Trump Demands More Attacks On Women After New Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations

Trump responded to more sexual assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee by telling his staff that this is why they should have been fighting the Christine Blasey Ford allegations sooner.

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times tweeted:

Trump Has It Totally Wrong

The Trump attitude is why women are fleeing the Republican Party. Donald Trump views everything as a fight. His response, when faced with the possibility that he might have made a mistake in nominating Kavanaugh, is not to admit his mistake and nominate someone else who would have an easier time getting confirmed, but to fight.

Trump thinks the right move is to attack women who accuse men of sexual assault. He did it during his presidential campaign, and he has continued this behavior during his presidency. Trump wants to shame and revictimize people who come forward with their stories of sexual assault. Trump‘s scorched earth policy is creating a perfect storm for Republican failure.
Three women have come forward. It would not be surprising if there were more in the days ahead. Trump is pushing women away from the Republican Party. Those women are moving to the Democrats. Trump is creating a party of white male predators, and his strategy of attack the woman may get him a Supreme Court justice, but it is destroying the Republican Party.

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