Ted Cruz Goes Bonkers And Uses Trump As A Threat Against The Republican Party

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:57 pm

As if the fake VP wasn’t a big enough symptom of Ted Cruz’s fading grasp on reality, the Senator from Texas is now claiming that Trump will try to encourage riots at the Republican convention in Cleveland.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: But if, in Cleveland, your scenario were to go forward, the person who has millions more votes — that won’t change. He will go to the convention, Donald Trump will, with millions more human being votes, real people, regular folks supporting him. And you are hoping to overthrow that with more delegates.

In a situation where delegates over people, won’t that lead to riots?

CRUZ: No, it won’t, although Donald may do everything he can to encourage riots.

You know, overthrow is such a loaded spin word as to bring nothing but chuckles. I can tell you, the last contested convention we had, 1976, Ronald Reagan had a million more votes than Gerald Ford. But Gerald Ford got the votes of the majority of the delegates.

If you look back to the very first Republican Convention, in 1860, our very first candidate for president, Abraham Lincoln, came in to a contested convention, he was second in the balloting. And on the third ballot, he won a majority.

The test is to win a majority. And Donald cannot win a majority. Majorities matter. And it’s why Donald wants to change the rules and rig the system.

Ted Cruz has gotten so desperate that he is using the threat that Donald Trump may try to incite riots if Republicans hold a brokered convention as a reason for a brokered convention? According to Cruz’s logic, the easiest way to avoid Donald Trump inciting riots would be to give Trump the nomination outright. How does this help Ted Cruz?

Nothing that Cruz tries should be surprising. After all, this is the same candidate who selected a running mate for a presidential nomination that he probably won’t win. Cruz is trying anything that he can think of to set up a brokered convention. The problem that most of the schemes that he has thought up are nuts.

Sen. Cruz and sanity were never really close to begin with, but watching Donald Trump win the nomination is driving Ted Cruz insane.

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