the pockets of the taxpayers, and he gets to keep his job.

If Cruz thinks running for president is hard, he ought to try working for a living.