El Paso Sues Trump For Damaging Their Reputation And Economy


The county of El Paso has sued Donald Trump for damaging their reputation and economy with his bogus national emergency declaration.

Trump tried to use El Paso as a prop, and now they are suing him

KTSM9 reported, “El Paso County has officially sued the President of the United States. The lawsuit, filed along with the Border Network for Human Rights against President Donald Trump and members of his administration, was filed on Wednesday. The suit claims that the President’s emergency declaration regarding the situation on the U.S.-Mexico Border damages El Paso‘s reputation and economy.”

Read the lawsuit:

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Trump has lied about immigration and crime in El Paso for weeks. He has damaged the reputation of the entire region, and local leaders are fighting back with a lawsuit that is intended to stop the wall and protect democracy, according to local leaders.


Trump’s attempt to use El Paso to push his agenda has backfired

Before Trump arrived in El Paso, local leaders passed a resolution condemning his lies and make it clear that he was not welcome in their community. Beto O’Rourke drew twice as many people to a counter-rally than came out to see the president.

Trump rally will be most remembered for one of his supporters attacking a BBC cameraman.

El Paso isn’t allowing itself to be used as a pawn in Trump‘s racist and efforts to carry out a discriminatory policy agenda on the border. El Paso isn’t just condemning Trump. They are suing him and standing up for the values and good name of their community.

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