Cory Lewandowski And Fox Conspire To Unleash Fake Boston Bombing Smear On Comey

Cory Lewandowski falsely claimed that James Comey was in charge of the FBI during the Boston Bombing, and Fox News offered no correction, as the Trump smear machine is in high gear.


In response to Comey comparing Trump to a mob boss, Lewandowski said, “This is the same Jim Comey who I think was in charge of the Boston F.B.I. Under the regime of Whitey Bulger, the most notorious gangster our country has seen in the last 50 years. His F.B.I. And Boston bureau didn’t do anything about it. This is the same Jim Comey in charge of the Boston bombing at the time where we had a terrorist attack in Boston. This is a man who failed time and time again as head of the F.B.I. To protect American citizens and now he wants to say the president of the United States, a duly elected president is a mob boss.”

Lewandowski’s claim was not true:

Fox News and Trump are working hand in hand to smear Comey

Lewandowski’s claim and the lack of a correction are how Fox News spreads false information to roughly 2 million viewers each day. To people who don’t know better, they have no reason to doubt Lewandowski’s claims. Fox News and the White House are trying to protect Trump and send a message to anyone else who might speak out against Trump these false attacks. There is enough in Comey’s record to criticize him for without making stories up.

The problem for the White House is that Comey is credible. Trump underlings like Cory Lewandowski are trying to destroy that credibility, and Fox News is happily playing the role of state-run television by assisting in these efforts.

America is just getting a taste of how low Fox is willing to go to save Donald Trump.

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